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His Kingdom Comes

An Open Letter

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I wish to send you a word of encouragement as the Lord begins to make clear what it is He is about to do upon the Earth in the Great Outpouring of Abba’s mighty and awesome Holy Spirit – an event that many are calling “The Second Pentecost”.


The great outpouring, as prophesied by His many servants (Bob and Bonnie Jones, Rick Joyner, and a plethora of others), is an Earth-shattering event mentioned in the Bible and which many have called “the worldwide revival” – scheduled to come at the end of the age.  The outpouring of the Holy Spirit (complete with miracles, signs, and wonders) will build incrementally in the coming years and culminate in an estimated 1 BILLION people added to the Body of Christ!  These men and women will not be disinterested pew-potatoes, but brothers and sisters who are ablaze with passion and who are madly in love with their God – filling in that day what will be a truly spotless Bride.  This will be the greatest time to be a Christian since the creation of the world.  It is the crescendo of all the sweat, blood, and tears that was spilled by those who preceded us.


When Jesus was with us in the days of His flesh, He proclaimed with great authority the coming Kingdom of Heaven.  Once atonement was made, He ascended to our Father and began building His Kingdom, while The Holy Spirit was sent to convict the Earth, comfort His children, and prepare His Body for a wondrous time that has finally come.  Until now, the Kingdom of Heaven has been a purely spiritual (Heavenly) venture – an amalgamation of our Holy Father’s redeemed sons and daughters, all of whom are now citizens of His Holy Empire.  Until now, the only way to see this Kingdom (in a physical sense) was to cross over into Life – or die, as this world would have us phrase it.


This is all about to change.  The Kingdom is even now invading this Earth – not merely in a metaphorical or spiritual sense, but in the natural and tangibly like the invasion of Normandy during the 2nd World War.


So let us go esoteric for a moment – rising upward to the “10,000 ft. vantage” so that we can view the topography and see more clearly the bigger picture…


Many have characterized post-atonement history as a brutal march filled with acts of unspeakable wickedness and cruelty.  Some of the abominations predicated upon humanity have come by the very ones who were calling themselves Christians at the time.  Though sadly true, what one sees from a higher vantage paints a clearer picture and helps bring our current reality into sharper focus.  From here, what one actually sees unfolding over the past 2000 years is the gradual build-up of the foundation upon which the Kingdom of Heaven will descend when it arrives - this despite the wolves who have often masqueraded among us in sheep's clothing. 

It is the covert operation of the ages – God’s spies and agents working within enemy encampments in order to spread His Word and grow His Body on the Earth.  These mighty Saints of God are the trailblazers who invested their very lives building an infrastructure in anticipation of all that is about to happen.  We see this in times of war even in the natural – where nations infiltrate an enemy with spies and special operatives in order to work havoc and prepare for a coming invasion.  Treacherous and dangerous work, it is common knowledge what happens to spies, forward observers, and special operatives when caught by an enemy.  This helps explain the enormous number of casualties (via persecution) that we've seen along the way.


Generation after generation – century after century – we've seen the slow, methodical, patient buildup of God’s mighty footprint on what had been enemy territory.  Much of this foundation was laid at the cost of our brethren’s dearest blood, who now are the witnesses watching to see their great investment come to fruition.  Unless one views post-atonement history from this higher vantage, one might confuse Christian history to be a sad, discombobulated twist of disasters and bloodshed with few redeeming qualities.  From a higher vantage, however, the size and scope of the Lord’s Body (today) would argue against that conclusion.  Though nations have remained autonomous and many remain in the enemy’s clutches, there has been purpose to this odyssey.  There is a rhyme to the reason.


And now we come to it…


If flesh could peer into the supernatural and survey what’s transpiring in the heavens, we would be astounded to see a massive array of angels, warriors of the Host, witnesses, and heavenly beings being moved into place.  You would see chariots of fire and flashes of brilliant flight as these servants of God work feverishly to set the stage for this invasion.  You would see untold millions preparing for The Kingdom of Heaven’s descent upon the earth to fit seamlessly upon the infrastructure (underpinning) of what His Body has been building for the better part of two millennia.  The King has been patiently preparing for this invasion just as He foretold in the days of his flesh.  With Him will come the Kingdom that He has been building in the spiritual all this time.


In 2011, while at a conference in Moravian Falls, NC, Bob Jones received Word from God in which he was told that “Heaven will now touch the earth”.


I understand it may be difficult to put your head around all of this, but here is a device that may be of assistance.  Think not of Jesus’ coming only in the terms of a mass of Holy beings swooping down in raw and overwhelming power, but also whole spiritual cities methodically lowering with pinpoint and inexorable precision.  Nations are being invaded by millions of angels at this time, not merely to occupy what is not their own, but to take up positions that have been fairly won in battle over the past 2000 years…


The Kingdom will come at last, just as we have been reciting in “the Lord’s Prayer” all this time.  And each of these events will naturally culminate with Jesus taking His throne in Jerusalem.


The invasion will happen in three waves, like concentric ripples that flow out from the throne of God.  The first wave has now begun and will be in full swing by 2015 – the aforementioned Great Outpouring of Abba’s mighty Holy Spirit (Rhema).  The Second wave will be when Jesus (Yeshua) splits the skies and returns to take His rightful throne after the tribulation period has done its worst – when the snake has been cast into the pit for his 1000 year imprisonment.  Nations will no longer be autonomous, but will (rather) be provinces of this one massive new Kingdom of Heaven – answering to Emperor Yeshua, utilizing whatever name He chooses to don at that time (Revelation 3 records that He will have a new name).  The third and final wave of invasion will be at the very end – when Abba Himself comes and this earth melts away like wax before Him.


Praise the Lord!  This is a marvelous time to be a servant of God Most High!  Rejoice and be glad for all that our Heavenly Father is about to do on this Earth!


I encourage you, brothers and sisters, to be about our Father’s business – forsaking the things of this world which are coming to nothing.  Love your God and one another with true zeal, and you will see His Glory!

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,


Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

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