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Cowardly Lions

Funny thing about our society as it is currently framed...

Nobody respects a person who compromises their principles (or stated beliefs) in the face of opposition. We call those moments cowardice, and those who succumb to them "cowards". The one exception to the rule (today) is how our nation views Christians - particularly, those who blanch in the face of opposition when detractors cry "foul!"

I know, right? Today's Christian is the only demographic that is praised for acquiescing to peer pressure - cowing in the face of opposition rather than holding true to Biblical Standards that defy space and time and will still hold true long after this generation has crossed over to meet its eternal fate. Not only are Christians praised as being "open-minded" when they commit these cowardly compromises, but they are skewered as hate-mongers when they dare to hold any line that might hint at righteousness and holiness.

Logic speaks for itself. You wouldn't respect this sort of behavior out of any other demographic, even if you wholeheartedly disagreed with their positions. The fact that Christians are submitting to this double-standard speaks for itself and says much about our current state of affairs.

But Biblical truth is always beautiful. If a stated (Biblical) truth appears to be an "ugly truth" today, it says more about the sociological paradigm into which the truth has been inserted than it does about the statement itself. A hundred years ago, the truth that abortion is wrong was a beautiful truth embraced by the whole - whereas today that same truth comprises (to at least half of the population) an ugly "war on women". The truth didn't change - we did.

The mine is getting stuffy - the canary, suspiciously quiet.

It's time we wake up, don't you think?

Mark Grimmett Goldenlight Ministries

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