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GoldenLight Ministries is pleased to present,




This limited run production was a collaboration between

LampLight Pictures and First Century Ministry. 

Dr. Leslie King (FCM) and Mark Scott Grimmett (GLM) came together at The Lord's direction to produce shows that were designed to teach The undiluted Word of God, while covering a myriad of topics that are salient to the Body of Christ in these troubling times.  They are presented here unedited and in their originally published form.


Show Run - January, 2021 through October, 2022

PLEASE NOTE: The views expressed on this website by GoldenLight Ministries 

do not reflect the views of those who participated in THE WAY. 

GoldenLight Ministries and First Century Ministry are not affiliated at this time.

  These programs, however, have been published with the full permission of

Dr. Leslie King and First Century Ministry.  Many thanks and much love, Brother.

The Way HR BRONZE.png