Wonder in the Tree

Your Christmas tree (if you have one) was baked into creation by The Creator as a testimony of the unity that He shares with His Holy Father, Jehovah - and with The Mighty Holy Spirit, Rhema. Look closely - at every angle, three distinct points - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And yet The Three are one - united - ever green.

Whether you realized it or not, by drawing this into your home each Christmas you are acknowledging this unity and participating in it. Your lights and decorations are symbolic of those who adorn His Body - His precious little ones who shine in Him with both individual and collective splendor.

This is not conjecture - but was the very reasoning that prompted our forefathers to honor Christmas this way.

It is a thing of great beauty - something that will be celebrated as a lasting ordinance in Heaven, throughout the endless ages of eternity.

Merry Christmas to all my beloved friends and family. We have great hope because of three little words - He Is Born.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries Www.YeshuasArmy.com

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