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The Cleverness of Man

Oh, the mighty works and deeds of man – how magnificent we are and how wise to have come so far.

Take breathing, for example: how clever we must be to accomplish this task day-in, day-out. To know when to draw breath and to know how much is needed - to parse the air through our lungs and with it nourish our blood so that circulation can sustain vital organs. The first person to figure this out should have won the Nobel – a lifetime achievement award, to be certain. Every soul to draw breath has benefited from this practice…


You mean to say that we don't do this on our own? Breathing is a built-in instinct as natural as – oh wait – “breathing” finishes even that statement, doesn’t it? So even if we held our breath and passed out – during the stupor to follow all breathing should resume normally?

Hmm... Okay, let's try again.

How clever we must be to make our heart beat all those times per minute. The average is approximately 70 beats per minute, 4,200 beats per hour, 100,800 beats per day, 3 million times a month...

Oh wait - That also “just-happens” on its own? Science can’t really explain how the heart just “keeps beating” as it does – we just know it does?

Well, how about this one…

Surely we must be able to take credit for our amazing vision. How we are able to focus on things that are far away and on things that are close-by – and with a precision that defies all technological reason. The fact that we can get both of our eyes to work perfectly in tandem, and this without a single thought… Surely someone in our ancestral gene-pool was responsible for accomplishing this astonishing feat and then passing it along to us. We can register millions of color variations and even sense movement in the periphery around us…

Wait, don't tell me... this also “just-happens”?

What about hearing? Surely we can take credit for the myriad of things we can hear with our ears - sounds of various types and the associated meanings of each...


Well what about the fact that we can discern what we touch through sensory perception...

Huh? Come on, seriously?

How about thinking...? If nothing else, surely we can take credit for our own thoughts and how our brain functions on a level that would even make super-computers (were they cognizant of their surroundings) green with envy.

No? You mean we don’t even know what a large portion of the brain is designed to do?


So we humans; we who walk around patting ourselves on the back for our wittiness, cleverness, and talents - we can't even take credit for the most basic functions that make us tick? How then can we truly take credit for anything good? For surely there are people walking the globe who have neither carried a tune nor painted a picture – who have neither composed a song nor written a book – who have neither fashioned a complex equation nor administrated a government… but have done all these “basic” things with neither thought nor appreciation concerning the miracle that they are. A walking, talking, breathing, amalgamation of complex systems too miraculous for proper expression – all working together to form this divinely inspired creature we call man.

If we didn’t create these things or make them work, how did they come to pass? Are we to believe that these are all just lucky strokes of evolution that have somehow conspired to form such a being?

Let’s have a little fun and break it down:

Our children are told that the universe began as a blank canvass of black nothingness. Scientifically, we’re in trouble from the off – for already we are dealing with a statement that is literally impossible to prove. By definition, science is the act of proving (or disproving) a theory through the application of carefully monitored experimentation. Until a theory (or idea) is proven in “the lab”, the theory in question is doomed to remain a THEORY. In short – if you can’t prove it, it’s not really science.

So our children are told that the universe began as a blank canvass of black nothingness; and then (for no particular reason) it happened… An explosion somehow rocked this nothingness to create the universe as we now know it.

You read that right, Sport…

A whole bunch of “something” somehow erupted out of absolute nothing as a result of an explosion in the nothingness that occurred for no discernable reason. Nothing was there – absolutely nothing – and then nothing caused something to go BOOM and fill the great black void with matter.


How could something explode out of nothing and for no apparent reason? Does one even need a degree in the sciences to discern what utter bilge that is? Indeed, it is at this point that a reasonable person would be well within their rights to marvel how these “geniuses” were able to leverage for themselves positions of teaching throughout academia. These are the wizards who are responsible for indoctrinating our young; and it helps explain so much of the dysfunction and cultural rot that is currently rampant throughout the world.

But I digress…

So somehow absolute nothing exploded, thereby creating trillions of matter particles. The force of this blast (commonly known as the “big bang”) subsequently spread these particles throughout the great blackness, thereby forming the universe that we all love and hold dear.

