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Servant of God Most High!

You've Heard your Master's call...

...Now It's Time to Get Moving!

Blessed are you, sons and daughters of our Holy Father - you were born for this very time!  

From the foundations of the world this generation has been carefully planned.  A generation of mighty warriors whose emergence was prophesied in the books of Joel, Isaiah, and many others.  These warriors will now begin to come forth - out of the murky waters of worldliness and disillusionment with the singular focus of raising up the Army of the Living God!  

Make no mistake - our Lord is coming soon!  But long before He comes to take His Bride out of the world, He will come through the Great Outpouring of Father's Magnificent Holy Spirit (Rhema).  He will come to sweep the Earth with miracles, signs, and wonders that will be even greater than what He did in the days of His flesh.  This was promised to us in John 14:12 :

"Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father."

You are reading this because you are responding to our Holy Father's admonition to be about His business.  Welcome home, dear one - you are with family here!

If your heart is burning for our King, and if your desire is to see His church roused from its current state of slumber and worldliness, then you will find that our charge is simple and uncomplicated.  It is time to sound the bugle call and prepare for the battle of the ages.

It begins at home - with you.  It begins in your tightest, most intimate circles.  Husbands and wives, share this burden with your spouses - let them see in your eyes the fire of passion that burns in your heart for your Heavenly Poppa and His one and only Son.  Declare that your home will henceforth be a dominion of the one and only God!  Take authority over your family in the name of Jesus Christ, casting the devil out of your lives as you rip from your domicile the footholds of the enemy that have held you in shackles for far too long.  Share it with your extended family and closest friends.  Proclaim it in your local church and throughout your community.  

Pastors, you have freely received, now freely give.  Pass this message along to your flock fearing neither repercussion from the worldly-minded, nor those who will reject the admonition to shed the scales of the world from their blinded eyes.  Let the fire of revival and restoration blaze through your local body - dare to be lit on fire so that the whole world might watch you burn (John Wesley).  The goals of your church should no longer be focused on building numbers (or bigger programs), but on winning souls and rousing from slumber those who have drifted to sleep in your pews.

Our Savior is returning soon, and many of our brothers and sisters number among the five foolish virgins.  If you truly love them, wake them up!  Even if they should resent or hate your for it - even if it should cost you the ugliest split in church history (or the pastorate itself), bear in mind that you must stand before your God and give an account of all that was entrusted to you.  Be faithful and brave of heart - be bold in this hour, and Jesus will not fail you!  

The document you read has it's own dedicated page in this website, and you are free to copy and / or share it with any who will receive.  The video, "The Envoy" is also featured on this website's  "LampLight Pictures" page, alongside other video messages that the Lord has graciously given us to share.  Feel free to utilize these short films however you deem necessary in order to challenge those around you into righteous living and holiness of heart.  Links to those pages are included at the bottom of this document - or you can find them by following the links in the header (above).

Assured of your steadfast faith in our Holy Father and His coming King, I encourage you to be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.  Believe and receive all that He is going to do through you, and you will see His Glory!

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

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