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The Wilderness Prayer of a Watchman

An Intercession - Published on March 27, 2018

A Note from GoldenLight Ministries

What Follows is neither A composition nor an exercise in creative  Expression.  Neither was It written for recitation or meditation.  Should you read on, please take what follows for what it truly is:

It is a prayer. 

It was given by god through the direction of His Mighty Holy Spirit, and it has been lifted to Him daily (almost verbatim) for several years.  It was His desire that I transcribe this prayer into written word for your consideration.  


it is a warrior's prayer - an intercessor's prayer - an Overcomer's Prayer - a victor's prayer.

What you read below was transcribed from memory without the use of notes.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

(Lifted Kisses) Baruch Atah, Adonai... Baruch Atah, Yeshua... Baruch Atah, Rhema... 


You are Elohim, El Elyon, El Shaddai, El Gibbor, and many other names that I do not know.  And yet I need not know them all to know that they are all Holy, spotless, lovely , pure, gorgeous - a list like that that keeps rolling off the page, all the while falling woefully short of actually quantifying who You are.  All your names are all these things because You are all these things and much, much more (all wonderful) - and I know that all your names are hallowed because You ALONE are Almighty God, there is no other. 


Every other religion on this and every other planet is a foul, filthy, wicked, disgraceful abomination for which there is no excuse - an illicit means by which demons garner worship from those who are stupid enough to give it to them.  But you alone are God.  The Mighty Elohim, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the Holy One of Israel, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  You ALONE are worthy to be praised, and eternally you shall be.


So my Father in Heaven, hallowed by your Name.  Your Kingdom come, your will be done - on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Please give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us.  Then lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one - for yours is the Kingdom and the power, the glory and the honor, the splendor and the majesty - forever and ever and ever and ever....  amen.


Holy Father I humbly ask for (and gratefully receive) the grace to walk straight paths before you today (straying neither to the left nor to the right) as I snuggle up the Jesus, my King and my God - in Spirit and in Truth.  For You are the Spirit of Truth, Holy Father – Great Angel of The Lord, Mighty Holy Spirit, whose Holy Presence fills this and every other universe as water does an aquarium or an ocean giving life to everything within.   Should you withdraw from us, Rhema; all life would instantly perish.  Such is your grace and your goodness, your mercy and kindness; that you would endure our wicked, evil ways - our hard hearts and stubborn minds, so that all who will be can be saved. 


Help me to be perfect as You are perfect, holy as You are Holy, righteous as you are righteous, and pure as you are pure.  Not because I'll ever be capable of these things in my own strength or in my own flesh.  That would be stupid, ludicrous, near blasphemous thing to assert, and you will never see that in my heart nor hear that from my lips.  I KNOW that I'm woefully out of my depth - I'm walking with Almighty God, how could I not be?  But because Jesus IS all these things (and much, much more, all wonderful), and since He lives in my heart, I can follow a path that He sets for my life and thereby walk into perfection.  And even if this is a pantomime of sorts, I still contend for it, I seek it, I long for it, again today, Holy Father.  Not that any man should ever boast (because even this is by Your Grace alone), but because I want to be pleasing to you at every turn. 


I never want to be the tear in your eye, Father (unless it's a good tear), but always a twinkle.  I never want to be a frown on your mouth, but always a smile - a pang of pride in your heart that your son is doing well; is endeavoring to honor you with every breath that he draws.  It kills me when I fall short of this, Abba - and I beg you to forgive me if I had done so in recent days (hours, minutes, seconds...).  If I have grieved you in the tiniest (slightest) way, please forgive your servant and burn it off the page.  I'll risk nothing to our fellowship.


Should the circumstance hinge on a single-split-second, or if I should have a year to think it through - I want the outcome of both scenarios to be equally pleasing in Your Holy Eyes of the most gorgeous blue in existence (that truly see all).  We are all laid bare before you, Lord God - there is NOTHING hidden from your sight.  Nothing.  You know my heart better than I do.  So search me through the inner-most parts of my being and leave no stone unturned.  Should you find within me the tiniest microscopic spec of a morsel that (on its own) is so tiny that it would take a thousand years to grow into sin - burn it out even now.  I hate sin - I want nothing to do with it.  I want it nowhere in my life, and certainly nowhere in my heart.  I'm determined to walk straight paths before you and never sin against you again - and by your Grace, Jesus, I can and SHALL accomplish this.  You deserve nothing less. 


