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Prophets & Seers

The written companion to the seven part video presentation from Abba to His prophets and seers

It’s a sad commentary of the times that we must acknowledge how little of the body of Christ actually believes in the gift of prophecy as traditionally framed.  This is a harsh reality to digest since the Word of God speaks of this office throughout the old and new covenants, and even foretold that the last days would reveal a great resurgence in prophetic gifts.  We begin with this because I want you to know (from the onset) that I am not among the naysayers and scoffers who hound you each day.   If you hear The Lord's voice or see His form – if you receive Words of Knowledge, dreams, or visions from the Great Holy Spirit, I'm there with you.  I number among your advocates and confirm that Yeshua is indeed speaking to those who are called to this purpose.


To help explain this rampant unbelief in the church, here is a sad fact that was recently revealed to a fair few of the prophets.  When asked how much of the Body of Christ around the world is actually walking with Him in Spirit and in Truth, His somber answer was "about 20 percent".


20 percent, church.  This is simple math that even I can understand.  80 percent of the people sitting in pews (or calling themselves by Yeshua's Holy name) are either asleep, slothful, sinful, careless, worldly, self absorbed, or any combination of the above.  Bowing to idols to which they seem oblivious, God’s children have forgotten that anything taking precedence over Jesus is by definition an idol.  Sports, entertainment, celebrity, wealth, internet, gaming – all of these can be (and for millions are) idols.  The bride desperately needs to be awakened or many who have been lulled into a false sense of security will be judged by the One to come.


Many legitimate Words of knowledge are coming forth from prophets, seers, watchmen, and servants from all over the world.  Some of these are pastors holding positions of actual authority, whereas others are simple laymen like me.  Once Rhema Word has been tested and proven to be the actual voice of our Holy Father (by your spirit and by the Word of God), it’s important to heed these words and understand that the Great Holy Spirit is no respecter of persons.  Though there are certainly false prophets among us, Jesus is true to His Holy scripture and is stirring His Bride through dreams, visions, and spoken word.  Each of us must diligently seek His face in this seminal hour to keep from being deceived, while ever recalling Paul’s strict admonition to honor the gift of prophecy.


1 Corinthians 14:39

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, be eager to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues.


Sadly, there is also much with which to be greatly concerned – as many prophecies and words of knowledge betray individuals who are either woefully ignorant of scripture or are purposefully deceptive.  This condition has caused considerable inertia among the prophetic – and is one of the many contributing factors which inspired this greeting.  So since you and I are of like-mind as it pertains to prophecy, here is what Abba has asked me to address with each of you as we turn onto the final stretch and build up one another in love.

  1. Jesus IS returning soon.  We see this prophesied much, and truly the hour of His return is right at the door.  We know this and feel it burning in our hearts – and we rejoice at His coming.  What we don't know is His timing, folks; and when you're dealing with an Eternal Being for whom a thousand years is like a day, "SOON" can (and often does) equate to weeks, months, or even years in our time.  It's important to remain faithful and vigilant when things take longer than we may have originally thought.  Don’t be discouraged when the scoffers throw the “where is this coming?” taunt in your face – hold fast to your convictions and fear your God.  His Word NEVER returns to Him void.


  1. America IS facing eminent judgment because of her great iniquities.  We all know the list of evils that have befallen this wicked generation: pride, arrogance, spiritual sloth, the list goes on.  But specific things for which her judgment will come are as follows and in this order: 




Well over 50 million innocents have been butchered in America since 1973.  Hear me church – This blood is on our hands because as a world leader it was our responsibility to set an example for the rest to follow.  They have done so and the resulting genocide is astonishing.


Genesis 9:5-6


5 And for your lifeblood I will surely demand an accounting. I will demand an accounting from every animal. And from each human being, too, I will demand an accounting for the life of another human being.


6 “Whoever sheds human blood,

    by humans shall their blood be shed;

for in the image of God

    has God made mankind.


Ladies and gentlemen, this blood is on our hands – we the people.  For though wicked leaders put these laws on our books, the body of Christ failed in its charge to rise up as one to see it reversed.  We had the numbers and the influence to do this if we had chosen, but most were too consumed with our own lives and feared how the fight might look to a world that is shackled by political correctness.  This clearly illustrates our weakness and worldliness.  Woe to us for what is to come because the shedding of this innocent blood.

Sexual immorality

We are witnessing sexual immorality on a scale that hasn't been seen in centuries.  Many are the ways in which mankind is defiling themselves in this wicked age, but the final straw is the recent ground-swell of homosexuality that has consumed our pop culture and government.  Make no mistake – though the wages of all sin is death, our God has been clear on how He feels about this particular perversion.  Read your Bible and you will see that the enemy has used this form of wickedness in the degradation and ruination of many kingdoms.  Sodom and Gomorrah, the fall of the tribe of Benjamin, the persecution of Antiochus Epiphanies, the Roman Empire – look at history with open eyes and it will always show the way. 


Whenever the devil uses a kingdom to thumb his nose at our Holy God, he delights to use this form of rebellion because he knows it sickens our Father.  Now it is here - rampant - brazen - and shielded from truthful discourse by the scourge of political correctness. 


Brothers and sisters do not be deceived by peer pressure or popular acceptance.  Scripture is clear that homosexuality is an abomination in the sight of our God and certainly has NO PLACE in the body of Christ – where it has recently reared its ugly head.


Romans 1:26-27


(26) Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts.  Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.  (27)  In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another.  Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.


Leviticus 20:13


“‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable.  They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.


Daniel was told that "abominations" (plural) have been decreed and surely this is one of them for our day – surely the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle in many churches would fit the description of an "abomination that causes desolation".  Remember, we are the Holy Temple of God and this sin erected in our midst can be likened to the image of zeus being erected in the original temple when it was defiled with pig's blood.  For this sin, we will certainly be judged.




There is an epidemic of soft-apostasy infecting the Body of Christ.  Simply put - many who claim to believe the Bible and all of its edicts no longer do.  What they proclaim with their mouths is betrayed by their actions when confronted with the reality of a supernatural God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  In this we find the fulfillment of a prophecy that was given by the Apostle Paul:


2 Timothy 3:1-5:


(1) But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. (2) People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, (3) without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, (4) treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— (5) having a form of godliness but denying its power.  Have nothing to do with such people.


This prophecy was talking about the church, folks.  Surely Christians (among all people) should be the first to believe in a supernatural walk with our God, likened to what we read in the Book of Acts.  But we don't.  Unless you belong to a Body espousing a Spirit-filled life, a quick poll of your church friends will reveal that most are cynical (and even skeptical) about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Even if they truly believe in Jesus, what they no longer believe (being modern-day “enlightened" Christians) will amaze you.  The term for this sad condition is "soft apostasy" – and it is rampant throughout the organized church.


The result is an unparalleled pandemic of worldliness and spiritual sloth.  Pray for these brothers and sisters, for the world will be filled with these heartbroken individuals when the bride is snatched up before the great tribulation.  Having refused to fill their vessels with fresh oil (in reference to the Great Holy Spirit), they will be left to endure trials too terrible to consider.  Many of these will even take that unspeakable "final step" and accept the mark of the beast in order to save themselves from the horrors of that day, thereby damning their souls to eternal fire.    


Wake up church - while there is still time.


We have evicted Jesus from the public square


Over the past 50 years our government has systematically removed our Lord and Savior from the most important venues in our society.  Prayer was removed from schools so our children would no longer call upon His Holy Name.  They have used a falsified constitutional argument of "separation of church and state" to remove all religious artifacts from public buildings, which might dare inspire the worship of our God.  Atheists have championed this fight to great and terrible effect. 


This is truth: Our Holy Father founded this nation.  Most of our constitutional framers were believers well versed in scripture, often citing the words of God as they struggled to set the course for our wonderful nation.  Historical revisionists have done Yeoman's work in concealing these truths – removing them from our textbooks while replacing them with agnostic secular humanism. 


And here's the rub – the church KNEW that this was happening and at one point had the numbers (and influence) to stop it.  As was the case with abortion and sexual immorality, she was too caught up in her own agendas to recognize that termites were gnawing away at the infrastructure beneath them.  Fat and lazy - contented with milk, she sat idly by and let this horrible condition effervesce, while impugning faithful servants with terms like "intolerant radical" and "bible thumper".


All of this (when added up) confirms the justice and Holiness of our God when we consider the matter of judgment.  He is merciful beyond measure and has been exceedingly long-suffering – but sooner or later He must act or see His righteousness impugned as His courts are proven unjust.  This will never be allowed to happen.  As many of you have been told in recent years, the time for mercy has nearly ended for those who refuse to turn from their wicked ways, and Abba's justice is about to befall the world in ways not seen since the days of Noah.  


Make no mistake:  Judgment is coming to the world, and it begins in America.  The severity of these judgments depends upon our responsiveness to pray for the fires of restoration to sweep the church and rouse her from slumber. 


What Abba is saying to His Prophets, Seers, and Watchmen


Chapter 1 - Identity


My dear brothers and sisters for whom our Righteous Father holds the highest esteem and deepest love…  The first tenant we need to establish is something with which seasoned veterans have likely already come to terms. 


Receiving a dream, vision, or word of knowledge is indeed a wondrous gift of the Great Holy Spirit, freely offered to those who walk with Jesus in Spirit and in truth.  Any of God’s children who have been baptised by the Holy Spirit can at any time move in these gifts to one degree or another.  Great caution must be used, however, in the assignment of titles.  Truly, there are some who have indulged delusions of grandeur because they occasionally enjoy one or more of these gifts.  Thus they convince themselves that they are either a prophet or a seer, when neither of these may be the case. 


So let us speak plainly on the matter.  Having a vision or receiving a Word does not in itself make one a prophet (or a seer).  The title of prophet is an official office of wondrous anointing within the Church of God, reserved for the special few for whom it has been prepared.  It is not a post to take lightly, nor is it given to just anyone.  Prophets are born – not taught.  As in the case of Jeremiah, prophets are known for what they shall become long before they are sent into the world. 


So what, you may be asking, defines a prophet?  For the answer to this question, we turn to a dear brother and saint of God who has already crossed over to join the great cloud of witnesses. 


Rev. Kenneth Hagin, a prophet and evangelist who moved in miracles, signs, and wonders (for the better part of sixty-five years), was instructed on this matter during a visitation with King Jesus Himself.  The Lord said the following as it pertains to the office of Prophet:


“A prophet is a preacher or a teacher of the word and he must have two of the three revelation gifts:  wisdom, word of knowledge, gift of discerning of spirits.    He/she is one who sees and knows things supernaturally because of the revelation gifts.”


