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Let's Do This!

Never try to put God in a box. He doesn't fit. His Holy Word makes it abundantly clear that everything we can imagine falls woefully short of actually quantifying who and what He is.

Every wonder of the multiverse bows at His feet - things so astonishing that they have yet to be captured even in the craziest pipe-dream of motion pictures. Had we not fallen into sin, by now we would be living lives on Earth beyond our wildest fantasies - things that His sons and daughters considered commonplace before wickedness consumed our world and brought upon us the judgments of the deluge.

Every human born is a tiny little piece of God Almighty. We are His literal offspring; sent into this womb called Earth to decide (of our own free will) whether we will be born as His eternal sons and daughters, or pass from the womb still-born and into eternal damnation. Those are the only choices that have been set before us. Everything else is derivative.

The devil has done yeoman's work convincing the children of God that eternity with their Holy Father will be dull - nice, but bland. Pretty to look at, to be sure; but boring and passionless to anyone but the most sedate among us.


We cannot even begin to imagine the great adventures that await us when we cross over to take our place at the King's table. A realm so splendid that the smallest spark of it would burn this world to cinders, if somehow carelessly loosed thereon. You need to imagine flying without wings, jumping without limits, running without fatigue, transporting thousands or millions of miles with a mere thought - and food so delicious that even a taste of it would completely ruin us to the finest culinary experience on Earth. We need to imagine what would equate to trillions of years in a glorified body that is just like the one that Jesus glorified. We will be like Him - the Bible says so.

His redeemed sons and daughters will be gods. He said so - more than once in the Bible. Those who love The Lord are his literal children. When glorified through death or translation (in right-fellowship), His redeemed little ones become the gods that they were always meant to be.

We will rule the multiverse with Him.

So get your mind right about who (and what) you are in Jesus. You're the most powerful beings in the natural when He lives within you. You are about to see authority released among men that will astound creation. Jesus prophesied that we will do greater things than even He did in the days of His flesh.

Come Lord Jesus - let's do this...

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

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