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Love and Kindness

Here's a fun fact... Love and Kindness are so deeply integrated in today's paradigm that they are often confused as being synonymous. But they are not. It is often the greatest duty of true love to exhibit (what would appear to be) great unkindness toward an object of love - if is known that the action in question is for the beloved-object's own good.

Think of those you love most dearly in this world - then ask yourself: Would you not resort even to unkindness if you were absolutely certain it was necessary to save them from great harm?

Do we not scold the child (to whatever degree is necessary) who (compelled by curiosity) is hell-bent on touching the hot stove?

Would you not even endure their hurt or scorn, provided you could rest easy in the fact that your actions saved them from a foul evil? Kindness may spare them a temporary inconvenience or grief (or even pain) - but in the long run you know that inaction on your part would have culminated in their ruin. Love prompts the higher, truer path to which kindness must always acquiesce.

We live in a wicked world that has purposely flipped this truth on its head - insisting on kindness at all costs, even when it works to the detriment of the object in question.

And so it is that today's "kindness" promotes the closing of the collective eye to evil and wickedness (resulting in moral decay that always leads to death and damnation) - while true love calls the brave of heart to implore all sinners to repent.

And this is why we "holy rollers" press on, come what may. It's not a lack of love that compels us - nor a lack of tolerance. It is because we do not confuse love and kindness (nor consider them synonymous) - and knowing the horrific eternal end to which all such wickedness leads, are compelled by true love to save as many as will turn...

...Even if they hate us for it.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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