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The 1-2 Punch...

Gender & Race... gender & race... everything today is gender & race - and very little of it is good. The devil has done yeoman's work dividing us on these two seminal lines - sequestering truthful discourse in favor of political correct jargon that both elevates and belittles as needed.

It's gotten to the point that we are now reduced to two distinct groups: (A) Those who are obsessed with these subjects and can think / talk of little else (an all-consuming passion) - and (B) those who are sick-to-death of both subjects to the point of pulling one's hair out and ramming one's head through the wall.

...and that's exactly where the snake wants us - because two groups of people comprised as such can never engage in meaningful dialog that might possibly give birth to healing and truth. They are diametrically opposed - polar opposites... water and oil.

But know this - Righteousness and Wickedness have no gender of origin - no race of origin - no color of origin - no nationality of origin. All peoples are going to be either one or the other - or a messed up blend of the two as they transition in either direction. Human's are a mess - and only Jesus knows the way.

I hate seeing this nation so divided - but capitulating to hate and wickedness in an effort to placate and diffuse isn't way to heal the fracture. That weak-willed approach has only made the divide wider - unbridgeable.

Only with Truth can this now be cured - and The Truth we need is Jesus.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

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