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Get Ready - He Comes

It is commonly known that when a leader has said all that can be said - has admonished all who can be admonished - has warned all who will be warned - and has pleaded with all who can see still reason - that a time will come when He must eventually act. It is in this pregnant pause (this deafening silence) in which the fear and dread of The Lord will once again be loosed into the world. Words will become action - and His actions will fulfill all that His words have foretold these last several thousand years.

If you know Him and hear His voice (if you are endeavoring daily to walk straight paths before Him), He is faithful and will be a hedge about you. But if you only know OF Him and show (with your actions and deeds) that you care little to seek His Face (beyond the confines of a local sanctuary), prepare yourself - for you are about to be tested and refined through trial and tribulation.

If you think His words to be nonsense (if your eyes are rolling in derision even with these few sentences), and if you feel that belief in God is little more than a crutch (the opiate of the masses) - then prepare yourself to be amazed. Myths and legends are about to come forth as The Kingdom of our Lord and the Kingdom of His Christ burst suddenly upon this Earth to take it by storm. It will not be a "warm and fuzzy greeting" - but one that is met with equal parts elation (from those who know and love Him) and abject terror (from those who realize only too late just how wrong they've been).

Presently, He is still speaking - still pleading - still reaching - still admonishing. He is doing this through faithful servants who are boldly declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ - but without diluting its message in an effort to seem more palatable to an ever darkening world.

But understand this - the Bible is clear that Jesus did not come only to save the lost - but to "bring justice to the nations". We see many churches appropriately discussing His astonishing love, but of justice (holiness, purity, and of righteousness) little is broached. Justice (by default) is tough - hard - fair. It has been sorely lacking in the world for a very long time as God's people remove themselves from pursuit of justice and focus entirely on kindness. But Paul was clear on this matter - "kindness and sternness" is how He described the nature of our Lord (Rom. 11:22). Injustice is a filthy abomination in His sight - and Revelation is clear that The Lord God will soon act to see His judgments carried out and his justice vindicated.

Justice is coming. It will not be pleasant for those who thumb their nose at Almighty God - nor to those who have lost sight of the fact that Jesus Christ is The King of Glory with all power and authority to do as He pleases in order to bring God's just judgments upon the Earth.

This is neither guess-work nor fantasy - I am making none of this up... It is all clearly written (and foretold) through scripture. Our Bible does not end with the book of Jude. Perhaps its time to brush the dust off the book of Revelation and come up to speed with events that are even now occurring throughout the world.

We're about to get started in earnest. Please fill your lamps and be ready for the Bridegroom. He is coming...

Your brother and servant in Chris Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

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