Do you see what’s missing?  The three revelation gifts mentioned by Yeshua are wisdom, word of knowledge, and discerning of spirits.  Dreams and visions (though surely a Godly manifestation) are not included among the items that would (in themselves) make one a prophet.  Indeed, only word of knowledge is included from our original list.  This means (by default) that even if one were to receive dreams, visions, and/or words of knowledge, he/she would still only have one of the three revelations gifts that are required to call one a prophet. 


Great debate can sometimes emerge when theologians begin to examine the precise definitions of these revelation gifts.  But here is a quick version of the understanding that Abba has given me on the matter: 




The revelation gift of wisdom is not to be confused with ability to retain knowledge and advance oneself by means of a higher education.  Nor is it the sage wisdom that is better known as common sense.  The gift of wisdom is a systematic process of supernatural downloads (from our Heavenly Father) often encompassing a vast array of Godly discernment on a myriad of topics.  It transcends simple retention (or the ability to learn) to incorporate things that the gifted-one could not have obtained on his/her own.  A great example of this spiritual gift is found in the account of King Solomon – who without the benefit of a higher education exhibited a gift of wisdom that still continues to astonish the world.  For the prophet, a practical application of this gift would likely include the interpretation of dreams. 


Word of Knowledge


“Word of knowledge” is the most universally understood of these gifts, for it is freely given to many who are not by definition a prophet or seer.   Whether by an actual voice or a “Spirit drop”, a word of knowledge can (and often does) come to any true member of the body of Christ who is walking in fellowship with their Lord.  Unfortunately, this gift is also the one most commonly wrought with error.


When a brother or sister confuses his/her own discernment (or his/her own feelings) for a word of knowledge, disaster inevitably follows.  Many are the sad individuals whose faith is dashed because a well-intentioned brother or sister feels an "unctioning" in their spirit assumed to be the voice or will of God.  They presumptuously “bring a word” that is not of The Lord – and when that word is proven wrong (or merely human), great harm results.  The victim can be left in total ruin if much faith (or action) is invested, and for this transgression terrible judgment awaits (if the offending party remains unrepentant). 


Have you ever attended a service in which a word was brought forth declaring healing among the brethren?  The crux of the issue can be found in this scenario.  The bible is clear that Jesus only moved in healing when the Spirit was present for such activity, and we also find this to be the case in the book of Acts with the Apostles.  The power to heal is a sub-category of this gift called “word of knowledge”, which can never be manifested unless we first receive word from the One who will do the actual healing.  So you so see that a word of knowledge is the door through which the gift of healing is accessed – but healing will never come forth unless that door is opened to us.  Presumption here is terrible folly.


We must first receive a word that Abba wishes to manifest His presence by means of healing among the brethren; then we gather around the targets of His grace to witness His power through the obedience of prayer.  Too many people who may have previously moved in the gift of healing are under the presumption that the anointing is there for any and everyone who moves them to compassion.  They try to reach for the gift without going through the door wherein it is always held in reserve, and pay a cringe-worthy price for their presumption. 


Great caution, therefore, must always be exhausted when one thinks that he or she is entrusted with the very words of God.  Though we must always walk in boldness when we are given a word to bring forth, it is far better to keep one’s mouth shut than to bring a false word of knowledge in the Holy Name of Jesus.  Brothers and sisters, this cannot be overstated or accentuated beyond reason.  It would be better to mishandle C4 in a gas station than to mishandle the smallest utterance of Almighty God. 


Do not be careless with His words.  Show your King the awe and respect that He deserves. 


Fear your God.


Discerning of Spirits


Discerning of spirits is a source of confusion because fewer believers move in this gift than those who might receive a word of knowledge.  The result is a certain air of mystery and (in some cases) envy – for this is the gift everyone seems to desire.  This is the gift wherein individuals are permitted physical encounters with those who traverse the unseen realms of the spirit.  Many prophets and seers have themselves confused this term, and have inadvertently allowed misconceptions to arise as to how it is properly defined. 


The gift of discerning of spirits is not to be confused with receiving dreams and/ or visions.  Any believer (gifted or not) can be whisked away to view God’s glory (or hell’s horrors) through a dream or vision, and many have reported doing so.  This differs greatly from discerning of spirits – for those who move in this gift see, hear, feel, smell, and (occasionally) taste the supernatural realm while fully remaining cognizant of their surroundings in the natural.  Men like Bob Jones and John Fenn are likely to have Jesus Himself stroll casually into the room at any given moment.  He interacts with them face to face as we might, though others in the room remain oblivious to the Lord’s physical presence during their visitation.


This explains why discerning of spirits is the most coveted of all the prophetic gifts.  It’s what we might call “the show” – reflecting our heart’s desire to be in The Lord’s presence and experience Him face to face.  The gift is so wonderful that some have even recoiled from belief in such an anointing – choosing to discount the gift entirely rather than acknowledge the fact that only a select few are allowed to walk therein.  This is the sin of envy – be very careful.  If Jesus doesn’t appear to all, He wouldn’t appear to anyone, right?  Wrong.


So let’s break it down and make it simple.  Just as healing is a sub-gift found within the larger gift called word of knowledge, so too are the following examples of sub-categories found within the gift called discerning of spirits:


  1. Seeing in the spirit (sight)

  2. Hearing in the spirit (hearing)

  3. Feeling in the spirit (feel)

  4. Smelling in the spirit (smell)


The confusion (as always) lies in presumption.  If a brother or sister is opened to see Lord and to hear His voice, an expert might pronounce over them that they have officially moved in the gift of discerning of spirits.  This assumes that discerning of spirits works like words of knowledge – insomuch that one must go through the door of a word of knowledge before one can access the sub-gift of healing.  This gift, however, does not work in the same a manner – for the Lord can (and often does) use these sub-gifts to give His children a glimpse of His glory without actually giving an individual the “whole kit and caboodle”. 


In order to fully understand this gift we must understand how our five senses work.  For the gift of discerning of spirits is all about our senses. 


Most believers already acknowledge that our fives sense are not merely physical attributes, but originate in our spirit-man and bleed up through the flesh.  I have likened it to wearing a pair of surgical gloves – insomuch that we can feel enough while wearing surgical gloves to perform highly sensitive functions.  That should never be confused with how much more we are able to feel once the gloves are removed.  Our flesh is the glove over the hand of our spirit – death is the process of removing that glove.  What results is the same for any who enter into Heaven as it is for those who are remanded to hell.  We will either enter the joys of Heaven to experience the splendour of our five senses with far greater sensitivity than we could have possibly imagined – or we will enter hell to encounter far greater horrors of pain and suffering than we would ever wish to fathom.


Being gifted with discerning of spirits is the supernatural process of having one’s five senses completely opened beyond what we encounter in the flesh.  The gifted one is feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling, and (in limited cases) tasting in the spirit – so that he or she can move in both realms simultaneously.  Most true prophets (though not all) have enjoyed this greater gift, and many are the scriptures that ratify this definition. 


Unlike the gift of healing (accessed exclusively through a word of knowledge), The Lord often gives His babies the occasional treat of experiencing Him in a very palpable way through one of their five senses.  Does this mean they are moving in that gift henceforth?  Not at all – it is a simple gesture of love to a beloved son or daughter.  A whiff of roses in a room bereft of flowers, a glimpse of golden light, the sound of rushing wings, or the brush of fingers running lovingly over one’s crown.  Yeshua does this often for those who have committed themselves wholeheartedly to His love and to His Kingdom. 


You’re His babies – He can’t help Himself

So who are we really?


Brother and sisters – we can never realize our potential in The Lord until we are shown who we are and what His purpose is for our lives.  Like parts of the body we are all different – we all serve distinct and specific roles in the Temple of God, which has been erected stone by stone since the great Cornerstone was laid 2000 years ago.  It serves no purpose to fool oneself (or others) into believing that one is something if he or she is not.  Individuals who attempt to elevate themselves by errantly assuming a title are not only guilty of living a lie, but are sequestering the true potential that Abba planned for them from before the creation of the world. 


None of this is meant to cause anyone to question their relationship with God.  On the contrary – the purpose of this discourse is to help clarify these matters so that individuals can go to Yeshua in prayer with honest self-evaluation.   Some of you are going to review these things and realize that the title “prophet” may have been used out of ignorance.  Jesus will help you rectify the matter if you take it to Him in repentance, and great joy will be your reward.  Others who have resisted calling themselves a prophet may now feel The Lord’s tug to believe and receive.  Accept your role as one who was born to serve, but do so in reverence and awe – being ever mindful of the terrible treatment that your forbearers received in that sacred office.


Above all things, remember that the Kingdom of God is a hierarchy of servitude.  Unlike the world, which leads through dictatorship and manipulation, the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus follows His example of leadership through service.  If you are promoted in the Kingdom to take a position for which you were born, very well – but be vigilant to discharge your duties with wholehearted devotion.  Please understand that Judgment for error worsens proportionately with a rise in the level of anointing, so walk humbly with your God and love the brethren as yourself.  The precedent for this methodology can be found in the following:


James 3:1


“Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.”


So are you a prophet?  Very well – serve your God with wholehearted devotion and know that your gift is essential to your brothers and sisters in Christ.  Yours is a life devoted to God as a living sacrifice, so be sure to take up your cross each day.  Does your heart bear witness that you are a watchman?  Very well – your voice is desperately needed crying out on the walls, and you already know that the Lord will utilize you in dreams, visions, and words of knowledge.  Prophets need your gift in order to sound the alarms that he/she is given, and it is on you to encourage the brethren in times of unrest.  Remember that our Lord is no respecter of persons and assures us that “Whoever welcomes a prophet as a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward” (Matt 10:41) – so serve joyfully expecting Yeshua’s wondrous blessings over your life.


Chapter 2 – The Generals



So even as protests are effervescing in the minds of those who would argue the notion of a hierarchy in the Kingdom – and I know you’re out there – let us pause for a moment to carefully consider the matter. 


For far too long false doctrines have infected the body of Christ in an effort to make things more palatable for those who are enslaved by political correctness (wherein the sin of envy abides).  One of these doctrines errantly states that Yeshua’s admonition to serve one another was a command to govern ourselves as a commune rather than as an organization that would in any way resemble a pyramid.  This is a lie of the enemy that has only served to foster dashed hopes and mismanagement among our local bodies.  Communes might work if gifts, talents, wisdom, and anointing were all the same in every believer – but we know that this is not a reality.  Most people are woefully ill-equipped to lead.


