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Even Now At The Door

One must be guilty of burying one's head in the sand to have missed the many troubling signs that are currently tearing our world apart at the seams. ISIS is raging across the Middle East promising sharia law for one and all - brutalizing people in barbaric ways not seen since the fall of Hitler. Meanwhile, much of the world is so preoccupied by their own desires (and/or lack thereof) that they are blind to their own moral decay and base narcissism. 93 Million American adults are out of the work-force entirely, surviving through the benevolence of a government who can no longer afford the hand-outs. Meanwhile the liars and thieves who now lead America tout a fake unemployment figure of 5% - which omits the 93 million entirely.

Woe to you…

Our government, for the first time in my lifetime, has given itself over entirely to wickedness and corruption. The “left” is now radicalized and brazen in its desires to forever reshape America into the socialistic mêlée that has long-since captured Europe. The “right” has been sufficiently diluted by equivocation and corruption into a position of rank impotence in the face of this evil. Republicans are weak-willed and vacillating on almost every topic – taking a strong moral stand only when the polls suggest that they are addressing an audience wishing to hear it. Sadly, there are very few exceptions. The world is looking on in morbid fascination as our wicked president and his wicked administration thumb their nose at our constitution, while those who were elected to check him (namely, Congress) rarely miss a moment to prove that they are gutless cowards. Over and over again this President calls them out – taunting – daring them to act against him… And to the sound of snickers and guffaws, this current batch of congressional pansies lower their collective head and shrink from the task.

Woe to you…

Worse yet – the real strength behind the success of the United States of America is fast asleep; it’s post as watchman over the affairs of this nation left unoccupied. The Church has been given over to luke-warmness and vapidity – its ranks bloated with self-seeking worldy-minded parishioners who care little for holiness and purity. They have been raised on a brand of worship that is high on entertainment and flash – while exhortations about moral purity and the consequences of hell are rarely mentioned. Of course there are good churches that are still holding the line, still walking in lockstep with their King and their God in Spirit and in Truth; but they are a sad minority these days. Most churches have fallen prey to the false buzz that comes with growth at any cost – diluting messages to omit tenants like holiness and faithfulness in deference to messages that tickle the ear and (in the end) are little better than motivational speeches. They tout the names of our God and even rattle through the usual liturgies – but the true power of God has long since vacated their midst. They don’t seem to miss Him – and like the great warrior Samson, have set themselves up for a dreadful day when they will shake themselves with expectation and realize in horror that God is no longer with them.

Woe to you…

Homosexuality is running rampant in our world – the rancid abomination that causes desolation (clearly despised by our Holy Father throughout the Word of God) even setting itself up within many of our churches. We are neutered by political correctness – blanched with trepidation and fear. Cowards occupy our pulpits afraid to call this what it is, while many others actually give this wickedness their full endorsement. Meanwhile the world is watching us writhe in our privations – exultant at the inertia that is being wrought upon the Body of Christ by the devils that have succeeded in penetrating our midst with this evil behavior. Those who tout this equivocation as a moral victory have deluded themselves into a mindset of accomplishment (as it pertains to our relationship with the world); when all they have actually done is become the “good girl” who prostituted herself in order to fit in with those who before-hand had been her detractors. We all know the true story in that scenario, do we not? Behind her back – even though she has now proven to be little better than they – the rabble is howling with laughter at her fallen state. What she has done in an effort to make herself more palatable to the brood has come at the soul-crushing cost of a beautiful innocence that her detractors had once desired and resented. Now she has proven herself as ugly as they – and this is how the world now sees the Body of Christ in most quarters.

Woe to you…

Judgment is coming. Judgment is coming. God Almighty is about to rise up – judgment is right at the door.

We murder our young by the millions each year – they comprise an army of victims whose sad petition for justice rises to our Holy Father for from around the Throne of God. We call it abortion but God calls it cold-blooded murder.

Woe to you…

When the wave comes to the East, you will know that He is God. Millions will be swept away in a single hour while those who love The Lord are miraculously spared to bear witness to His mercy. When the great shaking takes California shortly thereafter, you will know that He is God. Millions will perish in a single hour while those who love The Lord are miraculously spared to bear witness to His mercy. Great upheaval will rock this nation to its knees – invasion, civil unrest, starvation, and brutality on a scale that this soil has never seen. She will emerge from the ashes by the Grace of God and will eventually be renewed by will of Jesus Christ – but woe to her for what she must endure before that happy day.

Brace yourselves – prepare to meet your God. Jesus is not the beat-nick happy-go-lucky amiable hippy (as many have portrayed Him) who is incapable of rendering judgment on behalf of His holiness, righteousness, and justice. You will soon see Him as He truly is – in holiness, in love, in honor, in justice, and in great wrath.

He is the King of Glory and the title is not ceremonial. Every knee will bow – every tongue will confess – whether they like it or not.

It is coming...

It is coming!

It is even now at the door.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

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