My life ever leading to that one seminal moment when I am finally drawn into your Holy Presence by The Great Ruach HaKo'desh Himself - when Yeshua leads through that mighty arch onto your Holy Mesa (the very Mountain of God, lifted high above your gorgeous city, New Jerusalem) and I finally get to hear You say those wonderful words that mean everything to me personally.  "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter in."  Abba, whatever it takes to lead me there in a manner that is pleasing to you, I beg you to let that be, no matter what.  And until I hear those words from Your lips in that setting, I will never be through nor content except IN you, no matter how good it gets for your children down here (and it's about to get wonderful for those who love you - who are walking with You in fellowship and love).  So do with me as you will, Holy Father; always further up, and always further in. 


So use my life to feed your little ones again today, I lay it at your feet as though dead.  Resurrect it with Your power, with Your authority, for Your honor, and for Your Glory ALONE.  No man, no woman, no child, and (certainly) no devil shall receive the tiniest morsel of your glory for all that is about to befall this (and every other) world in the Holy and blessed Name of Jesus.  Yeshua ALONE will be lifted up and glorified, and thereby draw all men to Himself.  There is no other name in existence by which a man can be saved (not ONE).  Jesus IS Everything – and whatever it takes to lift Him up and glorify Him, Holy Father; I beg you, help us to do that, perfectly.


My Lord God Rhema - Mighty Holy Spirit - Spirit of The Living God, the One and Only.  I beg you, Holy Father, please manifest among your children as you never have before; not since the deluge when this Earth was  wiped clean of wickedness, and not since the days of Yeshua's flesh when you helped Him make that unfathomable atonement for all mankind: Miracles, signs, and wonders following - and of a nature so powerful that this world will not be able to assimilate what they are seeing, even as they are drawing your mighty works and deeds in with their own eyes.  Paradigm crushing manifestations of God Almighty, through your children.  Gone forever will be stupid argument that there is no God - it will never again fall from man's lips from that moment on (not that it ever should have).  For then they shall see with their own eyes and know in their hearts that you are with us, you are in us, and Lord God, you are around us, a Mighty Shield. 


I love you, Rhema.  Getting to know you better has been the greatest adventure of my life.  By getting to know you better, I have also come to know Yeshua and Abba better, for you are One.  I beg you to let that continue – and then on through the endless ages of eternity, always further up and always further in.  I cannot wait to watch you work and participate however you wish. 


My Lord God Yeshua, Great King of Kings and Lord of Lords...  I beg you, Father - please come TO your children THROUGH your children, as declared by your holy prophets.  Raise up your sons and your daughters, Jesus please, a mighty host.  Help us to help you clean your bride up as you make her holy, spotless, lovely, and pure – a gorgeous bride that you deserve; walking straight paths before you, burning with passion for you alone, working mighty exploits in your holy name as we reap a bountiful harvest for our Holy Father, making Abba rich with little ones... BILLIONS into the fold. 


Whatever it should cost her in the making, Jesus, I beg you – inaugurate this day and send it forth, please.  Help her to become the bride she should have always been - so that she can become so lovely in your Holy Eyes (Abba) that you will take her up for the marriage supper of The Lamb.  Not in retreat, and certainly not in defeat; but radiating with the splendor, the power, the majesty, the honor, and the glory of the King of Kings and The Lord of Lords - your One and Only Begotten Son Yeshua, who reigns even now at your blessed and Holy right hand (and who also is her Glorious Bridegroom).


I love you, Yeshua.  I have been yours since birth - I will be yours through translation and on into the endless ages of eternity.  I thank you again for forgiving me for my many sins (I wish I had committed none of them) – and for remembering them against me no more.  I am determined to walk straight paths before you (henceforth) and never sin against you again (you deserve nothing less).  It is my over-arching mandate to honor you in such a manner that you could (if you wished it) manifest into my presence, or I could be drawn into your Holy Presence at any given time; and once I am lifted off my face in either scenario, I could walk with you in fellowship and in love: God to flesh, King to subject, Master to servant, Father to son, friend to friend - and I could be of use to you, Lord God; or at the very least, be a joy to your heart.  Do with me as you will, my King and my God - I am yours, eternally.  


My Holy Father, Lord God Jehovah – center of everything...  You are the Kernel of Existence HIMSELF – the VERY CENTER. 


