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God's First and Deadliest Gift

It's commonly known among those who are familiar with my writing that I am trusting The Lord for enormous things. If you have followed me at all, this will prove to be no great revelation to you in the slightest. Truth be told, I'm believing for far more than I have yet been released to reveal.

This evening I wish to convey a quick word to you about the most powerful, beautiful, mysterious, and yet deadly gift that God has even given His children.

The gift of Free Will.

Those walk with our God know that the endgame to His plan of Salvation will one day conclude with His children's return to His side. It will be a glorious consummation as fellowship is restored to what once existed in the Garden of Eden when Adam walked with Him in the cool of the evening. This is the whole reason He came - to redeem any who would look to Him and believe so that He might restore His children to the wondrous state that was ruined when Adam foolishly sinned and relinquished his authority to the enemy of our souls.

Heartbreaking as this turn of events doubtless was to our Lord, it is clear that nothing catches Him off His guard. A plan had already been made before the world was created to redeem His littles ones, so that all (who would be) could be saved. Yet the great gift of free will that was given to mankind had obviously come at a high cost - both to Himself and to those who would chose to misuse it.

Over the centuries there have been many things that God Almighty did not wish to happen, but did. He did not wish for Adam to disobey and break His heart. That was not in His plan for mankind. God did not wish for 200 high-ranking angels to succumb to power-lust and betray His trust atop Mt. Herman when they "fell". Their deeds plunged mankind into a cesspool of demigod worship that persists to this day in many forms; and in ancient times culminated in more vile wickedness than will be recounted here. This also resulted with the deluge that wiped millions from the earth in a single blow - all down to free will.

In the end, the great and terrible gift of free will is the single anomaly that still has the ability to surprise our Lord. For though His overall will shall indeed be done in the end, He has granted that mankind must retain the authority over his or her own self - the irrevocable right to choose their side in this epic tale of love and tragedy.

The gift of free will is an astonishing part of life. It is singularly responsible for the most beautiful deeds that have ever been done - but it is also responsible for the most heinous acts that have ever assaulted mankind. By allowing His children to chose their own path, God was (and is) perfectly aware that He has given his detractors the (much used) ability to waggle a finger at The Creator and blame Him for our many woes. Perhaps you've heard something like this before... "If God was real, this wouldn't be happening" - or "If God was good, He wouldn't allow X".

Free will (of angels and then of men) is what has made evil possible. Everything that has befallen us since our sin in the garden is owing to the misuse of free will - disease, sickness, sorrow, pain, poverty, and death. Likewise, everything that is about to befall this wicked and evil world (as we prepare for The Lord's return) will be a result of mankind's free will.

Every soul ever born will either live with God in eternal splendor (as intended), or burn forever in unimaginable agony (apart from Him). There is no 3rd option, and the fates that befall us are down to free will. He has already done more than we can fathom to help us choose well.

This writing marks a new beginning for me. Henceforth I intend to dive into many things that may prove stunning to the average person, and even shocking to the common believer. Setting the groundwork for these revelations is vital for understanding, and for this we must begin with a thorough acknowledgement of God's deadliest gift.

Free will; every souls has it, and every soul must choose. Please choose wisely.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

When we resume, we will discuss another cryptic gift that is granted in this world; second in power only to free will. The examination will help us better understand how free will has gone so wrong for so many. It began with the biting of an apple - and authority is it's name.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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