But we’re just getting warmed up…

Somehow the matter magically became stuff that is all different shapes, sizes, and mass. Some of this matter became stars – untold billions of them – behemoths many-times larger the size of our sun. Some of this matter became itty-bitty particles that cannot be seen with the human eye. Some of this matter just happened to form galaxies, and in one galaxy in particular, a really strange set of coincidences began to pile up.

Can I prove any of this? Don’t bother me with stupid questions, kid – I’m a scientist.

To our great delight, the theory goes on. Apparently, certain pieces of this “boom-matter” became round sphere-shaped bodies that just so happened to get caught in the gravitational pull of certain stars. Even more amazingly, one of those spheres (in one such galaxy) was so perfectly placed in its relation to its star (randomly, of course) that it became the proper temperature for the formation of life. How lucky for that sphere! Just the tiniest degree closer to that star and the sphere would have been too hot to sustain life. If the sphere had wandered into orbit just a degree or two further away from the star, it would have frozen over to become uninhabitable for boom-matter babies to come.

I mean, what are the odds?

This sphere somehow developed an intricate atmosphere that almost seemed predesigned to sustain both critters and creations that did not exist when it was boomed out of nothingness. Then from within the atmosphere it developed something called water – and a LOT of it. How this happened or from whence the water came, science cannot discern – but it is amazing stuff yet to be discovered (in a non-frozen form) anywhere else in the known universe.

Now here’s where it gets interesting…

A few molecular-sized boom-matter particles were floating in this water one day when they somehow decided to come magically to life. I know – cool, right? A few million years went by, and these amoeba critters apparently got bored being jelly-like micro organisms. For no particular reason, the amoeba critters decided to become sea critters – growing bones, organs, eyes – all those fun things that we discussed earlier and take for granted. Then (after another few million years) these sea critters got bored being fishes and decided to spread out all over the sphere to become whatever their little hearts desired. Some became dinosaurs and others mammals, and some became monkeys that (for no particular reason) decided to shed some hair and become human.

It doesn’t seem to matter to the eggheads propagating this nonsense that not a word of this is plausible and will ever be proven. It doesn’t seem to matter that nearly six thousand years of recorded human history has yet to produce an actual verifiable case of critter-to-human evolution. No ancient texts whereby one might read something like…

“Funny thing happened today – my pet monkey evolved and I can’t get him to shut up!”

There have been no recorded anecdotes whereby a monkey, finally tiring of his limitations in the primate world, decided to learn human speech and walk upright among men. Conveniently, any such transformation appears to have occurred before mankind was interested in keeping meticulous records – thereby leaving us only a few dubious artifacts serving as “proof” that it ever happened. They produce skulls that must have been primates, each apparently manifesting the process of transformation from monkey into a human – “proving” (they say) their deluded theorem to pitiful fools who are already pre-disposed for deception. Even if we were to grant their premise that these skulls were somehow legitimate – this would still fail to account for the fact that human beings have always produced the occasional poor soul who is naturally deformed in very unfortunate ways. What might anthropologists of the future conclude if they should break into a Ripley’s museum and find the oddities at play therein? Should the famed “Elephant Man’s” skull be used as a template for his generation in centuries to come?

The paltry offering of proof that is presented in support of evolution actually proves nothing but the fact that its practitioners are either highly delusional or purposefully deceptive. If purposefully deceptive, do not doubt that this is done in order to keep the mothers-milk of donation dollars rolling in from rich illuminists – for whose devious plans such lies are essential. It is a bald-faced lie spat straight out of the bowels of hell – initially brought forth through the mouth-piece we all know as Charles Darwin.

This leads me to a very simple appeal that I would like to present for any poor soul who actually believes the nonsensical blathering of these two intertwined deceptions. Dear one, a mind is a terrible thing to waste – and your brain was created to function at a much higher level than this. The theories of the big bang and evolution are so woefully stupid that it actually boggles the mind when otherwise intelligent individuals are suckered in. The delicious irony is thus – Practitioners who hoist this deception (to thwart anyone who would otherwise place their trust in God) must apply an astonishing level of blind-faith in order to espouse either of these half-baked, cringe-worthy theories. Given a complete lack of proof and the nebula-sized holes that are exposed in each, neither of these theories can be (nor ever will be) proven.