For you are Life Himself – you are Truth Himself – you are Love Himself.  You are Mercy Himself, Hope Himself, Grace Himself, Goodness Himself, Compassion Himself, Kindness Himself, Joy Himself, Shalom Himself.  You are Wisdom Himself.  You are Righteousness, Holiness, Justice, and Purity Himself!  Abba, you don’t just have all these (and every other) good virtues, but you are the source of each and every one.  NOBODY has any of these things apart from you, whether they acknowledge you or not.  Such is your grace and your kindness; that you would endure our wicked evil ways and yet give all these finer things – though many ignore you or impugn your Holy Name.


All your ways are hallowed and holy – beautiful, pure and gorgeous – to be marveled over as you are worshipped.  Darkness cannot even enter into your midst, far less live from within it.  And ALL THINGS work to the good of those who love you – who are called according to your purpose.  You know that I do, Abba – and you have told your servant that I am, and in this I take my rest (my faith, my trust, my hope, my love…) – everything is with you in this.  I am all in, no matter what.


So I beg you again today, Holy Father – please lift that mighty right hand of yours that causes all of creation to tremble, and in Yeshua’s Holy and Blessed Name; please send forth your mighty warriors of the host, your great ministering angels – to advance and occupy, occupy, occupy!  Inundate this (and every other) world with so many of your righteous, Holy angels that the devil and his minions cannot take a step or draw a breath without bumping into someone who is radiating with your glory and for your purposes.  Should those purposes be great or small, please send them forth regardless.  Make this the most miserable time of that snake’s miserable existence, as your Holy will is done on this earth even as it is in Heaven – your slighted whim our most urgent command, as you build a table for your babies in the presence of their enemy; and the enemy has no choice but that watch it and LIKE it (in those very terms)!


Abba, I beg you again today – please keep your fires blistering, white-hot; every single bullet-point that your servant has lifted to you (and has sustained through prayer) these last (however long) months (*).  Every blessing, every curse, every judgment, and every deliverance, and all things between.   Should the enemy put so much as a finger upon these items or the fires covering them; please send them head-long into the abyss in Yeshua’s Holy Name, and in keeping with His edict that it shall be so.  Spare NONE, please. 


(Fires, kisses, and hugs lifted for Abba and the Great Cloud of Witnesses - Personal)


(Begin rebukes as follows…)


Speaking of whom (load me up, Rhema – please)…  Thank you, Abba.


I rebuke you, satan – in the Holy and Blessed Name of Jesus Christ, the King of Glory!  You – and every filthy member of your rancid, rotten kingdom down to the lowest, pathetic imp (pathetic, one and all)!  And by the Holy and Blessed Name of Jesus, and by His awesome blood (one drop of which is enough to throw each and every one of you into the lake of fire that looms before you even now, and shall be yours in due course), I BIND you from coming against any of my Fathers ministers, here or around this (or any other) world – any of my Father’s ministries, here or around this (or any other) world – anyone who is walking in lock-step with Yeshua, here or around this (or any other) world – anyone in my family, or anyone we love!  By the Holy name of Jesus and by His Awesome blood, I BIND every single one of you from coming against any of these today, or speaking a syllable against your own fire to diminish or hinder them in their purpose.  You will enjoy every microsecond of your obstinacy and idiocy again today!   Moreover – I BIND every single one of your in the Holy and Blessed Name of Jesus Christ (the King of Glory) from bringing ANYTHING into this (or any other) world before its appointed time!  This is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN by the King of Glory on pain of expulsion into the abyss for the offending parties making the attempt.  In fact, anyone guilty of that since I last prayed – I rebuke YOU in the Holy and Blessed Name of Jesus Christ!  Into the abyss with you, right now!  (I thank you, Holy Father, please send them all down in Yeshua’s Holy Name – spare none, please.)  And every single thing stolen from my Father’s little ones, from the fall of man until now, shall now be given over to them with a thousand-fold interest as an inheritance for this day, and there’s not a single thing you can do to stop it, filth!  If it hasn’t happened to you yet, prepare yourself to be plundered!  The Host of Heaven is coming for YOU, satan – and the beat-down will be epic!  So I rebuke every single one of you in the Holy and Blessed Name of Jesus Christ – Yeshua Ha’Machiach, the King of Glory – eternally enthroned at my Holy Father’s blessed Right Hand, arrayed in splendor, power, majesty, honor, and glory!  HIS Kingdom shall never end!  But yours, filth, shall burn with you in the lake of fire, and not a minute too soon!  So GET OUT – and keep your distance from all these fires over which my Holy Father is watching – on pain of expulsion into the abyss – like all those who went before you in recent days, and even just now.  Get out, I rebuke every single one of you in the Holy and Blessed Name of Jesus!


