The Temple Mount

A compelling Discovery

by Bob Cornuke

This video is a compelling expose concerning one of great focal points of modern eschatology  - the 36-Acre plateau in the heart of Jerusalem affectionately known as "The Temple Mount". 
GoldenLight Ministries is not officially affiliated with Bob cornuke (nor with Koinonia House), but we salute this excellent investigation and wholeheartedly endorse His conclusions on this seminal matter.  The Lord Jesus is opening the eyes of The Body of Christ to this amazing discovery, and Bob's efforts in endeavor are commendable. 
Please watch with an open mind - the facts presented are incontrovertible. 
PS.   a 2nd video on this matter has been provided for your consideration below. 
It  is another compelling witness for the truth in this ongoing battle against
the religious-minded traditions of men. 
Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,
MArk Scott Grimmett
GoldenLight ministries