Here’s a question for you to puzzle over, my Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ...

But first, a truth-bomb. An absolute.

Two opposing opposites can never be concurrently true - it is quite impossible.

So how can one serve the One and Only God through His One and Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ - without concurrently refuting the Lordship of all other religions (by default)? How can one say that one loves and serves The One who is on record (in red) saying that He is the only way to be saved - without concurrently conceding that all other religions are lies and filth?

No matter what the left-leaning, limp-wristed, mealy-mouthed, mega-church charlatans may be saying, Jesus left no room for compromise. He plainly said that He is the only way to God.

And yet so many Christians refuse to take a stand on this truth.

Live and let live? Politically correct?

Here’s the deal...

We Christians will either boldly declare Jesus as THE One and Only during times of freedom... Or we will do so later at the ugly end of a gun. But declare we shall. Ask the Christians who were slaughtered in 1918 Russia - ask how they fared. Refusal now always leads to the 2nd reality - every single time.

We’d better wake up and get bold - while we still can.

Your bother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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