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Hated for Love

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Just a quick question for my brothers and sisters in Christ. You needn’t answer this post - but let it prompt private self-evaluation.

Jesus said we’re going to be hated because of His Name. His words were no mere hypothetical exercise - but a statement of fact. Nobody likes to be hated - and yet our Creator and Savior said we would certainly be hated because of Him and His Gospel. And truly - every single person who stands on His Holy Word (without equivocating) does indeed suffer the vitriol of those who will hear nothing that would condemn their sin. We don’t condemn sin - God’s Word condemns sin.

I’m not suggesting that we need to do things purposely to invoke one’s hatred - but it’s been my experience that taking a simple stand on (clearly stated) Godly principles is more than enough to garner the prophesied hateful reaction that one receives from many in this lost and dying world.

“ The world cannot hate you, but it hates me because I testify that its works are evil.” John 7:7

Hence the question: Are we better than Jesus?

Are we somehow more clever or more enlightened then The One who formed us in our mother’s womb and knew us before we were born? If God Almighty was (and is) hated, how is it that so few western Christians are suffering this reaction among the ungodly?

The answer is clear; Very few in the Body of Christ are overtly hated because very few are bothering themselves to take a strong stand. On anything.

I recently saw a heartbreaking FB post concerning a man who is ill and has announced that his remaining time on this earth is very short. This would be heartbreaking enough (for he is a very amiable and popular individual), but the real tragedy is that he has for many years been indulging (and openly advocating) a lifestyle that is completely contrary to the laws of God (old and New Testament). Married to another man, he embraces an alternative lifestyle that has sadly effervesced to become a societal plague of our time. Some of you know of whom I speak (and he need not be named for the sake of this discussion).

My heart naturally went out for this individual and for his loved ones - and my prayers have been for his recovery. But now that he is nearing death’s door, the outpouring from people (who by their own words appear to believe in Jesus) is to encourage this poor man of better things to come after he crosses over. This breaks my heart all the more - for (even though he professes belief in God) unless he repents of that lifestyle, he is about to get the worst surprise of his life. And not ONE answering post dared even the slightest hint of a plead that the man repent before his fate is eternally sealed.

This is love? No warning? No desperate plea for the man to save himself?

Folks... Are we calling God a liar? Are we more righteous than He? Did any of us write the Bible or the MANY admonitions within it which strictly forbid this lifestyle or any kind of sexual immorality? Can God be bribed with money? With a good attitude? With a pleasant demeanor or a winning smile?

True love for this man would be to implore him to repent and turn while he still draws breath. There will be no practicing unrepentant homosexuals in Heaven - just as there will be no unrepentant adulterers in Heaven. God’s word on these matters is Crystal Clear.

Even now (among those who are my friends and loved ones) I’m sure this post is drawing the ire of some who have been infected by this horrific wave of political correctness and multiculturalism - which is a cancer in the Body of Christ. If so, you’re free to act against me however you wish.

But if you’re a born-again professing Christian, please know that the world is going to hate your guts whether you take a stand or not. You may belay their hatred for a time by remaining neutral on the stickier points, but they’ll get around to you eventually. Remember Abraham’s nephew Lot - ask yourself how it worked out for him, living so close to the world?

We don’t judge - but God does - and His edicts and laws are clear. It is our job to warn them to repent before the gavel falls and eternity is sealed.

Please think on this seriously. Please resolve yourself to take a real stand - even if you must endure their hate while giving them love. Only then will we truly be like our King.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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