Here is the undiluted truth:  Christianity is not a commune but an absolute monarchy with Yeshua Ha’Mashiach reigning on high at the right hand of our Holy Father.  No king (however great) will run a kingdom without entrusting His authority to those who govern on lower levels as proxies – and since the days of the patriarchs our God has always anointed certain individuals to lead others.  The children of Israel were not governed as a commune, but leadership was appointed from Moses and trickled downward even to the men who were responsible for only a handful of people.  This system remained in place all the way through the Old Testament period, until another pyramid system was adopted by the first churches under Paul’s direction when he laid the framework that we have come to know as “the five-fold”.  Jesus is always the peak of the pyramid, but do not doubt that He appoints leaders to serve in the flesh.


King Jesus is a God of honor and order.  And just as the church has established governance, so also do prophets answer to a tiered system that culminates with Jesus Himself.  Revelation confirms that our King is the Spirit of prophecy, and it was through Paul that He set forth the precedent as such:


1 Corinthians 14:32

32 The spirits of prophets are subject to the control of prophets.


Therefore we see that God places within those who love Him a spirit of servitude that is eager to learn from (and pay honor to) those who have held with dignity the office before them. 


And so we come to the generals.  Great men and women of God who have served as anointed prophets under withering tribulation and in some cases for decades.  Some of the names you may know, whereas others have been serving in near anonymity for the better part of their lives.  Doubt not, brothers and sisters, that our Holy Father holds these mighty warriors in great esteem.  So whether the previous section identified you as a prophet or as a watchman, you should seek The Lord’s guidance as it pertains to honoring those who have come before you.  Take heed and learn from whoever He appoints over your instruction.

Most of the names to follow will be in a random order, for only Abba knows how they rank with the exception of the one that I name first.  Some of these individuals have served as pastors, whereas others have only been laymen.  Some hold doctorates of divinity, whereas others are benefactors of a simpler education.  Don’t presume to assemble an order based on these superficial characteristics, for our Lord and Savior has many times relished manifesting His great wisdom through subjects completely bereft of a classical education.  Remember that though Isaiah was member of the royal court and rubbed shoulders with the great and powerful, one of his contemporaries (Amos) was a simple shepherd and was entrusted with great revelation.


The first man to single out has been confirmed by many to be a chief among The Lord’s Prophet Generals of this day.  Indeed, I could fill a book regaling the many decades of prophetic servitude that this man has given – a life filled with hardships and persecution at the hands of those calling themselves brethren.  He has worked in miracles, signs, and wonders of a nature that most have only read about, and as thanks for his work has been (at times) evicted from one local body after another.  Much is the slander that has trailed him as he continues in our Lord’s work (now in his 80’s), but he has never compromised his faith nor neglected his duties.  He has crossed over in death on two separate occasions, only to be sent back until his work is completed.  He sees our Lord’s form and is often called up into the heavenly realm. 


His name is Bob Jones.


Not to be in any way confused with (or associated with) the university of the same name, Bob is a man of great anointing and humble spirit who resonates the glory of our Father.  Having enduring countless trials (and a few setbacks), he reflects a true servant’s heart that is filled with the wisdom of the Great Holy Spirit.  His jaw-dropping gift for dream interpretation is astonishing to behold.  He and his wife Bonnie (who is also a prophet of considerable anointing) travel the world speaking to the Body of Christ with fearless enthusiasm despite the naysayers who are never far behind. 


The Lord confirms that Bob is the man to whom He has entrusted the task of raising His Army of the Living God.  His wife Bonnie (in a testimony given during a 2011 meeting in Moravian Falls) said the following when regaling the manner in which she was introduced to her future husband.  The Lord asked Bonnie to begin to pray that Bob’s life would be extended, and this is what she was told:


“Most people mock Bob Jones, and when they mock Bob Jones they mock my Holy Spirit…Yes I want Bob here with me, but I need him there to raise up my army.”


The Army of the Living God (spoken of through the prophet Joel) is about to be realized as an unstoppable force that will spread like wildfire across the planet.  This will be a movement in the Body of Christ unlike anything the world has ever seen, wherein Yeshua’s words from John 14:12 will be finally come to pass:


John 14:12

12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.


Have we seen since the days of our Lord’s flesh the emergence of anyone who worked in miracles, signs, and wonders greater than what Yeshua did?  Of course not…


But you’re going to.


Blessed are you, brothers and sisters – you who are among the privileged to be receiving this word, for you were born for this very time.  As prophets and watchmen you will be instruments of Yeshua’s glory, serving in positions of leadership throughout this mighty wave of God that is soon to come.  Thus we arrive at the purpose for this expose – to explain why it is so vital to recognize the eldership of prophets and watchmen who (if heeded) will help each of us come into our inheritance in Christ Jesus.


In August of 1975 Bob Jones was emerging from a dark chapter in his life, having recently recommitted himself to God and to his calling.  It was at this time that a ball of white light entered his automobile and made the following prophesies that earned him nothing but disdain among his contemporaries.  That light (which is one of the manifested forms of the Holy Spirit) told him that:


  1. Homosexuality was about to come out of the closets and become rampant in America, infecting even the government.

  2. A homosexual disease was about to be discovered that would have no cure and would eventually kill more than 5 million people.

  3. New forms of abortion were going to be perfected that resembled what they did in Old Testament times.

  4. People would learn how to blend cheap drugs to form a powerful narcotic that would work to kill the conscience. 


Bob made these proclamations and was reviled by many as a false prophet, exclaiming that those things could never happen.  Yet when one inspects the list, you see that each item came true with startling accuracy.  Homosexuality has indeed burst out of the closet to infect our society, Aids most certainly has claimed all those victims, abortion techniques have indeed become more brazen in recent years with partial birth techniques, and the drug cocktail described is precisely what we have come to know as “Meth”.


After bringing these words, Bob had an altercation with a demon who was still exercising some mysterious authority over him at the time.  The encounter led to Bob’s premature death, and in due course he found himself standing before the Lord Jesus Christ.  What he witnessed there is in itself enough to fill a book, but for the sake of this dissertation it’s enough to know that Jesus asked Bob to return to his body with the promise that he would live to see the single greatest harvest of souls ever recorded.  He was told by God Almighty that he would live to see over a billion young people won to Christ in a single movement – a movement mentioned in scripture as the worldwide harvest, and one that we have come to know as the great outpouring of the Mighty Holy Spirit. 


A billion people won to Christ – but not as the result of a revival (of the old), but what is described by Bob to be the restoration of all things.  These will not be idle pew-potatoes sucking the air out of the room with their obvious boredom, but true lovers of God who will not be afraid to burn with passion for their Holy Father. 


I mention this only to prime the pump, but to go any further would be to run ahead of where we need to be at this time.  For now it’s enough to know that Bob Jones is the acknowledged chief of the Prophet Corp. in the Army of the Living God – and he was told that the great outpouring (also known as the “worldwide revival” or “latter rain”) is about to come upon the earth.  It will coincide with the Lord’s return, though not as we think.  We will discuss that in more detail a little later, but it’s vital to keep it in mind.


The other man I wish to bring to your attention is certainly a prophet and a great servant of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The reason for drawing him out of the ranks of the generals (briefly) is not because of his level of anointing, for all these men and women are highly anointed.  No, the reason I mention this man with special consideration is because of the task that he has been given, which will be vital to much of us in the years to come. 


John Fenn, who (like Bob) see’s the Lord’s form and speaks to Him frequently, has been entrusted the task of raising up and organizing home (or house) churches throughout the world.  His organization, “Church Without Walls, International” has been a burgeoning branch of the body of Christ since its inception, and will continue to grow in the years to come.  The Lord is indeed drawing men and women out of organized religion to meet with him in the more intimate setting that one finds in a home church, which when managed properly is akin to what was prominent in the days of the apostles.  Much of what we know concerning this matter has come from Yeshua’s words spoken through this man.


I wish I had time to do an expose on each of these great warriors of God – each of whom are walking in obedience to their calling and are manifesting the glory of our King to a lost and dying world.  In the interest of brevity, however, I’ll list their names for you now in no particular order.  These are the men and women of God who were born for this time and are serving Him faithfully as your generals in this Army of the Living God.  Their ministries are not associated, nor do they form an official council at this time – they are unified only as brothers and sisters in Christ.  Some of the people on this list have never even met – but it is they The Lord has identified as generals of His Army, and you would do well to appeal to their revelations and teachings for instruction and guidance:

The Generals :


  1. Bob Jones

  2. James Goll

  3. Bobby Conner

  4. Chuck Pierce

  5. John Fenn

  6. Rick Joyner

  7. John Paul Jackson

  8. Larry Randolph

  9. Gary Oates

  10. Jesse Duplantis

  11. Sid Roth

  12. Kat Kerr

  13. Kim Clement


Other Prophets of Note:


  1. Anna Roundtree

  2. Eileen Fisher

  3. Mary Kay Baxter

  4. Choo Thomas

  5. Steve Shultz (The Elijah List)

  6. The works of Rev. Kenneth Hagin (Now with Jesus)


I challenge each of you to seek the Lord as you peruse these names and ask the Great Holy Spirit (Rhema) to guide you to those who have been given instruction that pertains to you personally.  Barring that, I highly recommend any of these brothers and sisters as true men and women of God-Most-High, each of whom have sacrificed much and are serving in true humility.  Learn from them as you listen to the words that were given to each by the Source of All Life, Christ Jesus our Lord.  This instruction will be vital for your development in the years to come as you are moulded and refined into His perfect image. 


One last thing about the generals before we proceed…


There are certainly those among you (perhaps even among the generals) who may be recoiling at this assignment for fear that it is giving glory to man that should only be given to God.  This charge (should it arise) I wholeheartedly reject.  To the Lord God Jehovah and His one and only Son be all power, glory, praise, and honor, forever and ever, amen!  The production of this video and its associated writings was commissioned by the King of Glory as a manifesto for His servants who serve in this capacity.  If you suspect the information in this offering to be false, the button to rectify the matter should be located right about there (button location indicated).


Still with me?  Groovy – now to answer the obvious question…


Why mention the generals?  What’s the point? 


The purpose is simple and is found in the following statement from the Apostle Paul; and even seasoned prophets are well served to be reminded of it from time to time: 


1 Corinthians 13:9

For we know in part and we prophesy in part…


There are roughly seven billion people on the planet but there is only One God.  Although we know that Jesus could do anything He chooses, our Lord has always chosen to work through the wilful obedience of His faithful servants.  His children have been raised up for this very day and time, many of whom have been given prophetic gifts to one varying degree or another.  As this scripture attests, no single prophet has ever been given “the whole picture”.  Even great men like Daniel (for whom it was said that Abba held high esteem) confessed to have little understanding of what he had recorded.  The experiences sickened him, in fact – rendered him bedfast for two weeks. 


