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True Light...

Light, by definition, is a contrast to darkness. If (on one hand) we must admit that we live in very dark times, then the very act of shining a light (becoming a contrast to the darkness) is going to be perceived as a bad thing by those who prefer it in the shadows. These shadow-lurkers include weak-kneed Christians who are too afraid to take a strong stand against wickedness. Of course, there's nothing new here - lest we forget that Jesus' strongest opponents were also those who were leaders in the church during the days of His flesh.

Perhaps The Lord meant for our light to be a black light - or perhaps a flickering candlelight that hurts nobody's eyes and creates no ripples among those for whom light is a very uncomfortable thing. The history of martyrdom proves otherwise.

Read Matthew chapters 5-7 (what is called the Sermon on the Mount) - and what you will find is that a very high percentage of that sermon is a white-knuckled punch in the mouth to those who do not take Godliness seriously.

"You have heard it said..." Jesus iterated more than once in the discourse of that sermon, only to lower the hammer with, "...but I say...".

I challenge you to read it even now - and you will find that what followed "but I say" was (in almost every case) as hard as nails - tough - brutally candid. Jesus never once gave them a softer (fluffier) judgment than what they had known in the Mosaic Law. Grace had indeed come - but truth and holiness remain unchanged.

Jesus actually upped the ante - introduced a higher standard of holiness. Grace was bequeathed and the Law was written on our hearts by the Great Holy Spirit - but the matter of accountability is without question and its importance to our God was clearly articulated by Yeshua in both word and deed.

And here's the rub in our society as currently constituted... We were not called to be blindly positive (and/or "nice"), though I do believe that kindness and tact should be employed whenever possible. We were called to be a light in the darkness - and if darkness is wickedness, then the lamp of truth will always seem like negativity to anyone wishing to remain immersed.

I'm all for being positive when "positive" is still a light in the room. Positivism for the sake of being positive, however, is meaningless. A head in the sand - a whistle by the graveyard. Positivism on its own is NOT the Gospel message. TRUTH is the Gospel message, be it a stern warning to turn folks away from wickedness (and save their lives), or a gentle hug to encourage a brother or sister in their walk.

We must never forget that there is a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun - and there are people to warn, whether they like it or not.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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