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Prophetic Warning!

East & West Coasts

The following is a stern warning for all who will listen, so please DO NOT disregard this message!  Many of God's Holy prophets have been given this warning for a day to come in the very near future, so please research the matter for yourself and you will see.  GoldenLight Ministries has also been shown these things through visions and Word, and we are assured by Abba that these events cannot be "prayed against".  Judgment is set - and these things will come to pass just as foretold.  
Prayer Warriors - we are instructed to pray for the following:  
A. That as many innocent lives as possible can be spared.  
B. That historical buildings might not be damaged in the carnage.

This particular prophecy came to John Paul Jackson, but it has also been revealed to Bob Jones and to others who hear the Word of the Lord.  If you live in Los Angeles or New York City, be in earnest prayer for your deliverance and for the deliverance of your loved ones.  Those who ignore these warnings and thumb their nose at God will be swept away.

GoldenLight Ministries, April 30, 2013

John Paul Jackson's prophetic warning

Below is an excerpt from the movie, "Deep Impact" - an alarming example of what that day is likely to bring to both coasts.

Please note:

The prophecies concerning this matter speak nothing about the "cause" of the tsunamis - only that an "event" will bring them to pass.  We have not been told what this event will be, so please bear this in mind as it relates to the fictitious comet that is portrayed in the excerpt.  The prophecies speak clearly about the result of the event(s), but nothing more.  As always, conjecture is strictly forbidden when dealing with the warnings and admonitions of God.
Mark Scott Grimmett
GoldenLight Ministries  
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