We know in part, we prophesy in part – and Yeshua generously gives to each of His prophets, seers, and watchmen so that they will pass His words on to His beloved children.  Could you imagine what it would look like if (instead of being in competition or derision with one another) the prophets, seers, and watchmen actually recognized their communion one to another and combined their little snippets of revelation so that the Body of Christ could piece them together to form a larger whole?  This is going to be a reality in the future – for our Holy Father means to unite The Body of Christ as never before, and there must arise from within the ranks of His prophets an example of that unity for all the rest.


So ask yourself honestly – are you a prophet who sees a false prophet behind every door and in every utterance that doesn’t make sense to you?  Perhaps it’s time to understand that you are not the only person on the globe to whom these gifts have been given.  Many of Abba’s children walk in that same anointing and have been given different pieces of the overall puzzle.  So long as their words pass the testing of the Spirit and are in harmony with the written Word of God, you have no right to pass judgment on them.  When God warned His people to “do my prophets no harm”, he wasn’t exempting other prophets – you don’t get a pass because you work from within the ranks.  Recognize your fellow warriors and be kind to one another.


This all begins with recognizing your leaders – those to whom honor should be paid as you seek to learn from one another.  We have already established that the Body of Christ is not a commune, so be sure to honor those whom your King has anointed.  Authority starts with our Heavenly Father and proceeds down from there – so walk humbly with your God, learn from those who came before you, and you will know His shalom and great joy as you savor the tutelage of these mighty prophets of The Lord.


Chapter 3 – Where is your Heart?



Whenever we kiss

I worry and wonder

Your lips may be near

But where is your heart…


It’s an old song that doesn’t apply perfectly as it pertains to our relationship to God, but when one considers that the metaphor of bride and bridegroom was used often throughout scripture, I think it sets the stage nicely for what is about to follow. 


We’ve all had our hearts broken and know the agonizing pain to find oneself on the receiving end of an unrequited love.  Few things in life are worse.   For the next few minutes we’re going to discuss things that I could have easily entitled “Prophecy 101”.  As we proceed you will see that these themes have more to do with one another than what initially meets the eye.


We’ve already established that prophesy isn’t dolled out to the gifted “willy-nilly”, nor is it given to just anyone.  Thus we have much confusion from within the prophetic ranks as to identity, which we covered in the first chapter.  We have concluded, therefore, that the gift of prophesy has a specific definition that must be met before one can accurately lay claim to that title.  Prophets are born and called, not taught.  We spent the last chapter identifying the generals in your midst to whom you should each appeal as you learn and grow in your calling.   Now I want to take a moment to discuss something that is more important than either of these things. 


Do you know your God?  If you truly know your God, about whom it is said “He is love itself”, then surely by extension it should be well established that you are passionately in love with your God.  If God is love and He is yours, how could it be otherwise?


The next question is also the hook-line of a famous 1970’s ballad that I’m sure you’ve heard...


How deep is your love?


For I tell you the truth – you cannot hope to succeed in your walk through these supernatural landscapes without first being dedicated to your Lord and Savior with a fiery passion that transcends life and death itself.  Before putting a finger to this plow you must first offer your ear to the post. 


In the Book of Exodus we see the example set forth that is actually an open invitation to every person who was ever born.  Certainly one would think that this would apply to every member of the Body of Christ, and yet we see too many examples of lives around us to the contrary.


In Exodus 21 we learn that if a Hebrew man was bought as a servant, he was to serve for a total of six years.  In the seventh, God’s law stated that he was to go free without paying a dime for his freedom.  This was his right as a son of Abraham.  Then in verse five we find this fascinating statute:


“(5) But if a servant declares, I love my master and my wife and children and do not want to go free, (6) then his master must take him before the judges.  He shall take him to the door or the doorpost and pierce his ear with an awl.  Then he will be his servant for life.


That must be one fantastic master!  Imagine a master who is so wonderful that his character could actually entice a fellow Hebrew – who by birthright is a free man before God – to wilfully relinquish freedom for the rest of his life so that he might remain in his master’s service.


Does that sound like anyone you know?


Brothers and sisters, here we find the crux to the whole problem behind our lukewarm churches of today.  For this law was not only put on the books to make provision for the man or woman who wished to remain in the service of a righteous master, but it was an inference to a much greater invitation which far too few are indulging as our faith requires. 


When Jesus was on the earth, He spoke of this in many ways.  First He reiterated that the greatest commandment of all time was never to be changed – not under the new covenant or any covenant to come.  He made it clear that we must love the Lord our God with all our hearts, with all our souls, with all our minds – and then our neighbours as ourselves.  This, He said, summarized the law and the prophets.  Please always bear this in mind – no matter how grand the plan or how righteous the cause, NOTHING trumps these commandments of God.


Too many of His children have yet to offer their ear to the post.  Even when in church they have one foot in the world and one eye on the clock.  They congratulate themselves for having taken time for God each week, rather than making Jesus the reason for every breath that is drawn.  They live like the servant who is fulfilling a duty to their Master, biding their time until their contract is up and they get to go where they will.  They would never frame it as such, but their lifestyles and fruitfulness (or lack thereof) would certainly bear witness against them.


So let us be clear – to be a servant of God Most High in this capacity, you must first offer your ear to the post.  Scripture is clear that our God is a jealous God, and that anyone who puts his hand to the plow while looking back is not worthy of it.  You cannot have your interests divided between the ungodly things of this lost and dying world, while showing true devotion to your Master. 


You must dedicate your life to The Lord in an eternally permanent fashion – like the servant who recognized that his life would never be as fulfilling on his own as it was in his master’s house.  Our God is all or nothing – so even before thinking of taking up this plow, you must give yourself to Jesus “all-in”.  Every breath, every heartbeat, every day all day long must become the personal property of the Lord God Jehovah and without exception.  This is what Yeshua was discussing when he admonished us to take up our crosses (daily) and follow Him.  There are no half-measures that will suffice.  If you want to go further up and further in with your God – if you want Him to trust you with deeper and richer revelation – then your love must burn for Him without ceasing, and this must show in the level of dedication that you offer Him each day.


Does this mean sitting in dirt and eating bugs?  Of course not – our Master is the King of Glory and His household is resplendent.  We serve the God who created things like baseball and video games and television and movies – but we must daily give these things over to Him.  We must always walk in obedience no matter what – whether the given day bears an order to fast and pray or to take your spouse out for dinner and a movie.  Those of you talk to the Lord often know what I’m saying – Jesus is not a slave-driver who delights in the misery of His children.  Much to the contrary, I have been given orders to do something relaxing on days when I actually wanted to do His work.  He’s a wonderful master and (even more importantly) a Good Daddy.


The dedication to God of which I speak bears one overriding signature that is not likely to be popular with those who have been harmed by the Calvinist doctrine.  Part of being truly dedicated to God is walking straight paths before Him.  Yes we are all human and none of us are perfect – but God’s grace wasn’t supplied to merely pick us up in the wake of a fall.  It isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card as many have treated it to their own shame and destruction.  No, the Grace of God was given so that we might be systematically trained-up out of our sinful behavior and (through the refining process) be transformed into the kind of son or daughter who never wishes to sin again.


In short – we must be holy as He is Holy. 


So having dedicated yourselves to your Lord as a prophet, seer, or watchman, resolve to live the life of a servant.  Brothers and sisters we are servants – first to our God, and then to one another in true unity.  This omits entirely the stench of pride and the argumentative spirit.  Though it’s true that we may debate from time to time as the Lord reveals to us who is receiving the clearer picture on any given matter, these things should never become points of derision or division.  We should be quick to love and wish for everyone around us better than what we desire for ourselves.  Give all things over to Jesus with a pure and holy heart, and He will see to it that all things are resolved in an orderly fashion.


Where is your heart?  Have you given yourself entirely to your first love?  If you can honestly answer yes, then you are ready to learn how to serve.

Chapter 4 – Clearing the Mechanism



Many are the prophetic voices that are jamming the lines these days, and it takes only a short period of study to realize that some of those voices are not acting in accordance with biblical principles.  With this observation you must know that I am not addressing the aforementioned generals – in fact, it is from their teachings and revelations that many of the following truths have been extrapolated.  In an effort to clear away misconceptions and confusion, here is a sundry of points that The Lord wishes bring to your attention.


Dream Interpretation


It’s a wonderful thing to be entrusted with a vision from God, even if it is terrible in scope.  It slowly dawns on you that you have been granted an audience with the Source of All Life – that God Almighty Himself has given you a piece of the puzzle that He wishes for you to pass along to His children.  It comes to you in high definition (a trademark of any true vision) and is almost always cryptic by nature.  We sit either in the pale light of morning or in the wee still hours of night contemplating with quick breaths the things we just heard or saw.  We marvel over the sights and sounds – either in sheer horror or with great bliss, having touched either Heaven’s splendor or hell’s terrors with an experience so real that it felt as though we were actually there. 


In many cases, we were – but that’s another story.


What is important to know (and where much error occurs) is that the gift of dream interpretation is a category within the larger gift of Wisdom.  We know that a prophet (by definition) is one who walks in two of the three prophetic gifts.  Thus it is common to encounter legitimate prophets who are gifted with Discerning of spirits and Word of Knowledge without moving in the third gift of Wisdom.  Moreover, there are many who do not qualify as a prophet at all (who may work in only one of these gifts) and yet still imagine themselves able to accurately interpret a dream.


Dream interpretation is something that is usually reserved for those who are among the prophets and walk in the highest anointing.  For though it is true that some dreams and visions are easily discerned, most of these extravaganzas have more hidden knowledge tucked within them than even the very wise (in worldly terms) can fathom on their own.  Thus the Lord places among us those to whom are given the keys to these encrypted messages of dreams and visions. 


For this I’ll leave you with a stern but simple admonition – use great caution when considering another’s dream, and do not take upon yourself the honor of its interpretation unless you have confirmed with Rhema that you do indeed work in the gift of wisdom.  If you err in this you can potentially do a brother or sister great harm – either by inadvertently shielding them from a stern warning, or by placing before them a warning that was never intended.  You might also do them the disservice of elevating false hopes or engendering delusions that are not God’s will for their lives.


