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Defining Worship

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Worship music seems to define the modern church. Which is fine and dandy I suppose, provided it remains in harmony with the movement of the Great Holy Spirit.

But things seem to have tipped into yet another area of imbalance among us - where worship music has become the unhealthy focus of what makes us feel content in our gathering and connected to our Creator. If the music is unpalatable, do we not feel that our worship has somehow been stunted?

But what IS worship, really? Is it only to be found in music? Is it only to be found in good preaching? The giving of alms only? Will it ever be discovered to reside exclusively within any other facet that has become commonplace amongst the laity to express devotion to our King and our God?

All of these are good and appropriate - should any one of them define worship within themselves?

Of course the answer is NO.

So what is worship then - at its essence - at the very kernel of it's being? If you drill down

and seek it out, here is what you will find beating like a great heart at the core of true worship...


The seminal element that gives life to all the rest.

This is clearly illustrated a thousand different ways (within hundreds of scriptures) throughout the Old and New Testaments. Over and over again God makes it clear that if you truly love Him, you will do as He says.

Disobedience is rebellion, and rebellion is sin. Indulging it will render other worship efforts of little or no value to you in the least.

All the most wonderful singing in the world, supplemented by all the greatest speaking in the world, compounded by the most generous giving in the world - could not for an instant compare to the sweet savor that rises to The Throne of God as a result of the worship that emerges from a single act of true obedience.

The kind that hurts. The kind that each of us dread within our sinful natures - until that evil root is ripped from the soil of our hearts through the refining process of sanctification. Then obedience becomes as natural as breathing - a pleasing aroma, and fragrant offering to our God.

All the rest is "fine and dandy" - but obedience is truly where worship makes its home.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

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