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Race & Gender

Good and evil know no race. Good and evil know no gender. Righteousness and wickedness are equal opportunity - come one, come all.

A woman is just as capable of rancid wickedness as the worst of men - and a man is just as capable of goodness as the humblest of women. Flip that - and it’s still true.

Heaven is filled with both sexes, all races, all colors, and many creeds.

So is hell.

Do not believe this division nonsense - that any one group is naturally “better” than the next. It’s a base lie of the devil; who is doing great damage in his scorched-earth campaign to divide and conquer God’s children by sowing enmity between us.

Race is his favorite division - gender a close second.

Don’t buy it.

We need each another.

Your brother and servant in Christ,


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