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Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Much love and joy in Yeshua's Holy Name to all my family and friends on this Holy day of celebration - when the greatest act of self-sacrifice culminated with an unfathomable atonement for the sins of the world (mine and yours), made complete by a crushing defeat of the devil and his minions that has forever sealed their doom and our deliverance.

Let us honor and glorify our King - to Jesus be all praise and power and glory forever. In Jesus alone is there salvation from the coming wrath - in His Name only is there redemption and renewal.

All other religions (or faiths) are false - no exceptions. All roads do NOT lead to God - in fact, all roads BUT ONE lead straight to hell. In the days of His flesh, Jesus boldly stated that no man comes to The Father except through Him - and there is no wiggle-room in those words. His invitation is to all peoples, races, and nations - but He will share His Glory with none. One must believe (in Jesus), repent (of all sin), and confess (that He is Lord) - and you will be saved.

You will be complete - made whole - a new creation.

May the love and grace of our Holy Father be with you today as we celebrate the eternal victory of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ - over the devil, death, hell, and the grave.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

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