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The Master's Touch

A couple fun facts for you: 1. The average (healthy) adult takes 12-18 breaths per minute - awake or asleep. 2. The average (healthy) adult heart will beat 60-100 times per minute. That's me and that's you - every human on the planet. And though we can hold our breath (or force ourselves to draw more) we cannot not make these things happen on our own. So the logical mind would ask; If we are unable to create or alter something that every human shares as common ground (something so common that most never give it a thought), how could we ever credit ourselves with the more unique gifts that we have each been given? Madam, were you born beautiful? Lovely to behold? Gents, are you tall and strong - the desire of the ladies you know? Well done, you - tell us how you accomplished this amazing feat. We go to the same gyms and use the same products, and yet... You mean you did nothing? These things just "are"? Are you intelligent and articulate? Can you astound your peers through your dizzying intellect? Is your vocabulary vast and does it flow like prose? Tell us, please - how your brain came to function thus, for we common-folk also attend institutions of higher learning and yet marvel over your abilities. How did you get such a brain? Whuuut? You mean you just had it from the onset? These things just "came to you" naturally? Are you an incredibly talented musician or singer? A virtuoso whose fingers glide over keys or strings, or whose voice lifts among your peers with near empirical satisfaction - and even to the utter amazement of other musicians in your sphere? Tell us please - how you managed to play Mozart by the age of 5, or how you picked up an instrument and were playing like a professional within months. We have been struggling to improve our gift for many years, and yet... Oh - it just came to you. Seemed easy - natural. All gifts are given by God. Nothing "just happens" on its own. You may credit yourself with being clever enough to have improved your gifts through hard work and dedication (and this is good), but the source-material comes from God alone. You didn't make yourself beautiful or tall or smart or talented - these were set aside for you from birth so that you might share these gifts with your Holy Father and together display His wonders among mankind. It is good and right that you should have these things - but they become a rancid curse among men when somehow credited to ourselves. We are all in The Lord's hands. Our bodies are on loan - and to dust they will all return. Every soul belongs to God - and He can take what He wishes whenever He wishes. Life is a great adventure when we share it with our Creator. Nothing was designed to omit His Holy Presence. Every good thing was created (or invented) for His little ones, and to be used for (and shared with) Him. Give these things over to Jesus and you will be amazed at all that you can accomplish - when the hands of The Master join yours upon the table. Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord, Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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