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The mystery word for today is "Pangaea". It never appears in the Bible, and (truth be told) is a name that didn't appear much anywhere else until early last century among very few in the scientific community. Yet "Pangaea" factors HUGE in eschatology for reasons that are very salient to our faith.

"Pangaea [pan-jee-uh] - The hypothetical landmass that existed when all continents were joined, from about 300 to 200 million years ago."

What Pangaea essentially means is this - At some point in our past, all the continents of the Earth were part of a single land-mass. Then like gigantic pieces of an obliterated puzzle, they were torn apart at some mysterious point - henceforth to be separated by vast oceans that now act as a beautiful and treacherous barrier between them.

Many Christian scientists are now quite certain that this cataclysmic event coincided with the events of the great deluge. When God judged the inhabitants of the Earth, it wasn't just water that wiped them from the globe.

With this in mind, I ask you to quickly consider the megalithic structures that I showed you last week in a previous post (the few who read it). Did you know that these stones and surreal structures are being discovered on every continent? In most cases, these cryptic structures bear the same markings (with the same defining characteristics) as those that are located on the other side of the earth - mixed among the remnants of completely unrelated tribes and peoples.

What are the odds - a curious mind must wonder?

What mysterious civilization (harnessing mind-boggling technology) built similar structures (apparently using the same advanced machining methods) in places as far removed from one another as Peru and Egypt, India and Europe. Even islands that are located hundreds of miles from any land-mass contain remnants of these massive structures (Easter Island for example). Did you know that these things have even been discovered in North America?

Were they great sailors? Could they fly?

Excellent questions with wonderful answers, for another day.

The theory of Pangaea brings it all home rather neatly.

Consider this: If Pangaea is a reality, then the first 10 generations of mankind, from Adam to Noah (each living to a ripe old age of just under a thousand years - a total span of 1600+ years or so) lived on one massive land-mass that was accessible to anyone who could walk. This is why you see the same mysterious stone structures (along with evidence of the same lost technology) scattered all over the globe. These things were part of the paradigm that defined the antediluvian world - and then (as Jesus said) the flood came and swept it all away.

More food for thought - and for the childlike wondrous among us, far more to come. These are the mere underpinnings of what The Book of Revelation called, "the mysteries of God" - which the Mighty Angel of The Lord declared would be accomplished - just as was written by the prophets (Rev. 10).

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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