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Joy in the Shadows

Here's a wondrous thing...

I've known much joy through the years - yet nearly all of the greatest moments of joy that I have ever experienced came to me during the darkest days of my life. Times that I would never (willingly) re-live for all of the money in Heaven or on Earth (combined). It's the most wonderful and oddest sensation to feel an overpowering wave of unutterable joy during moments of great trial and heart-rending grief - a bitter-sweet amalgamation of laughter and tears that come of their own volition and cannot be staved.

It's no mystery, really. It is in the shadow-lands that our need for deliverance is most keenly felt, and that is precisely when our loving Heavenly Father comes swooping in as we call upon His Holy Name. I've known the shadow-lands - I know of which I speak.

I'm not advocating bad times in order to feel this special kind of joy. I need not - for if you haven't experienced this in your walk as yet; hang on a while, you may. But know that Jesus always shows Himself faithful when our need is at it's greatest, and the joy He brings to those who trust in Him is so powerful and so overwhelming that it is rarely felt at any other time.

Everything about Jesus is wonderful. He's the best of all "good guys" - the original "give you the shirt off His back" archetype who makes all others pale by comparison. When your moment of need is at hand, you needn't worry - He will be too.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries


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