Obstinacy is an outgrowth of pride and it is truly a tragic thing. For we have all met people in our walk who (when faced with incontrovertible fact) would rather linger in proven error than to ever admit that they could be mistaken. Such is the universe of academia today – a corrupt system of tenured, atheistic, and aging hipsters (alongside millennial demon-spawn) bent on socialistic wickedness. They have been weaned on debauchery and unbelief; they have a totally warped moral-center, and they are willfully teaching whole generations of young how to thumb their nose at Almighty God.

Woe to them.

Coming full-circle…

We began this dissertation by debunking the notion that we are in any way self-realized or self-sustaining. Indeed, we can’t even control our own body functions, far less the other things that have caused so many to wallow in the stink of narcissism and pride. We expanded the thesis to debunk the silly notion that mankind has ever formulated a single plausible theory to disprove our miraculous and loving creation. The two, when taken as a whole, form a beautiful picture to express how patient and loving our Heavenly Father is – to have given us all these things, and yet to be subjected to the stupid suggestion that we are in any way responsible for bringing them about on our own. Jesus summarized it perfectly in the Gospel of John as follows:

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

The summation of the matter?

Jesus is everything. He is our breath and He is our life; the cause of every heartbeat and the delicious draft of living water giving eternal life to any who believe. The Earth was created for a single purpose: to serve as a birthing center for God’s own offspring, producing the first-fruits of The Almighty’s sons and daughters. That’s right – we were born for no other purpose. With the devil’s help, we managed to mess things up down here and fell into sin – creating a hostage crisis of death and disease that lingers to this day.

But know this – the horrors and maladies with which we struggle were never God’s will for His little ones. Indeed, these terrible things were reversed at the Cross for anyone who will turn to Jesus in true repentance and in love.

He longs for you – and He eagerly awaits you even now.

Please don’t misunderstand – I do not espouse the doctrine of total depravity. I’m not suggesting that we are completely hopeless, or that all we do is nothing but dirty rags. On the contrary; almost everything we do matters to a degree of significance that would boggle your imagination if you could see how good deeds manifest in Heaven, our true home. What I am saying is this – we were never meant to set permanent roots down here on Earth, and we were never meant to go it alone.

This entire life was designed as a hand-in-hand walk with our Holy Father. His objective is to train His little ones to become like Jesus and eventually grow into a glorious inheritance that will last eternally. Once accomplished, this process will naturally culminate with a host of sons and daughters ruling the universe with The Lord God as He creates more planets and many more beings – filling His starry canvass with many spinning orbs of abundant life.

Our bodies are testimonials that we are helpless without Him, and creation rises up to remind us that He is in total control of things about which we have only the sketchiest knowledge. We were designed to walk in fellowship with our Creator – in true love – performing great feats within that fellowship for the One who gave us life, breath, and our many God-given talents.

So the next time you accomplish something wonderful, by all means celebrate – but please take the appropriate time to pause and give sincere thanks to the One who actually gave you all that was needed to achieve that success.

Could have you done it without breathing? Without a heartbeat? Without seeing? Without the divine spark of inspiration that is at the center of all great art (whether God is ever credited or not)? It was God who gave you the talents that you enjoy, the environment that was needed to grow into those talents, and the opportunity to learn how to sculpt your talents and make you great.

In short, try not to be a punk. You were given everything that you needed to achieve your goals, so be sure to show gratitude along the way. Most important of all, please understand that a walk with Jesus is the point of everything. Give your life to Jesus, your great Creator – and He will help you find your true self (and subsequent potential) in ways that you could have never before-hand dreamed.

In the end, we find that life as we know it (on Earth) is the aforementioned birthing process that has but two possible outcomes: We will either walk with our Creator (in true love and fellowship) and be born into eternal life when we lay this temporal existence down – or we will pass from the womb still-born, and be cast into the fiery pit of eternal death.

Please choose wisely - there is no third option.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

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