Another good example of the perils and pitfalls in this arena can be found among the teachings of John Fenn.  In an anecdote on this very subject, John once related that he was shown in a vision something terrible that was to happen to someone he knew.  Though his first instinct was the natural one (to fear what he saw as a foregone conclusion), what he actually learned was that bad things are often revealed to us through stark visions by a loving Father who is inviting us to pray on the behalf of the subject in question.  Therefore Abba will occasionally give us a horrible scene involving someone – not to show us what WILL happen, but what MAY happen unless we pray.  He is (in essence) “ratting the devil out” – showing you the enemy’s scheme so that you can rebuke the snake and bind him against said behavior. 


These are quick examples of the complexities involved in dream interpretation, and only those anointed with the gift should be consulted as experts.


The spoken Word


Of all the truths to be extrapolated in the discourse of this study, few are as important as this one.  For whether the previous chapter revealed you to be a prophet, seer, or watchman, this admonition crosses all lines to touch them all.  For I know of nothing more important than this: to take the responsibility of handling the Words of God with the utmost care and reverence.  Since we already dedicated a little time to this subject in the opening monologue, here we’ll keep it short and simple – and to the point.


Whatever you are given from The Lord must be passed along to the intended party without fail and without altering so much as a syllable.  There is no room for latitude on this matter – no license for embellishment or editing.  If the King of Glory sends you to someone, you must go – end story.  If you wish to remain in harmony with your God, you must then speak His truths no matter how good, bad, or unpalatable they might be.   Failure in this charge will reap terrible consequences, and (if left unrepentant) will even lead to judgment. 


Do NOT be loose with your Father’s words.  Handle them as though you are handling the plight of your very soul – for in truth you may well be.  Read the book of Ezekiel and take to heart the admonitions commonly known as the watchman’s creed.  Abba makes it perfectly clear that if a man dies for his sins his blood is on his own head – but if a watchman (or prophet) fails to sound the alarm in order to turn him away from wickedness, it is the watchman who is held responsible.  Thus we see yet another example of the stakes involved by accepting the responsibility of your role.  Great reward awaits those who discharge their duties with obedience, zeal, and joy – while horrible judgment will befall the unfaithful.  As in all things, the greater the anointing one receives, the more terrible the judgment that will befall him (or her) should the anointed neglect their duties.  Walk humbly with your God in perfect obedience.




This is one subject of which I’m sure many of you have already received much instruction by way of experience.   For one mustn’t travel very far down the prophetic path without encountering the army of scoffers that the enemy has raised up to combat your every move.  Some of the scoffers are unbelievers merely echoing the sentiments of their lord – and surely these are far more palatable than the other demographic that is comprised mostly of people claiming to be members of the Body of Christ. 


The sad part is – some of the scoffers really do believe in Jesus Christ and have deluded themselves into thinking that they are doing their fellow parishioners a service by discrediting anyone who makes the claim of hearing from God.  These zealots for “reality” are so consumed by how the world views Christianity that they have taken upon themselves the burden of proving to one and all that Christianity really isn’t “What they think”.  They’re desperate to prove that we’re really just a “normal lot” who come to church to love and support one another through our faith in God.  When these people see or hear of someone making claims of actual supernatural manifestation, the net result is akin to slinging acid in their face. 


The church is filled with this mentality, and barring divine intervention, there is no convincing them to halt in their destructive course.  Like Saul before his fateful trip on the road to Damascus, these people have made it their lot in life to confront you at every turn – to discredit your words and to be the first to howl “false prophet” the moment it appears that the word you received didn’t come true. 


So we know the scoffers are going to be there, but how to deal with them?


How you deal with such people will differ with every circumstance and vary in degrees based on the personality of the prophet, seer, or watchman involved.  I won’t take it upon myself to give instruction on how to precisely deal with those who rise up to shout you down – but I will mention a few rules of thumb that will serve you well if put them into practice:


  1. Whenever possible, answer hate with love.  This does not mean that you are called to be anyone’s doormat or martyr – but it does mean that you must present your arguments in a manner that always brings glory and honor to your King.  Do not shame The Lord with your words.

  2. Stand firm on what you’ve been given, but do your best to avoid arguing mere points of theology.  Don’t waste your time debating an utterance of the Holy Spirit by appealing to the dominion of the mind.  Give those who question you the scripture that The Lord is always faithful to provide – and then leave it to them to either receive or reject His Word.

  3. Never compromise or equivocate – Never give a scoffer an inch of ground when the accusations mount.  You were entrusted the very words of God Almighty – WOE TO YOU if you acquiesce on the smallest point in the heat of battle.  Popularity is a powerful narcotic, and many are those who have been shipwrecked on the rocks of sin because of little compromises in the face of withering criticism. 

  4. Be prepared to be hated in many circles – and when this happens don’t let it bother you.  Rejoice, rather, that you enjoy a love from your King and your God that is far greater than the accumulated wealth of Heaven and Earth.  Even when those who hate you (by word or deed) are those who profess to be Christians, stand firm in your faith and know that Jesus will always have your back.


One last word of warning about scoffers – perhaps the most important of all…


Never become the thing that has been so hard for you to endure.  As discussed in previous sections, we know in part and we prophesy in part – and there will be words come forth that will prove to be as mysterious to you as they are to the laymen.  When those words emerge, be sure to check yourself before joining the pile-on of detractors.  Test the presented prophetic word with scripture and go to God in prayer, presenting it to Abba for confirmation.  Only when you are certain that a brother or sister has prophesied falsely should you engage to correct the matter – and then only in private as circumstances allow.


If after much evaluation and soul-searching you still cannot discern the truthfulness or falseness of a prophetic utterance, the safe play will always be to keep your yap shut.  File it away, give it to Abba, trust Him to right any wrongs, and then be about your business.  As crushing as this may be, understand that you are not the personal litmus test that will determine what Jesus brings forth in prophesy – nobody is.  Jesus alone is the Spirit of Prophesy and He does not need our help. 


Walk humbly with your God and do not slander one another.


Spiritual Authority


We know from reading the Word of God that His children have authority over the devil and his minions – that not a single member of the evil one’s hoard can (by force) move against you so long as you are walking within that authority.  Why, then, are so few living like they believe this to be a reality?  Too many seasoned Christians are running scared of the devil.  They talk a big talk when the situation is normal, but the moment something goes “bump” in the night they are instantly filled with apprehension and fear. 


What could be a contributing factor to this phenomenon?  Do we believe our King or do we do not?  Or could it be that so few of His children are walking in obedience that most do not feel entitled to this authority?  Could it be that the wilful sin of Abba’s children has rendered them impotent when standing against an enemy who knows as much about their behavior as they?  Could it be that sinful behaviour has permitted the enemy legal authority over their lives – so that they are in a perpetual state of weakness rather than working from the vantage of absolutely authority?

Brothers and sisters – this is one of the most salient points to make when considering your authority in the context of spiritual warfare.  For I can assure you – walking into the arena against this enemy tainted with unrepentant sin will garner for you the very beating that you fear. 


Acts 19:13-18

“Some Jews who went around driving out evil spirits tried to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those who were demon-possessed.  They would say, ‘In the name of the Jesus whom Paul preaches, I command you to come out.’ Seven sons of Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, were doing this.  One day the evil spirit answered them, ‘Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?’  Then the man who had the evil spirit jumped on them and overpowered them all.  He gave them such a beating that they ran out of the house naked and bleeding.  When this became known to the Jews and Greeks living in Ephesus, they were all seized with fear, and the name of the Lord Jesus was held in high honor.  Many of those who believed now came and openly confessed what they had done.”


The day has dawned when God’s children must keep their lives unencumbered from aggravated passions and moral conflicts.  They must cease using grace as a shield to cover iniquity and walk in obedience before a King that they claim to love and honor.  Deliverance is going to be an essential element in the coming battles, and we must walk straight paths before our Lord in order to stay sharp and battle-ready.


So are you walking in fellowship with Jesus?  Are you living in obedience, daily repenting of sin as you are refined into a son or daughter who will no longer tolerate it in your life?  Very well – to you, oh blessed one has been given all authority over the devil and every minion he could possibly throw at you.  Should you sense him in the room, KICK him OUT!  If you should see him burning in the eyes of a victim in need of deliverance, KICK him OUT!  Rebuke the snake in the Holy Name of Jesus and he has no choice but flee.


You are a child of Almighty God – who towers over His fallen creation with infinitesimal power too huge to quantify.  Most foolish are those who have deluded themselves with the world’s wishful thinking that the devil’s power is somehow comparable to Jesus’ majesty.  Seriously?  Jesus created Lucifer – how could anyone think their power is in any way comparable?  I’ve said it thus in other writings, but it bears repeating for our purposes here:  Our God towers over the devil as we do the amoeba, and even that is a poor comparison since Jesus created Lucifer and most human’s don’t even know what an amoeba is. 


Fear your God – but fear NOTHING ELSE. 


We rightly say that we have authority over the evil one.  Its high time God’s children begin living their lives in such a manner that they can start proving it.

God’s Timing


You and I serve an eternal God whose vantage of time and space is something that we cannot grasp.  To those of us clothed in flesh even the passing of a minute can seem as though it is taking forever, but to our Heavenly Father the passage of a thousand years is like a single day.  These paradigms are so juxtaposed that reconciling them is virtually impossible – so how do we manage the dichotomy? 


We yield to the higher order, of course – we obey and let God have His way.


This may seem to some like a strange point to be making during a dissertation on prophetic essentials, but the precarious matter of God’s timing is vital to our walk and how we fare in this assignment.  For you can count on this – if it hasn’t happened already, a day will come when you will bring forth a Word from Abba bearing the time-stamp “soon” – only to be treated to the taunts of scoffers and unbelievers when time stretches by and nothing seems to happen. 


Bob Jones, who has been walking this path longer than anyone I know of, reports that many prophesies he brought forth back in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s have only in recent years come to pass.  The spirit-filled members of the Body of Christ are presently reviewing Bob’s record with stunned amazement; but many of those who now stand enraptured are the very individuals who were playing the role of naysayer during the long and lonely years of “false prophet”. 


We must learn from this and take Bob’s experience to heart.  We should never forget that the One with whom we are speaking is the source of all life – and that an event which may yet be fifty years off (on our timeline) is to Him by definition “coming soon”.  If you knew that something significant was about to occur in two day’s time, you would be perfectly truthful to prophesy about the event by citing “soon” – and this would still hold true even if the passage of a day for you was equivalent to a thousand years for others.  Thus you see that the New Testament writers were indeed being truthful when Yeshua inspired them to write of things that were soon to come. 


So here is a prophetic absolute that you can take to the bank:  The Lord almost never dates a prophecy. 


