Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Beloved family and friends...

May the love and shalom of our Holy Father inundate you and your loved ones on this the day when we celebrate our Savior's birth.

On Earth as it is in Heaven, Jesus assured us - and this is the time of the rolling year that mankind has set apart as a holy expression of love and joy to commemorate the most salient event in history. The day when God Almighty took up flesh - became a part of His own creation so that He could live a perfect life (that we could not) and thereby (through His singular heroic act of atonement) nullify the enemy's hold over us, saving us from sin and death.

Religious-minded (misguided) theological types would try to dampen your spirits by (correctly) pointing out that the day of Yeshua's birth was actually some other day of the year. Others will cite the pagan holidays that once claimed the 25th as it's own in a foolish attempt to discourage celebrating Christmas....


Every day belongs to God, and whatever He sanctifies as holy is (from that moment on) HOLY. It is therefore perfectly reasonable that God Almighty should bless any day of the year on which His little ones have chosen to celebrate the birth of His one and only Son. Whatever came before has been obliterated - cast away - is rendered utterly meaningless.

No matter what may have occurred on this day before-hand, December 25th is now a holy day unto The Lord - so blessed that the radiance of its splendor can be felt as early as Thanksgiving. It cannot be ignored - even the pagan feel it's warmth and marvel over what it could mean.

So Happy Birthday, Jesus - my King and my God. I love you.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus, our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

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