Our faith was never meant to become what we now commonly see throughout the world. We were meant for more - and He sacrificed everything to be sure we obtained it. Relationship is everything in life - literally everything - not merely between humans, but between mankind and his Creator. It is what Jesus desires the most from His children - and it is also what He will not do without. Religion is what results when relationship fails.

Jesus wants relationship with His little ones far above anything else. Fellowship - a blessed union of souls. His passion is for a love that isn't "phoned-in" or taken for granted - a heart-felt connection to be savored and cherished for all eternity. You are a precious jewel to Him - a treasure beyond description - and oh, the joy that results when we reciprocate in kind.

Jesus pines for you - reaches for you - waits for you - longs for you. You are His babies - His offspring - His pride and joy. If you do not know Him, you really must... He has an astonishing Heart - He is everything to be admired - and He is more wonderful than you will ever know.

Seek Him while He may be found. You are greatly loved.

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries


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