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A Sad Farewell

Word from Our Holy Father to this Nation

December 7th, 2012


On November 6, 2012, America succumbed to suicide after handing her life over to the devil.  She is no more….

She fought a long hard battle with indecency, immorality, murder, deceit, lies, greed, and selfishness. Unfortunately, the members of her body have given up and gave out, leaving her an empty Godless shell.  Her purple mountains are no longer majestic, but black and soulless.  Her amber waves - grey.  Her rolling green hills are stark, dry, and desolate.  Even her deserts seem more lonely and bleak.

She is survived by the loving and Holy Father, His one and only Son Jesus Christ, and all of her TRUE Christian brothers and sisters who are even now mourning this tragic loss.

From the beginning she was something to fight for and something to be adored – men gave their lives to live in her.  For decades these men worked hard, laboring and innovating so that she might thrive.  Some lived in squalor as they worked their lives away, making very little that this world would call wealth. They loved their work, though - and they loved her.  They appreciated the priceless gift that they had been given – Freedom!  All else was inconsequential by comparison.

You may remember America (if you can think that far back) much as we all do – A Norman Rockwell painting. Everyone worked for what they had, even if it was very little.  They did NOT sit on their lazy bottoms draining the country and destroying her economy.

Every brother and sister served and loved each 
other.  They went out of their way to help their fellow man.  Not as of late… Now people are preoccupied with themselves and how they can “pour themselves" into their career (to make lots of money), while their families suffer and eventually fall apart.  And help someone?  Perish the thought…  That would take too much time away from what THEY want to do.

Consider those who are so willing to scam in order to make a buck – and there are many...  They waste great energy devising schemes in order to steal and cheat (great use of that energy by the way)!  Would they dare utilize that same energy to do some actual good, old-fashioned hard work?

This is a country that once loved its mothers and daughters for what they were truly created to become.  They were catered to – revered.  Those same mothers and daughters have now turned their backs on their sacred charge, and have begged to be treated “equal” to men.  WOE TO YOU!  Now a vast majority of our mothers and daughters are working 10 hours a day and are not at home taking care of our children and men – which is the purpose for which they were MADE.  You ignored God and His Word and followed your own way instead.  You have not been submissive to your husbands – you have been prostituting yourselves.

Children (who were once truly children) have been forced to grow up too fast because NO ONE was at home to guide them.  Now multitudes of our children are hopelessly narcissistic.  They have become murderers and sex (or drug) addicts – they are Godless.

This is America ’s future – this is the reason America is dead!

In your disobedience you have turned your back on America.  You've disobeyed the directive that God gave the founding fathers – to care for and nurture this great gift of freedom.  You took God away from her because of your own selfish desires.  You have corrupted yourselves and our children.  You have handed America directly over to the devil.

Things could have turned around during this recent election. She could have been revived, rejuvenated – healed.  Once again YOU HAVE CURSED HER!

Some of you voted for the devil.  Shame on you, but we knew you would – this was not a surprise.  What follows in these next four years is partly YOUR fault, so keep patting yourselves on the back.  Now that the country is gone, you WILL eventually see the error of your ways - for your selfishness will not accompany the convenience of blindness.  Some of you indeed voted for the man who would have turned this country around to a place from which the healing of the people would have certainly come in the discourse of time.  Hold fast and wait on your God – you are not abandoned.  Finally, some of you sat on your hands and did not vote.  CHURCH!  What were you afraid of?  Where were you?  What ensues over the next four years is partly YOUR fault!  SHAME ON YOU!  


Our God is a God of mercy, a God of healing, and a God of restoration.  He can raise America from the dead.  All we need to do is believe in Him, give our hearts and lives to Him, and let HIM lead us again.  We need to stop putting our faith in man – look at what that unwise practice has done to our Beautiful America!

This is a call to ALL Americans:  STAND UP AND FIGHT!  Restore our beautiful country.

Give your heart back to THE FATHER, THE SON & THE HOLY SPIRIT!

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