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Danger in the Outer Court

There's yet another "messiah" on the scene - a blithering idiot out of Miami who has somehow convinced thousands of people that he is the embodiment of Jesus Christ - not as a believer living to glorify His Holy name, but apparently Jesus himself in the flesh.

Among other blasphemies, this rocket scientist teaches that the devil and hell are not real, that "sin" doesn't exist, and that everyone who believes him will be just fine - provided they dump a lion's share of their money into his lap. And they are...

The man doesn't amaze me - there have been false messiahs since the one and only Messiah was first prophesied during the days of the old covenant. What continues to astonish me, however, is that these fools are somehow able to find people gullible enough to follow them. Jim Jones didn't drink all that cool-aide by himself, and nobody would remember his name if the people following him had not given the man their love and devotion.

This is the danger of equivocation - the great danger of living in the outer court of Christianity where a basic knowledge of God far outstrips one's relationship to Him. Even though most of these folks have had the Word of God before them most of their lives (and have had access to His testimony), so many keep themselves woefully ignorant of what it truly means to surrender to God (forsaking sin and the things of this world).

Even though it is true that some of this man's followers are merely wicked people finding solace in a "holy man" who has given them a reason to feel good about themselves (without that sticky matter of repentance), many of these followers are outer-court Christians whose willful ignorance have primed them to be ensnared when Antichrists arise to deceive the masses. One is coming who will accomplish this en mass, and you'll find his story in the book of Revelation. Jesus told us that almost the entire world will follow that Antichrist when he arises, and "messiahs" like the one currently reigning in Miami (in a lavish seaside mansion donated by a wealthy disciple) clearly illustrate how the ignorant masses flock to such lies.

Here is the truth: a person who has snuggled up to Jesus in Spirit and in Truth will never fall for such a ridiculous claim, even if a man should call down fire from heaven before them (as described in Revelation). The sheep know the Shepherd's voice. They have read Yeshua's words that forewarn such abominations, and by walking with Him understand that The Lord's next physical appearance in this world will be nothing that a mere man could ever falsify. The One and Only Son of The Only Living God will come in the clouds flanked by millions of angels, arrayed in great power and in great glory. All the world will look upon Him and know Him by Name.

Pray for the poor deluded souls who have given themselves to this man in Miami - for their peril is great and hell is their portion if they follow that man to his logical conclusion.

Jesus is coming - but when He comes, there will be no doubt that God Almighty is among us.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

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