(End Rebukes)


Holy Father, righteous and true – in the Blessed and Holy Name of your One and Only Begotten Son, Yeshua, all these things I lift to you again today, believing and receiving.  Not a word of it is litany or religion – not a word of it repetition just for the sake of it (I would never waste your time nor mine with that exercise).  But all these things I lift to you day and night because these are your words, not mine – and not one will fall to the ground or return to your void.  Everything shall be accomplished, just as you have said, and I will lift them to you (day and night) until every syllable comes to pass.


And I declare again in this mighty and holy assembly, and for as long as it is my honor to do so: Worthy is The Lamb who was slain for the sins of the world!  Great Champion of Heaven and Earth and everything else!  King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  Worthy is the Lion of Judah!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah! 


So come, Lord Jesus, I beg you – come take what is yours, my King.  This world (all that is in it, above it, below it, around it) belongs to you already – you created these places to begin with, moreover you purchased them with your precious and holy blood.  You need no man’s leave to take what already belongs to you – everything except those who are wicked by their own free will, and by their own free will shall burn in the fire.   I beg you, therefore, raise up your sons and your daughters, now (a mighty host) – and in Yeshua’s Holy Name, help us to help you snatch as many from this fire as will come – BILLIONS into the fold.  And for all these things I will never fail to praise you – for I lift them to you again today, believing and receiving in Yeshua’s Blessed and Holy Name.


(Lifted Kisses)  Baruch Atah, Adonai... Baruch Atah, Yeshua... Baruch Atah, Rhema...   I am eternally yours, Father – do with me as you will.


(Fires lifted for family & loved ones – personal – and also for the president, for brothers and sisters around the world, for those who are grieving the loss of loved ones, and for healing upon many.)


Holy Father, please take this fire (presenting hands) – it is your fire, not mine.  I simply wield a torch that you gave me – the fire is yours, and it is holy because you are holy, pure because you are pure – and it is without limits because you are Almighty God.  There is nothing too long for your Arm.  So I beg you to anoint this fire with whatever is needed (for whoever has that need) around this or any other world – and then send it INTO your worlds even now.  Should it go into the darkest jungles or the biggest cities (or visa versa), I beg you to fan it into a billowing inferno by the great and awesome power of Your Mighty Ruach HaKo'desh – my Lord God Rhema, whose Holy Presence fills this and every other universe. 


Abba I beg you again today – it comes to this again, and (until you move) ever shall:  Please let the great outpouring of your Mighty Holy Spirit come forth in earnest!  Miracles, signs, and wonders following, to crush every paradigm and forever transform the very fabric of humanity as your Glorious Kingdom settles down upon this and every other world; and your Glory Son Yeshua begins to rule and reign in Jerusalem – as He does even now at your Blessed and Holy Right Hand!


Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!




All things in the Blessed and Holy Name of Jesus…






The Fire List


1.     Rebuke of the snake and his kingdom around the world (Fire...)

2.     Call forth and cast the Holy Fire of God Almighty upon the following, either in blessing or rebuke

        (as Abba directs):

a. The White House (the exposure of corruption, the uprooting

of wicked administrations, and the conviction of sin)

b. Both Houses of Congress


d. The Treasury Department, The State Department

e. The Justice Department, The Defense Department

f. The Supreme Court, Every Judicial Circuit

g. The Pentagon

h. The Department of Education

i. Drug Cartels in Mexico & South America.

j. Syndicates (mobs) here and around the world.

k. Every Abortion Clinic (Especially Planned Parenthood)

l. Every mainstream media outlet (TV, Newspapers, movies)

m. The Illuminati (Bilderburg, Bohemian, and Free Masons)

n. Every witch coven here and around the world.

o. Upon the homosexual spirit in this country.

p. Upon Israel (strength, shalom, and revelation about Yeshua)

m. Upon (and into) every church around the world. 

n. Upon (and into) every hospital around the world.

o. Upon every Prophet, Seer, & Watchman here and abroad.

p. Upon anyone being persecuted for the name of Jesus Christ.

q. Upon the old gang that I love and miss.

r. Upon my brothers yet to be revealed.

s. Upon my family and their households.

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