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Time to Stand

Unless you've been on the life-support over the past few days, you've seen the Melee raging in Indiana - the latest liberal concoction exclusively designed to impugn and ruin Christians who dare to be true to their faith.

As this manufactured crisis unfolds, I can't decide what's more dispiriting - the senseless (relentless) rage of the ungodly, or the sickening cowardice that is being exhibited by many who claim to be Christians.

Will we never rise up and stand? Fight back? Reclaim this nation that we all hold dear? The "community" (falsely) claiming to be discriminated against is purposely targeting Christian institutions for the expressed purpose of picking this fight - well knowing that they have willing accomplices in the media who are all-too-ready to take up their cause. They are well-funded radicals who know how to shout Christians down and intimidate people through threats and financial pressure.


Men and women of God - Children of God-Most-High; it is time to draw a line in the sand and tell these perverts to step off. If we do not stand and fight for our nation (and for the souls of our children) we will very soon awaken in a country that we will no longer recognize in any meaningful way!

So here it is in black and white - so you clearly understand me.

For the record:

Homosexuality is a SIN. Clearly articulated throughout the Bible as an abomination in the sight of God Almighty. Whether in the Old or New Testament, this truth is prevalent throughout God's word - and woe to the Church-going-coward who is too chicken-hearted to boldly state it. Great judgment awaits those who shrink back in this seminal moment, for the Eyes of Heaven are trained upon the world to see who will remain faithful in this dark day of rampant lies and shameless deceit.

Rise Up Christian Soldiers! Rally to your King! Let it be known that you were among the few who were willing to take a stand for Godliness and righteous living! Let it be shouted to the mountains that you were among the few who were willing to truthfully repeat God's admonitions about the consequences of sexual deviance. Let it be known that you were among the few who were willing to give homosexual offenders the LOVE of TRUTHFUL DISCOURSE, warning them away from the gut-wrenching precipice that looms before them leading to a terrible plunge into the eternal fires of Hell.

Our motivation is love - we're even willing to be hated for it.

If you think the fighters who boldly line up on The Lord's side are dead and gone - think again. If you think there aren't Americans left who will gladly sell their lives to take a stand against wickedness, you're grotesquely mistaken. This post is written by one such man. I will NEVER cower to the wicked nor allow myself to be counted with the faint-of-heart.

If you happen to be embarrassed or disgusted by my words, I invite you to unfriend me - Go with my sincere wishes for God's blessings over your life. If you think, however, that you will ever be able to intimidate this Christian - all I can say is, come at me, bro.

American men and women of Jesus Christ - it's time we said "enough!"

It is time to tell the sexually immoral and the perverted among us that this is the line - and beyond this you will go no further.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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