Almost never…


Instances in which a prophecy accompanied an actual date are so few and far between that the attempt to locate one might put a seasoned theologian to the test.  The only occasions which spring to mind are instances wherein judgment was so immediate (and so urgent) that they were levied against a recipient for “that very day”.  The death of Jeroboam’s son is one such example.


God is always true to His Word, which clearly states that faith is one of the essential prerequisites of pleasing Him.  It is almost never his choice, therefore, to give a concrete date that would eliminate from the recipient the necessity of faith.  He knows His children – he knows how we can get when we have nothing hanging before us to keep us on our toes.  In His great wisdom He knows that it is best to give details about what is to come without including precisely when it will come to pass.  I tell you the truth – in all my time speaking with Abba I have yet to entice Him into divulging the time for a single event that He said would happen. 


Think back on the most cringe-worthy moments in modern prophetic history – were they not usually linked to a brother or sister who came forth with an actual date for something that they had been “told” would come (usually the end of the world)?  Sadly, we have arrived at the point where even the mention of the Lord’s return is enough to draw jeers from those who thumb their nose at prophesy – and we’d be foolish to contest the fact that these false words have done much to embolden our detractors.


In the end it’s painfully simple – should you see (or hear about) a prophecy in which a concrete date is included, be wary – dubious.  Understand that you are either witnessing the rarest form of prophetic utterance imaginable, or a prophet who has come forth in falsehood or presumption.  When the word is proven untrue (and in most cases it will be) pray for that prophet – for whether purposefully or inadvertently, he or she has mishandled the Words of God and in doing so has slandered His Holy Name.


If you are given a Word, bring it accurately – and no matter how much you think you know, never ever presume.  Leave the dates to God. 


Don’t like it?  He didn’t ask you to – this is a King’s prerogative.

Chapter 5 – The Big Picture


So what is The Lord actually saying for today?  I know this question excites in each of you an instinct to make declarations on behalf of the Word that you’ve been given – and why not, you received it from God, yes?  Absolutely – but here we must once again revisit a previously stated axiom which cannot be forgotten:


We know in part – we prophecy in part.


One of the reasons our King commissioned this video is to help us piece our sections together for better understanding.  Many small snippets of absolute truth have been given to His prophets, seers, and watchmen – like pieces of a grand puzzle too massive for any one prophet to discern. 


Imagine you’re assembling a complex puzzle depicting a picture of the jungle that features a thousand different animals – only to discover that the pieces entrusted to you merely combined to form a single eyeball?  Would you from your personal assembly be able to accurately extrapolate a sense of the whole?  Would you be able to tell where your pieces fit in the panorama – or even attempt to accurately identify the animal from which your eyeball pieces were carved? 


This is the challenge facing anyone who recognizes what The Lord wishes to do for His Army through the gift of prophecy in an era when so few prophets wish to acknowledge one another in unity. 


Believe it or not, the words that you were given do indeed fit together to form much greater revelation once we are cured from the error of sole proprietorship.  We must exit our little paradigms and elevate to a higher vantage in order to see how our pieces fit together with those that are entrusted to our brothers and sisters in Christ.  This is done by the exclusive direction of the One who created the puzzle, through His Mighty Holy Spirit – testing all things as compelled by scripture along the way.


Please always bear in mind that words of knowledge are non-transferable.  And here’s the kicker – they were never yours to keep.  Let us therefore appeal to the One from whom the Word actually came in order to see what can be seen when they are finally united as one to see a bigger picture.


A Body in Transition


The body of Christ is on the cusp of the most sweeping changes she has seen since the reformation, and of a nature that will initially prove to be even more catastrophic.  Each of the generals have in their own way prophesied this great shift that is about to occur.  It is perfectly clear that Abba has wearied of religious entrapments that He never sanctioned and bloated programs that He rarely authored, which have in recent years amalgamated to create the sad caricature that is today’s lukewarm Bride.  His desire is to restore the intimacy that was lost during the latter days of the Roman Empire, seeking those who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.


Throughout the centuries many great movements of God have marked the terrain with awesome revelation and heart-pounding revival.  Indeed, Heaven is filled with a great cloud of witnesses who invested their lives building a living temple that will finally come to fruition as the awakening Bride begins to stir among us.  The time of the Army of the Living God has finally dawned – an era that will unfold to bring forth Yeshua’s return with astounding power and resplendent majesty.


But that is not where we are at present…


It is widely accepted that faith has become a sickly apparition of its former self throughout the world.  You have likely encountered this yourself and wondered how such a condition could have so deeply permeated our ranks.  The trend is maddening – perhaps constituting the most confounding paradox ever recorded.  But how was this allowed to come to pass?  When did we become so worldly?


The Body of Christ is sadly lacking in power.  She is bloated, lazy, self absorbed, carnal-minded, and attention-deficient.  We are governed by clock-watchers who are anxious to “move services along” so that we can get on with OUR lives – relegating our “beloved” Savior to little moments of devotion to which He has been carefully assigned.  A church comprised as such will never see anything beyond the scope of the provincial, thereby reducing claims of supernatural activity to the ridiculous – the domain of disturbed and delusional Christians attempting to re-ignite fires that have long gone out.


Again I ask you – how could our faith have become so thin?  Could this be the age of the apostate church after all?


Jesus prophesied about this in Matthew 24:12:

“Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold…”


We see no power in our churches because we have so little faith.  We have so little faith because we lack devotion to the One from whom our faith is derived.  We lack devotion because our love has grown cold toward anyone who lives beyond the scope of that which touches us directly.  Thus has arrived the age of the pipe-dream – of 15 minute-fame and covetous fortune seekers who are unencumbered by responsibility toward their fellow man.  Meanwhile many of our churches combat this worldliness by injecting copious helpings of glam-tested programming into their local body, cleverly designed to attract the masses.  They promulgate programs promoting love and mercy (appropriately), while ignoring almost entirely God’s other (equally important) virtues of justice, purity of heart, and holiness – without which none will see His face. 


Hell is rarely mentioned.


Brothers and sisters, we are in grave peril.


Yet lurking beneath the surface of this Laodicean behavior there is stirring an unstoppable preparation for the long-awaited and much anticipated latter-rain.  Planned before the world was created, it will be a grand climactic battle of the ages culminating in our Lord’s glorious coronation.  For millennia the prophets have been foretelling this amazing time.  Our God was neither surprised by the rising of this Luke-warmness nor unprepared to take action for His Body’s reclamation.  Patiently as only He can be, our Loving Father put His pieces on the board and positioned them perfectly for the exact time and place of His movement – when He will breathe life into them and lead them to victory.


This is about to come to pass.


Among the myriad of things that The Lord has instructed Bob Jones concerning the coming great awakening, here are two for your consideration that stand out:  He was told that the long awaited awakening would occur when (a) The fear of The Lord returned to the Body of Christ, and (b) when Wisdom once again found her place in the Church.  Both of these events are at the door – we are about to watch what happens when the Lord God Jehovah rises in power. 


And yet in answer to this I can almost hear some of you howling in frustration – perhaps waving a menacing finger or thumb over the stop button to this message as arguments rise up within you.  You have received Word upon Word from our Lord weighted with great urgency concerning numerous calamities – as well as news of Yeshua’s eminent return to take His bride.  Perhaps the messages you’ve received have included words like “so very close” and “any moment now” – and I know that many of you have indeed been bringing such words, for I have personally seen them. 


Once again – I am with you.  The words you received are indeed truth.  Our Lord’s return is eminent – the calamities to come upon this earth are indeed numerous and will be horrible in scope.  This is all a part of the climactic build-up leading through this Great Outpouring of the Mighty Holy Spirit, through the times of Jacob’s trouble, and into the blessed millennial reign of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  You have indeed heard correctly – truthfully – and were absolutely commanded to bring your words to a lost and dying world.  But because your scope of the overall puzzle is so narrowly focused on your little pieces, some of you seem to be completely unaware of the wonderful time that is about to be inaugurated.  You live in fear when you should be exultant and resonating with the holy power of a son or daughter of the Living God.

Here I must pause to remind you that it is not the purpose of this dissertation to show you the entire puzzle with impunity.  First of all, it is not my honor to do so – since I am not among the generals and prophets to whom that honor belongs.  Instead, our purpose here is to merely help each of us seek guidance from those to whom the more elevated vantage has been given.  My goal is to show you some of the big picture through their hard work and patient endurance, which (in most cases) spans decades.  In doing so we will then be able to review what we have each been given in a clearer light.


So let us begin with two incredibly important revelations from Bob concerning this time, which I believe will give much perspective.  Both were given while speaking at The Gary Oates’ Ministries “New Beginnings Summit” at Moravian Falls in September of 2011:


First, Bob related a message from Jesus that was given concerning His coming.  Please take a moment to carefully absorb our Lord’s words and how they affect what the rest of us have been given:


“He told me sometime recently, I think it was last year – ‘You haven’t understood my coming.  I’m coming IN my people, not FOR them.  I’m coming IN my people long before I come FOR them.  Don’t even measure on the ‘coming for them’ – but measure on my coming WITHIN my people – my divine nature within my people.’”


Indulge me a quick pause, brothers and sisters, to interject a “Hallelujah!” and “come Lord Jesus!” 


The second revelation that Bob relayed was about the Great Outpouring of the Mighty Holy Spirit.  This is the event to which Yeshua was referring in the previous quote pertaining to His eminent return.  Some have called this the “latter rain”, others “the great revival”, but Bob framed it best when he referred to it as “a second Pentecost”.


“This will be the greatest time for those who know The Lord – and the worst of times for those who don’t.  I wouldn’t even want to be alive in this time if I didn’t know Jesus.”


Others among the generals brought forth nearly identical words, one going so far as the quote The Father as saying that a time has come when He will begin to make a distinction between the world and those who know Him.  Until now, His rains have fallen on the just and unjust alike – but the time has now come when this will cease to be the case.  The world will soon find itself inundated in terror and lack as His children have plenty and rejoice.  So you see, my dear brothers and sisters, that the Words of calamity and terror you were given are indeed the truth – and they will come to pass alongside the most blessed time in history for The Body of Christ.  Bob went on to say that during these coming days of terrible shaking The Father’s children would be thriving and enjoying great abundance as a sign to the wicked.  Many, he said, would repent and turn to God because of our great joy during the horrible calamities that will befall the world.

