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Does a question become invalid if (or because) an answer fails to immediately present itself? Too many people are in the terrible habit of dropping a matter at the moment it becomes apparent that the answer to a question - if ever discovered - will prove to be more difficult (or mysterious) than anticipated.

Quick example: A majority of folks in the Body of Christ rarely (if ever) open the Book of Revelation. Too hard, they say - too cryptic - too spooky - filled with too many mysteries that man was never meant to grasp... they say. And what is the answer to all the great mysteries found therein?

They are dropped entirely. Perhaps you've heard this at some point along the way...

"I'm just gonna be ready and let The Lord handle the rest."

Even though our King commanded us...

"What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’” (Mark 13:37)

...Even though the first thing written in the book of Revelation is a promise of blessing to any who brave its mysteries and read them with hearts that are turned to their God seeking council.

No, Sir. An unanswerable question is still a valid question no matter how difficult discovery may prove - even if we should perpetually fail in the quest to obtain a truthful answer. The world knows this far better than most Christians do - and they exhaust themselves searching for answers to perplexing matters that we (in the Body of Christ) should be prepared to provide.

We must be brave and persevere; navigating the haze (or fog) of confusion and frustration - never resting until we have discovered every truth that The Lord has hidden away for our discovery.

The Mighty Holy Spirit of The Living God always provides for those who push through and never give up.

I'll pause here for now, but leave you with an "unanswerable question" to chew on - a perplexing riddle that has scientific minds and Christian researchers (alike) scrambling for cogent answers:

Note the stones in this picture - they are real. These sites mystify the world - and not even the scientific community can identify a logical means by which they came to exist. They predate the great flood. Bear in mind that these stones are granite (and other stones of equal hardness) - far too hard for iron or bronze tools that were thought to be used during their formation. Ancient Indigenous peoples unanimously reported (to their conquerors) that these structures predated them.

See what you make of them...

Some things to consider:

1. Note the extruded nature of the stones - as though heated and pressed together somehow. This isn't molded concrete or common masonry, however - but natural stones quarried from great distances away. These granite structures are a 7.0 on the Mohs hardness scale - too hard for common iron or bronze tools.

2. Note the unusual lines between the stones - angles we could not achieve even now. NO MORTAR WAS USED - yet they are so closely fitted that one could not fit a human hair between them.

3. The immensity of their size is unrivaled in modernity. Quarried in most cases from 30-40 miles away - and from quarries that were located on dizzying heights.

4. The precision of the masonry is something that we could have only achieved through the most modern techniques - laser-guided complexities even now.

There is much more to say about this - but here is where the question is presented, and the world is scrambling to reach it's conclusions.

More on this to come...

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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