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The Unchanging Truth

Brothers and Sisters, We live in a day when good is called evil and evil is called good - just as it was written, long ago. Wickedness of every stripe strikes the eye wherever we turn, and yet we are told that intolerance of said activity is somehow contrary to our faith. Christianity has thus been reduced to a series of benevolent teachings on grace, general kindness, and inclusiveness. Meanwhile, many of our spiritual leaders combat these things by restricting their commentary to clever visual memes and tiny soundbites. Naturally, this is done in an effort to combat our woeful attention-span, which is a sad condition that has been purposefully foisted upon the masses through the cunning devices of an alluring and wicked media empire. From within, many are assured that God no longer judges sin. Although the Lord's own words cry out against this fallacy, very few parishioners are actually bothering to read The Lord's words for themselves. In this the laity once again seems to be relinquishing the duty to police itself and guard their souls from the wolves among us who will gladly lead them astray, if permitted. This is indeed happening in many quarters. Although we pity the victims when the inevitable carnage results, must we not also concede that the injuries received are partially self-inflicted? And where, we might ask, is a discerning soul to find true talk of holiness? The seminal Kingdom characteristic that is mentioned many times throughout God's Holy Word - the deficiency of which is enough to prevent a person from seeing His holy face? Tell me, where has holiness gone? Are we not called to be a people set apart to our God? Faithful and transparent in obedient devotion to our King and our Savior, and also through absolute love for one another? Sounds a bit old-fashioned, I'm sure... But come, now - let us be reasonable. Ask yourself honestly, and dare to let The Holy Spirit of God help you answer within. Does God really change? Ever? For any reason? Has He ever needed to change? If Abba never changes, and if He has always been perfect, will you please direct me to the New Testament scripture that might illustrate the dramatic change of direction to which many denominations in the Body of Christ are currently alluding with their acceptance of sinful behavior among us? Here, let me help you - it's nowhere to be found. You mean sin is spoken against in both Covenants? Do you mean to suggest that things like murder, theft, slander, sexual immorality, idolatry, incest, envy - and a host of other sins including homosexuality - are boldly condemned in both covenants by a God who never changes? Moreover, if God pronounced great wrath against this wicked world in the days of the old Testament through The Word of The Lord (and He did, many times), what do you suppose changed when The Word became flesh and lived among us? Hang on, I seem to have missed the official note of apology that Jesus released on Abba's behalf for all that "unfortunate wrath stuff" pertaining to sin in the days of the old covenant. Surely, a dramatic change of direction would have prompted such a message from a just and holy God... Do we mean to suggest that (a) Calvary was in the plan before time ever began, (b) God never changes, and yet (c) great wrath has been poured out upon untold millions of people through Jesus long before he came in the flesh to make atonement for our sins? The answer to all three is a resounding "YES". Then how is it we could dare to suggest that Christ Jesus subjected Himself to the worst death ever spat out of the pit of hell - all so that mankind could subsequently rid themselves of the necessity to faithfully obey Him? By extension: Where are the delegations from Sodom and Gomorrah demanding (with perfect justice) their immediate release from hell because of this divine change of direction? Will their petition include a call for damages to account for suffering the hottest fire to ever impact the face of the planet? Don't hold your breath. God is ALL Good, All the time - He always has been, He always will be. God is perfect and Holy, righteous and pure - filled with compassion, mercy, grace, hope, and love. He has never changed - and He never will. He calls out for all to come to Him and be saved from the coming wrath that He has kindled against anyone who persists in their wickedness. It's a simple choice with everything hanging in the balance. Wrath is coming... Turn to Jesus and be saved, while you can. Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord, Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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