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Flee or Fortify...

Calling upon an old military adage, times are sure to come in our lives when we must either flee or fortify - admit defeat and retreat, or determine ourselves to take a stand.

This hardly applies for times when one is facing a minor struggle - things for which "fleeing" is no real disgrace, and for which the juxtaposed "fortifying" is no great test. It is not a statement to be applied to mere quarrels for which retreating is often the best (and most reasonable) course of action in order to restore peace and "live to fight another day".


To "flee or fortify" is a sentiment that applies to truly seminal moments and situations - decisions and reactions that resonate to Throne of God to either testify against us or sound the praise of overcoming victory. It harkens to struggles for which capitulation would be an unmitigated disaster - or times in which a stalwart heart will prove itself in either inspiration or deliverance for the good of those in it's sphere.

When this moment comes for you - and it will - take good stock of your life and be sure to "count the cost". Determine that you will indeed make a good stand, come what may. For though there are certain times when falling back to safe ground is a wise course of action, there are other moments when fleeing the foxhole is tantamount to a base act of cowardice and treason. Holy Spirit will help you discern such moments if you are sensitive to His voice.

Take a look around you... The seven mountains of influence are ablaze and few of the fires thereon are holy. The monumental struggle for the remediation of mankind has entered the final and most salient phase. The wheat and the tiers have indeed ripened in the radiant light of our Holy Father's gracious Son - who shines on the just and the unjust alike until all grace or judgment is fulfilled in each.

Harvest is upon us and warriors are being vetted for service. Determine yourself to fight the good fight, and remain vigilant for the hard decisions that always accompany such times. Snuggle up to King Jesus as never before - understanding that anyone positioned as such will always find deliverance. The victory is ours through the precious Blood of Christ - but we must never forget that the gift of free will is never to be rescinded nor excused. We must make the right choices and keep our eyes fixed upon the Lion of Judah from whom our help will come.

The time is upon us to either flee or fortify, and from this struggle (in this hour) we must never flee.

After all things... Stand.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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