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As in the Days of Noah

A Special Prophetic Warning Concerning the Coming Days of Tribulation

Sid Roth with Special Guests: Tom Horn & Cris Putnam
Part 1 of 2

Tom Horn and Cris Putnam unveil a 900 year-old prophecy buried in the library of the Vatican. It describes a series of 112 Popes. Now the 112th Pope has been elected. Will the prophecy concerning him come true? Is he the final Pope?


Sid Roth with Special Guests: Tom Horn & Cris Putnam
Part 2 of 2

Tom Horn and Cris Putnam investigate endtime deceptions in the form of fallen angels, human hybrids and shifting doctrines of salvation. Be aware and be prepared!   


GoldenLight Ministries loves and supports Sid Roth's wonderful ministry.  Not only is Sid a lot of fun to watch, but he is a great servant of God and a bold champion of the truth.  We highly recommend his TV program and encourage you to give your support to men and women such as this (as the Lord leads).  We need more programming like what this dear brother in Christ is bringing forth.

Brothers and sisters - GoldenLight Ministries is taking this opportunity to confirm (by the Great Holy Spirit) that the Word brought forth in these interviews is absolute truth.  Abba has been showing us these things for quite some time.  We've always known (deep down) that events will not come in ways that we could have expected.  When that day comes, many surprises will wreck the faith of those who have abandoned a personal relationship with Jesus for either the emptiness of worldliness, or the coldness of religion.

Much of what we have been shown at GoldenLight Ministries we are not yet permitted to divulge.  But know this - The antichrist will come in the manner suggested by Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, deceiving billions by cloaking himself in the facade of an extraterrestrial "god" - exhibiting jaw-dropping feats of technology well beyond our capabilities in order to elicit the worship he desires.  Though magnanimous at first, His rule will be absolute and ultimately lethal to any who cling to "an unseen God".  This behavior will be ratified by the false prophet's betrayal, whose Vatican is  already making preparations. 

Re-read the book of Revelation now, bearing these things in mind.  Pray for wisdom to receive what the Lord is showing us before it happens.  When the Bible refers to people "worshipping the image of the beast", understand that the beast (or antichrist) will be seen on their televisions all over the world - and it will be to his image that they bow - right in their homes as he looks on.  Televisions already exist with this technology, and RFID chips are already in service around the world for things like medical records and pet tracking.  Brothers and sisters - the time is very near.  It will come in an instant.

Snuggle up to Jesus now - while there is still time - while Grace still abounds.   Be one of the wise who are called up to escape this horrible time, and you will be delivered.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

May 11th, 2013

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