Kat Kerr was given word to include as a prologue for amazing books in which she was shown the wonders of Heaven.  The following was given by Scribe Angels from her book, “Revealing Heaven II”:


“When His Spirit is poured out on all flesh (Joel 2) and God’s people start operating like Him, the “gray” area (that says there is no God) will be erased and there will be no more excuses to prevent people from making a decision.  The knowledge of the Glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea; it will touch every living human being!  This will also be a warning to all who are enemies of God that they will not be able to escape the testimony of His power in His people and ALL will have to make a choice to either remain a part of the great darkness or chose Christ, the Greater Glory.


The Lord asked me to tell His people, “The next 15 years will be the most exciting time to be alive on this earth as a Believer”!  There will be manifestations of miracles and signs & wonders that have never been seen before.   Heaven has also declared that they are going to EMPTY the body parts warehouse during the greatest healing revival ever! So stand up and declare what God meant when He said, “Let us make man in our image and after our likeness”.  This meant their outside image (flesh) and also their inside image (spirit).  The Word says we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the fullness of the Godhead bodily; so we need to start living like we believe it!  During this outpouring, God will also bless His people financially and they will be able to carry out the vision He gave them (even if it was years ago).

Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal anything in you life that is hindering you in your relationship with God.  Also, start speaking life with you words and not negative, fear filled words (study the book of James).  Repent and speak over your family, what Heaven says: They will become “mighty men and women of God”, they “will NOT miss their destiny” and that they will be come a “living testimony of the saving power of Jesus Christ”.  Do not declare what they are doing in darkness, call them in to the Kingdom of Light; that way you release faith for their salvation.  Philippians says our citizenship is in Heaven, so let us start acting like it and declare: Your will be done in earth (in our lives) as it is in Heaven!” 

…and all God’s children say, Amen & Amen!


We could go on like this – citing the words and admonitions of one prophet after another, each revealing the great and powerful time that is even now at the door.  The visions are many and the confirmations absolute.  But in the interest of brevity I will simply summarize this section by referring you once more to the generals and their collective works.  Read, watch, study, and compare – not only from one to another, but also against what you have been given. 


Read the prophetic writings of Rick Joyner entitled, “The Final Quest Series”, as well as “The Harvest”.  Read Anna Roundtree’s, “Heaven Awaits the Bride”.  Read the yearly “The Shepherd’s Rod” series written by Bob Jones.  Read the works of John Fenn entitled “Pursuing the Seasons of God” and “Knowing the Ways of God” – then download and listen to the words of Jesus that were given during His many visitations with John.  Subscribe to the Elijah List and understand God’s blessings upon that ministry – for He has regularly brought forth abundant manna from their storehouses.  Read Gary Oates’ book entitled, “Open My Eyes, Lord”.  Watch great men like Sid Roth as he fearlessly evangelizes the true walk with our Father, which is in Spirit and in Truth. 


I don’t have time to mention them all, and their exclusion from this list is by no means an indicator of their worth.  They are all generals for a reason – please look them up and appeal to the wisdom in which they work.  The Lord your God has spoken through them and it is HIM that you are seeking, not them.


His Kingdom Comes


Thus we see The Lord making clear what He is about to do upon the Earth during the great outpouring of Abba’s mighty and awesome Holy Spirit.


To recap, the great outpouring (as prophesied by His many servants) is an Earth-shattering event mentioned in the Bible and which many have called “the worldwide revival” – scheduled to come at the end of the age.  The outpouring of the Holy Spirit (complete with miracles, signs, and wonders) will build incrementally in the coming years and culminate in an estimated 1 BILLION people added to the Body of Christ!  These men and women will not be disinterested pew-potatoes, but brothers and sisters who are ablaze with passion and who are madly in love with their God – filling in that day what will be a truly spotless Bride.  This will be the greatest time to be a Christian since the creation of the world.  It is the crescendo of all the sweat, blood, and tears that was spilled by those who preceded us.


When Jesus was with us in the days of His flesh, He proclaimed with great authority the coming Kingdom of Heaven.  Once atonement was made, He ascended to our Father and began building His Kingdom, while The Holy Spirit was sent to convict the Earth, comfort His children, and prepare His Body for a wondrous time that has finally come.  Until now, the Kingdom of Heaven has been a purely spiritual (Heavenly) venture – an amalgamation of our Father’s redeemed sons and daughters, all of whom are now citizens of His Holy Empire.  Until now, the only way to see this Kingdom (in a physical sense) was to cross over into Life – or die, as this world would have us phrase it.


This is all about to change.  The Kingdom is even now invading this Earth – not merely in a metaphorical or spiritual sense, but in the natural and tangibly like the invasion of Normandy during the 2nd World War.


So let us go esoteric for a moment – rising upward to the “10,000 ft. vantage” so that we can view the topography and see more clearly the bigger picture…


Many have characterized post-atonement history as a brutal march filled with acts of unspeakable wickedness and cruelty.  Some of the abominations predicated upon humanity have come by the very ones who were calling themselves Christians at the time.  Though sadly true, what one sees from a higher vantage paints a clearer picture and helps bring our current reality into sharper focus.  From here, what one actually sees unfolding over the past 2000 years is the gradual build-up of the foundation upon which the Kingdom of Heaven will descend when it arrives – despite the many wolves who have often masqueraded among us in sheep's clothing. 

It has been the covert operation of the ages – God’s spies and agents working within enemy encampments in order to spread His Word and grow His Body on the Earth.  These mighty Saints of God are the trailblazers who invested their very lives building an infrastructure in anticipation of all that is about to happen.  We see this in times of war even in the natural – where nations infiltrate enemies with spies and special operatives in order to work havoc and prepare for a coming invasion.  Treacherous and dangerous work, it is common knowledge what happens to spies, forward observers, and special operatives when caught. This helps explain the enormous number of casualties (via persecution) that we've seen along the way.


Generation after generation – century after century – we've seen the slow, methodical, patient buildup of God’s mighty footprint on what had been enemy territory.  Much of this foundation was laid at the cost of our brethren’s dearest blood, who now are the witnesses watching to see their great investment come to fruition.  Unless one views post-atonement history from this higher vantage, one might confuse Christian history to be a sad, discombobulated twist of disasters and bloodshed with few redeeming qualities.  From a higher vantage, however, the size and scope of the Lord’s Body (today) would argue against that conclusion.  Though nations have remained autonomous and many remain in the enemy’s clutches, there has been purpose to this odyssey.  There is a rhyme to the reason.


And now we come to it…


If flesh could peer into the supernatural and survey what’s transpiring in the heavens, we would be astounded to see a massive array of angels, warriors of the Host, witnesses, and heavenly beings being moved into place.  You would see chariots of fire and flashes of brilliant flight as these servants of God work feverishly to set the stage for this invasion.  You would see untold millions preparing for The Kingdom of Heaven’s descent upon the earth to fit seamlessly upon the infrastructure of what His Body has been building for the better part of two millennia.  The King has been patiently preparing for this invasion just as He foretold in the days of his flesh.  With Him will come the Kingdom that He has been building in the spiritual all this time.


In 2011 (at the aforementioned conference in Moravian Falls), Bob Jones received the following Word from God: “Heaven will now touch the earth”.


I understand it may be difficult to put your head around all of this, so here is a device that may be of assistance.  Think not of Jesus’ coming only in the terms of a mass of Holy beings swooping down in raw and overwhelming power, but also of whole spiritual cities methodically lowering with pinpoint and inexorable precision.  Nations are being invaded by millions of angels at this time, not to occupy what is not their own, but to take up positions that have been fairly won in battle over the past 2000 years…


The Kingdom will come at last, just as we have been reciting in “the Lord’s Prayer” all this time.  And each of these events will naturally culminate with Jesus taking His throne in Jerusalem.


The invasion will happen in three waves, like concentric ripples that flow out from the throne of God.  The first wave has now begun and will be in full swing by 2015 – the aforementioned Great Outpouring of Abba’s mighty Holy Spirit.  The Second wave is when Jesus splits the skies and returns to take His rightful throne after the tribulation period has done its worst – when the snake has been cast into the pit for his 1000 year imprisonment.  Nations will no longer be autonomous, but will (rather) be provinces of this one massive new Kingdom of Heaven – answering to Emperor Yeshua, utilizing whatever name He chooses for that time (Revelation 3 records that He will bear a new name).  The third and final wave of invasion will be at the very end – when Abba Himself comes and this earth melts away like wax before Him.


Praise the Lord!  This is a marvelous time to be a servant of God Most High!  Rejoice and be glad for all that our Heavenly Father is about to do on this Earth!


I encourage you, brothers and sisters, to be about our Father’s business – forsaking the things of this world which are coming to nothing.  Love your God and one another with true zeal, and you will see His Glory!



Chapter 6 – Reveille


One of the most maddening things that I have encountered in recent years is the propensity for God’s children to chronically underestimate His power.  Too many of His children (who frankly should know better) speak of the devil in hushed tones and with obvious fear, all the while claiming the protection and love of the One and Only God.   So let us now leave useless rhetoric behind and speak frankly as one soldier to another.  We are about to wade into the battle of the ages behind the Host of Heaven with King Yeshua in the lead.  This is neither the time to be suffering with an identity crisis, nor to be questioning what our outlook should be. 


Are we the beloved son and daughters of God Most High, or are we not?  I hear a lot of people citing terms like “We were born for such a time as this”, all the while living their lives as though they believe not a word of the utterance.  Too many of us are spiritual “dainty waifs” when what King Jesus is calling forth is an army of mighty battle-tested warriors of The Living God.  We already know from previous chapters that this is going to be the greatest time in history to know Yeshua – the greatest time to live for Jesus and walk with Him in love.  Why then, all the unbelief and timidity? 


Too many churches are on the defensive when they should be on the attack.  Too many Christians are running scared as the enemy effectively blinds them from their true identity in The Lord.  So as we enter the final stretch, let us detangle a few misconceptions that will help rectify much of the defeatist mentality that is so pervasive in the Body today.

Rapture is NOT a retreat!


The first misconception is a big one that involves one of the most heated topics of debate among theologians today.  The “catching away” or “rapture” (whichever term suits you best), has long been a source of controversy among brothers and sisters who care to study prophesy.  I don’t intend to waste our time threshing through that debate – for it has long been conceded throughout the prophetic community that our Lord and Savior is going to return to catch His Bride away prior to the tribulation.  Conversely, most opponents of “pre-trib” rapture also disbelieve living and working in the gifts of the Great Holy Spirit.  Thus the classic pre-trib vs. post-trib debate is a conversation for another time and another audience. 


