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The Lamplight Pictures Page showcases multimedia projects that have been created in Yeshua's Holy Name for the purpose of edifying, encouraging, and sharpening His children into members of the Army of the Living God.  Check this page often as much more is to come!

mighty storms are announced with a gentle breeze.
so also great wrath approaches through the whisper of an Envoy.  

GoldenLight Ministries and LampLight Pictures presents, "The Envoy".

True Word from God for this very hour and time.

I AM - Behold The Lord


GoldenLight Ministries and LampLight Pictures present, "I AM".

A haunting message set to the anointed worship of Paul Wilbur singing, "Behold the Lord".

You are the warriors...
we are the victims.
GoldenLight Ministries and Lamplight Pictures present, "The Battle". 

It's time to pick sides - no longer can the men and women of God remain on the sideline during this crucial hour.

The Love Letter

a special letter from Home - for anyone who has ever suffered the life-altering tragedy of abortion. 

Jesus loves you - and is waiting to heal your heavy heart.

Try Again

GoldenLight Ministries and LampLight Pictures presents "Try Again".

performed by The Imperials from the classic album, "Sail On".

The Manifesto

GoldenLight Ministries and LampLight Pictures presents

a Seven-Part series,

"The Manifesto".

This inspired message from our Holy Father to His Beloved children is not only for prophets and seers.

it is also for you...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 6

Part 7

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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