Who Are We Now?

Just a quick question...

Am I the only person deeply troubled by the actions of many (especially of this youngest generation) in our nation right now? I'm seeing things in the news that only 20 years ago (even though the 90's was hardly a righteous era) would have been unheard of...

Yesterday (for example) a horrible video was posted by an east coast Sheriff detailing a gang-rape that occurred in broad daylight on a public beach as people either passed by unconcerned or watched in approval. Sadly - this sort of thing is growing more and more common - people filming crimes instead of stopping them - laughing and enjoying brutality on display...

What the heck? What has happened to our soul? Where is the urgency among decent people to see this nonsense reversed before the Hand of God falls upon us in bitter earnest?

If we think we're immune from judgment because we're the good ol' US of A, think again. Judgment is coming, the degree of which will be determined by our collective response to such wickedness. Thus far I'm hearing nothing by way of a public outcry against this behavior - not even from the church.

How about this for an old axiom to which the millennial generation would not likely relate in any salient way...

"Love, in it's purest form, is discipline."

This was common knowledge for centuries - and was also a guiding light for America until the last generation or two. How are we doing without it?

Just look around and you will see.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries www.YeshuasArmy.com


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