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That Spirit of Christmas

"Why can't it last all year long?"

"Let's make it last all year..."

"If only this spirit would remain with us all year long - how wonderful the world truly would be..."

How many among us have either uttered one of these sentiments or heard it spoken by others? I think most of us have.

The Spirit of Christmas... So intoxicating for those who feel the warm glow of Christmas that we truly wish it could remain among us and become the norm. Songs have been written about it over the decades - people of all walks of life have tried in vain to triangulate the astonishing phenomena known as "Christmas Spirit". The question rings out in both sentiment and song every single year - "what is the spirit of Christmas?" "What is the spirit of Christmas?"

Little do they realize that the answer they seek keeps eluding them because they are actually asking the wrong question.

The question should not be, "WHAT is the spirit of Christmas" - but "WHO is the Spirit of Christmas?"

For I tell you the truth - The Spirit of Christmas we seek is the very One we Christians know as The Great Holy Spirit - the Spirit of The Living God. If you truly want Him to remain with you, you need only ask the One who was born in the manager.

Confess your sins to Jesus Christ and call upon His Holy Name - believing that He came for you, lived a perfect live that you cannot - died for you in an act of atonement that will always be the single greatest act of heroism ever recorded - and then arose from the grave a conquering Hero for any who will believe in Him.

Call upon Jesus and you will be saved - and The Spirit who so lovingly haunts your steps with great joy every Christmas will enter your heart and live with you forever.

Christmas is a free gift every year. A preview of sorts - a gesture of great kindness and love to all of humanity. Once a year, The Great Holy Spirit reveals to one and all how it feels to walk with Him as we turn to give honor to Abba's One and Only Son, Jesus - the great Birthday Boy. As we pay Him homage, the Great Holy Spirit gives freely of Himself - to show what it feels like to walk with Him in fellowship. When we desire that "the spirit of Christmas remain," we are actually wishing for The Lord God Rhema (The Great Holy Spirit) to remain - but for this to happen, we must believe in the One for whom Christmas exists - the reason for the Season. We must repent of our sins and ask Jesus into our hearts.

Why can't it remain all year through? I assure it, beloved, it does for all who truly know and walk with Jesus in SPIRIT and in Truth.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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