Granting that everyone in this audience likely agrees with the good news of a pre-tribulation catching away, the misconception of which I speak still swims quickly into focus whenever the matter is discussed.  For here we find the defeatist attitude blossoming among people who exhibit such behaviour in no other area.  All too often we associate the snatching away of the Bride with a “just in the nick of time” scenario, having tantalized the senses with all the horrors that will certainly befall the disobedient who are left behind.  In this paradigm, the big bad devil has arisen to have his moment in the sun (as it were) – where with his puppets and minions he spreads out all over the earth to persecute anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord.  We accurately cringe at the grisly details of that horrible time, as they are currently related through dreams and visions so that men and women can be forewarned to make their hearts right with God.  Thus we see all too often a spirit of dread and fear among those who discuss the matter, when the polar opposite should be the case.


This is yet another lie of the enemy – meant to create a perception of power that he really doesn’t have, while propagating a weakness to which you must never be limited.  Rubbish!  Our God towers over the devil with unspeakable power – insomuch that when Lucifer was evicted from Heaven, the task was granted to the angels for execution.  I hate to break it to any agent of the enemy who might be watching for the sake of curiosity – God does not sweat the devil!  This pitiful thing that Abba created, who threw away eternal life and enticed a third of the angels to damn themselves with him, cannot even enter His presence without leave!  When the snake was thrown down, it was Michael who was empowered to do the work – Yeshua didn’t even bother himself with the task. 


So let us set the record straight, shall we?


The reason for accepting a pre-tribulation catching away is best understood by clearly stating what it is not.  It is not because our Holy Father needs to rescue us from an evil one who has somehow risen up to overpower the One and Only God.  If this were the case, those who disbelieve a pre-tribulation rapture on the basis of our lukewarm condition would have a valid argument.  These misguided theologians argue (rightly) that history is littered with the bloody corpses of saints and prophets – why should this lukewarm church be spared?  A good argument if the rapture is framed as a rescue from the calamities of Jacob’s Trouble. 


But the rapture is NOT a rescue mission.  Those of us who know what the enemy is planning – who have been given insight on the great deception that he will predicate upon mankind – we understand that God is in no way oblivious to what the devil has been concocting these past several decades.  If He wished it so, Abba could with a single thought obliterate the devil’s plans and cast him headlong into hell – all without raising a bead of sweat.  No – the enemy’s plans are being permitted in order to test those who have hardened their hearts against their First Love.  The hope is that under those horrible conditions many might come to finally know Him and be saved from eternal fire.  There is also the matter of judgment, in which our Righteous King will always be shown to be just.


Our God is on the Throne with all power and authority resting on His One and Only Son, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.  He will take His good old fashioned time doing as He pleases until the day finally comes to snatch His Bride away.  But it will not come as many have perceived – with the world becoming so increasingly wicked that He must act or see everyone lost.  Indeed, we have already established that the next several years are going to see such an overwhelming outpouring of the Great Holy Spirit that over a billion youths will be won for the Kingdom.  This time will be known for the greatest miracles, signs, and wonders that have ever been displayed in the name of Jesus – even greater than what He did in the days of His flesh (see John 14:12). 


The Bride of Christ – then truly resplendent and pure, walking straight paths before her God in holiness, will shine like the sun and openly display her undying love for Her God.  It is only when she finally becomes the bride that she should have always have been; when our Lord can see that entire Earth is under His feet, that Abba will take Her up at a moment of His choosing.  Not in retreat – but because she is so lovely that He must have her home with Him forever.


So do not be confused on the times that are coming.  It is true that the world is increasing in wickedness – the masses are indeed an evil brood.  It’s true that the love of most in this current incarnation of the Body of Christ has grown cold – but this will not be for long.  Things are about to change in such a dramatic fashion that the entire world will know that it had to be of God.  Look to the east for the coming wave, and then to the west for a calamity that will shatter the world as we know it.  It is in the wake of great sorrow that hearts will finally be humbled – when the Bride of Christ will truly be awakened. 


So why must the bride be taken up before the great tribulation?  It is not because she is in peril – but because she will resonate with the full authority that is given to the sons and daughters of The Living God.  This is the authority against which satan and his minions can never stand.  Ask yourself logically – how can the son of perdition hope to rule the world as lucifer’s puppet if a single Spirit-filled Christian can raise a holy hand and cause him to flee?  This is the authority to which each of you are entitled – an authority to which few of you are currently availing yourselves. 


In short – if the bride were never taken up, the day of the antichrist could never come.  If the day of antichrist never came, all the glory that will be achieved during that time would be lost, as would all the souls that Abba knows will only turn to Him under such dire circumstances.  If the antichrist is forever prevented, then prophesies foretelling our Lord’s Glorious return and subsequent rule would all be thwarted, and Abba’s Holy Word would indeed return to Him void. 


This will never be allowed to happen…


So wake up and understand who you are when you walk in obedience and in love with your God.  You are literally the most powerful entities in the natural.  Nothing this side of Heaven can stand against you if you will only walk in the authority to which you are entitled through the blessed and Holy Name of Jesus Christ!


The rapture is surely going to come, and sooner than many think. 


Please be ready.


NOT the End


Another peccadillo concerning the coming times of tribulation is the perception that Jacob’s Trouble is somehow the final chapter.  But surely we know better, do we not?  Does scripture not clearly foretell an age that is defined the righteous rule of the King of Glory?  Of course it does.  Though I realize there are many among the theological who insist that there is no millennium age, they could not be more sadly mistaken.  Not only are they incorrect, but they are robbing themselves of great joy – which is the foreknowledge of Yeshua’s glorious reign.


So put this in your head and refuse to be moved.  Remember the concentric ripples that are even now being sent forth from the throne of Almighty God in three separate waves.  Remember that the first wave is The Great Outpouring of Abba’s Mighty Holy Spirit (Rhema) – which will be inaugurated in sorrow but concluded in unspeakable joy.  The billion youths that Bob Jones was promised will indeed be won for our Holy Father, and then Yeshua’s Bride will be taken Home.


In the grand scheme of things, the devil’s paltry seven years of rule (three and half of which are “absolute”) is so tiny a blip on the radar of Heaven that a hundred years from now few will even bear it in mind.  Thus we see that Jacob’s trouble – though admittedly terrible for those who must endure it – is the end to nothing but the lives of those who accepted the beast and his mark.  The great tribulation, therefore, is a doorway through which humanity must go – but on the other side of that terrible door there is awesome joy almost too good to digest.




For this revelation we revisit the works of Kat Kerr and the incredible insights to which Abba has granted her access.  She was told the following as it pertains to the dynamic of those who emerge from the great tribulation.  This will be the plight of those who endured Jacob’s Trouble as Yeshua takes His Throne:


  1. Those who took the mark of the beast are in Hell.

  2. Those who were martyred have returned and are reigning with Jesus in glory.

  3. Those who were raptured are in Heaven – but since Heaven has touched the Earth, glorified citizens of the Kingdom may traverse between Heaven and Earth as they wish. 

  4. Those who accepted the Lord Jesus as Savior and survived the tribulation in one of Yeshua’s remnant encampments – these are still in their flesh.  Indeed, most of these will still be living when the millennial age concludes.  Thus we see that humanity is restored to the life-span that was enjoyed at the beginning of time.

  5. This last group was a surprise to me – for they neither accepted the mark of the beast nor cried out to Jesus during the tribulation.  These somehow escaped unscathed and (like the others) will live incredibly long lives during the millennium.  Sooner or later they will be forced to make a choice just like every other soul.


So once again it is clearly illustrated (through scripture and prophetic insight) that the time now dawning will be a marvelous era in which to know The Lord.  Rejoice blessed sons and daughters raised up specifically for this day and time.  You were created for this purpose long before the first word of creation was uttered at the beginning.  You have a specific role to fill in the Army of the Living God that was foretold by the prophet Joel and the patriarch Enoch.  Rejoice and be exceedingly glad – for you will step the earth in mighty power exhibiting miracles, signs, and wonders that the world will not be able to refute or believe.


Be faithful – walk straight paths before Him – let nothing come between you and your God to spoil the sweet fellowship that has been the dearest of your life.  Fear nothing but God and He will deliver you from strife, from every peril, and from every calamity that comes your way.  On this your servant has received our Lord’s assurance.  Believe and receive – and then let us be about our Father’s business.


Chapter 7 – On Our Way

So my dear brothers and sisters – warriors of Almighty God – we have come full circle to review the battlefield that stretches before us.  We scour the landscape with eyes that are agleam with confidence and purpose, knowing that every cut of our swords will be a death-blow to an enemy who knows his time is short.  There is no fear in our ranks, for we know that The Mighty One – the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is our Shield.  The desire to exalt the name of Jesus burns in our hearts, for we understand that doing so is the only way that a soul can find salvation.  We have resolved ourselves (in the words of Jesse Duplantis) to make our Father rich with little ones – to produce so great a harvest that the enemy and all his hoards can scarce believe their eyes as our numbers swell. 


It has been a time of wilderness for each of us – a time of personal embattlement and torment.  We have endured, however, and boot camp for many has come to a close.  For a long time those amassed in this mighty rank have encamped within the wilderness in defilade – protected under the mighty wing of a Loving Father, wondering when we might finally be on the march.  It has been a trying time of building character and patience in the crucible of refinement.  Our King assures us, however, that it is time well-spent.  As we review our recent journeys we can see how true this really is – for we have been (and are being) transformed from a mindset of weak-willed worldliness into a mature son or daughter of The One and Only God.  We are learning that the true meaning of rapture (as Bob Jones says) is to be translated daily from this present darkness (the mind) into His marvelous light (The Spirit). 


And so as Paul wrote, we leave the past behind us and press on toward the mark of our high calling in Christ Jesus.  We look the enemy in the face and rebuke him with confident expectation – knowing that our King has our back.  Moreover, we accept the roles to which we are assigned, with true humility and thankfulness because of the great honor that has been accorded in each.  For whether we are a prophet, a seer, or a watchman, we all have a vital role to play in the Army.  We know that our efforts will greatly contribute to the harvest of the age.  We rejoice because we are permitted to participate with the eternal – and most importantly, we have an opportunity to make Heaven resonate with the sound of our Holy Father’s joy.


So I encourage you, mighty warriors of God – seek the council of these generals and prophets.  Be kind to one another, ever mindful to speak the truth even if it means personal loss.  Understand that we were not created to be a brigade of holy snipers, but a cohesive unit fighting in harmony against the devil and his minions.  United together with our King, there is no force in the heavens or on earth that stand against us. 


The bugle is on the lips and the camp is being struck.   The long-awaited day of the Lord is at hand.  Up now and to your posts – for the glory of our Holy Father and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Let all God’s children say – Amen!

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