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An Open Letter to Babylon

Posted on Twitter - April 18, 2023

An open letter to the rancid, wicked, hidden city of Babylon. Your time is short and judgment is coming.

You have slaughtered, molested, and sacrificed the innocent - consuming them as one might a choice wine. You manipulate kingdoms, pull down families, subvert God's laws, ever weaving confusion, calling good evil and evil good. Upon your hands is the shed blood of the nations by the little ones you destroy. You corrupt good hearts and blacken others who can no longer wish for light - those who have already made their beds in hell with you.


Woe to you. The lake of fire is your portion, and as you have done to others it shall be done to you. The Holy One of Israel - The Lion of The Tribe of Judah - is coming. He comes for you. So go ahead - spin your webs in dark places - kill, destroy, accuse His servants. 

Do your best to thwart His coming. It is a pitiful enterprise - a sandcastle in a hurricane. Watch what He shall do to you through warriors who are even now on the ascendancy. Those for whom you will have no answer - who will do to you as they please in their zeal for God.

The God of all Creation - the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - the Holy One of Israel - has seen your deeds, weighed you in the scales, and has decreed your just reward. All that you have planned will be consumed by fire, and the rancid one that you crown will meet his doom.

King Yeshua is coming to His children THROUGH His children - long before He comes to take them away. The Seven will arise as a sign of this great move, and His mighty Ecclesia will seize the nations for their King - conquerors until the time finally comes to whisk them away.

Then you shall crawl out of your holes and crown the filthy one who is even now living among you - biding his time and chomping at the bit. He will deceive the world as foretold long ago - but all for naught. In the end, God's remnant will prevail - and you will burn. Woe to you.

The LORD has spoken.  So Be It. 

In Yeshua's Holy Name.
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