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A Warning

The following was  issued on Saturday, April 2, 2016. 



I was shown the wave again overnight.  I'm speaking of the great wave that has been prophesied to come against every city aligned along the Eastern Coast of the United States, and against every city that is positioned along the northern seaboard of South America.  This has been a long-prophesied event - declared by the Lord God as an absolute (prevented by neither prayer nor petition).

This is the 2nd time that I have been permitted to see the wave - almost exactly 4 years after the first vision that was given me to share (in 2012, and on a ministry website that is no longer in service).  In 2013, GoldenLight Ministries also posted a warning about this event via the following link (the warning is still posted):!prophetic-warning--east--west/c85d

So here is what I was shown overnight:

The First Vision:

In the first vision I was standing in a room with many others looking down on a stark-white (plastic?) model of a huge metropolis that I discerned to be New York City.  It was expertly made - very detailed - but monochrome white as though rendered by a 3-D printer for tactical purposes.

Looming over (and crashing through) the city was an enormous wall of water, cleverly represented in the model by a glycerin see-through plastic.  The crashing wave was still towering over the city as though frozen in time.

I watched a little girl point at an inundated place in the heart of the 3-D map as others listened.  She said, "here is where I was when it hit."  It was an intersection of the great city that was already flooded several stories deep - even as the rest of the 1000ft wave still loomed over the white cluster of buildings as though frozen at the moment of impact.

I awoke.  Troubled by what I'd seen, I asked Abba to confirm that the dream was indeed a vision.  I wanted to be sure that what I had seen was not a product of my own imagination.  Astonishingly (which is to say, uncharacteristically), I immediately drifted back to sleep.

The Second Vision:


I was in a van (of some sort) traveling with several members of my family (brothers and sisters, etc.) up a gentle incline that appeared to be a road winding its way to the summit of a mountain. It was a perfectly sunny day and I had the feeling we were vacationing, for the mood was light.


Seated in the back of the van, I had just lowered my gaze to look at something - when someone in the car suddenly gasped.  The vehicle began to shake as the sun was blotted out around us.  In a moment of unspeakable inertia, an enormous wall of water swept over us and around us, neither penetrating the vehicle nor moving it from it's place on the road (my brother Rick had stopped driving). Nobody in the van was hurt.  After pregnant a pause, someone suddenly called out, "here's another one, hold on!"  Sure enough, what I assume to be an ebbing wave also crashed over us, and then the water was "gone" - the event was over.


The next thing I know (for the vision "fast-forwarded") we had disembarked atop the mountain with many others.  Family and friends were with us - all believers walking closely with Jesus at this time (a crucial point of this warning message).  At first we were simply walking around greeting others, thankful to have survived the event.  But gasps of horror then began to break out all over the assembly as people turned to set their gaze upon the city that stretched out from the base of the mountain.


Our assembly was gathered atop a summit that was approximately 300-500 feet high.  Beginning at our feet and stretching out toward the city (where before there had been a gradual decline that would eventually take one into the down-town area), there was now only the shoreline of a massive new "lake".  Water was still settling over the great city, whereby only the upper-most portions of the tallest sky-scrapers were still visible.  The rest of the buildings were buried beneath the water.

Most of us were stunned silent with shock and awe - and we did not hesitate to sink to our knees at the edge of this "lake" with fear and trembling.  We knew that great judgment had just befallen this city.  This was no mere "random act of nature", and for the following reasons:

a. It had been forewarned.  You are reading it now.

b. Those who are walking with Jesus in Spirit and in Truth were unharmed by the waves.  The Lord has made it abundantly clear (in every warning message concerning this event) that He will demonstrate to the entire world this was from Him - because those who love Him and obey His Holy Word shall be miraculously spared to bear witness for all the rest.


In the vision, there were many people standing and kneeling on the shores of this massive new body of water, which now stretched for endless miles through and beyond the city.  To my astonishment, some were angry at God and began to kick at the water and raise their voices in rebuke to The Holy One.  I was mortified by this behavior and (from my knees) began to implore these despondent people to recant their rash words.  Most would not.  As the vision ended, I was trying to calm one of these individuals and remind them of God's mercy and provision in the midst of His great wrath.


Two wave events are coming - both of tsunami proportions.  One will be in the natural as described above, and the other will be a spiritual tsunami as God pours His Mighty Holy Spirit into the world as never before.  Marked with great miracles, signs, and wonders of a nature (and on a level) never before seen, He will take the earth by storm and billions will be saved.


For decades this wicked generation (and the one that preceded it) has been called to repentance. Most have refused.  Moreover, approximately 80% of those who call themselves Christians are  "phoning it in" - sleepwalking.  Most are doing very little to either walk with Jesus in Spirit and in Truth or submit themselves to His Holy will.  Though we are called to love Him passionately, the love of most has indeed grown cold as Yeshua prophesied.  These have done much to complicate matters through equivocation, political correctness, and moral compromise.


These two waves will be a "one-two" punch - the natural tsunami acting as a primer for the great wave of The Spirit that is to follow.  The Body of Christ (the Bride) will finally be humbled and fall to her knees in earnest.  Sadly; many wicked, unbelieving, and outer-court (phone-in) Christians will perish in the wave.  Mercy will be applied as justice prevails, but only those who are truly walking with Jesus (in relationship) will be spared if they should they find themselves in one these areas at the moment of impact.

Please take this seriously - believe and receive.  I have never been given a time-frame for this event, nor do I anticipate that one will ever be granted.  But I assure you, this is coming!  If you need to see more witnesses (for confirmation), follow the link that I supplied above, and then do a little research on You Tube pertaining to the coming tsunami.  You will find that I am not the only person being shown this event so that God's children can be forewarned.

Remember Noah.  Repent.  Seek Jesus now, while He may be found.  If you already know The Lord, please be sure to snuggle-up and walk closely with Him now, and all will be well with you.

Above all, remember this - God's judgments are always just and He needs no man's leave to take what belongs to Him.  Every soul is His for the taking.  Love and kindness are not the same thing, and sometimes love will manifest in ways that are quite unpleasant.  Parents who love their children (and must occasionally correct them) know this all too well. Read your Bible - God has never relinquished His right to judge and bring judgments.  His heart is indeed for mercy, and it will be through this heavy-handed blow that billions will be saved from eternal fire.

I know that many are likely to scoff at this - perhaps call it delusional psycho-babble (or something along those lines).  So be it.  Spare yourself the time and effort of posting an argument, however.  No arguments will be entertained, and not a word will be retracted.

You have been warned.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett
GoldenLight Ministries

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