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The LampLight is a repository of new and previously released writings inspired by the Lord God Rhema (Holy Spirit).   We encourage you to take the time to thoroughly investigate what has been presented to you here - read carefully and with an open heart. 
Where is Your Faith?


This is word from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to His Body for this day and time.  Read with great care and take every word to heart - it is a manifesto for the church by the King of Glory to those whose eyes and ears are open to receive.
One Will Be Burning


Have you ever been convinced that God is finished with you? That you've somehow missed your calling because of an extended time in the wilderness?  You are not alone, fellow journeyman - nor are you the first.  
His Kingdom Comes

An open letter of encouragement to the Body of Christ concerning this incredible season of Outpouring that has only just begun.
The Lost and Found


We all know the story of Jonah, but hidden within this tale is a salient truth that brings forth Abba's majesty  and His immeasurable grace.  GoldenLight Ministries presents,
"The Lost and Found".
Return to Eden


Transparency is one of the most intoxicating and elusive aspects of childhood that we lose with maturity.  Could this lost element be a key to understanding what it truly means to be Holy before your God?  GoldenLight Ministries presents, "Return to Eden".
Who's Your Daddy?


​A study into the matter of a deeper walk and more intimate relationship with our Holy Poppa.  We were created for fellowship to Him and He longs to draw us nigh.

GoldenLight Ministries asks,
"Who's Your Daddy?"
When the Gloves Are Removed


Have you been taught that those who die in the Lord are literally asleep as we await the return of our King?  If so, this encouraging word is just for you...​

GoldenLight Ministries presents, 
"When the Gloves Are Removed"
A Line in the Sand


It is time to take a hard and penetrating look at where we are, brothers and sisters in Christ.  Where do we stand?  Are we with Him?  We'd better be sure...

GoldenLight Ministries presents,
"A Line in the Sand"
A Good Inheritance


Do fairy-tales really come true?  Come let us examine the matter through the eyes of our little ones - through our own eyes as they once were when swept away in imagination.  You may be surprised what you find.
GoldenLight Ministries presents,
"A Good Inheritance".
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