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Children of God - Arise

The enemy of your soul has two primary jobs set before him if he wishes to stay his inevitable execution (for as long as he can):

1. Cause so much chaos, unrest, and discontentment for God's children that they fall ever deeper into disobedience and rebellion - eventually forgetting how much they are loved by A Heavenly Father who has given everything to save them from the coming wrath (when all creation will be judged before the Great White Throne). If the devil does this well enough, many of God's children will actually count these evils against their Holy Father and lavish their vitriol upon Him. For endless generations that snake has committed himself wholeheartedly to this task - for it is his only hope to keep mankind enslaved in this fallen world and his ugly self removed from the lake of fire.

2. Render God's children oblivious to the depths of their fall (from the Garden) so that they never even think to regain those dizzying (spiritual) heights. This has been well done - for the entire world is under the mistaken impression that our fore-bearers were the very cave-dwelling Neanderthals that godless science would have us believe. Even those who believe in the Creation account labor under the delusion that mankind was in the Garden as he later became after the fall (provincial, powerless, ignorant, and blind). Since we have no clue how far we've fallen as God's offspring, we are ever blinded to what Abba always meant us to be.

Jesus dealt the devil a fatal blow for both of these on Calvary. So thoroughly did He display our Heavenly Father's love for us, that billions have entrusted themselves into His care - in spite of the horrors lavished upon them in this lost and dying world. Holy Spirit is stubbornly vigilant with every child who is born into this world, drawing all mankind to Jesus lest any should perish. If a soul chooses destruction, they are doing so over the very best God Almighty has to offer. The devil is perilously out of his depth and has already been condemned - it's only a matter of time and he knows it.

As to the matter of our identity, The Lord is tending to this even now. Even now there is a generation of believer being raised up who refuses to believe that the offspring of God Almighty was ever meant to live as we have been living these past several millennia. They know that Jesus came to do more than just make an atonement for our sins (though this would have been more than enough). They know that Jesus came to accomplish more than just teach us the wonders of His Gospel and inaugurate the New Covenant (though this would have been more than enough). These children of God Almighty understand that Jesus also came to SHOW us who we really are and how far we've fallen since the days of the Garden - where we walked with Him hand-in-hand.

This is the reason why Jesus (though He IS God) purposed Himself to work exclusively through the anointing of the Mighty Holy Spirit rather than relying on His own power (which He had). He was showing us what we once were when we walked with Him in the Garden. For Jesus, miracles are a part of every day life. Through The Great Holy Spirit He could fly - transport - translate - walk on water - heal the sick - change matter at will (feeding thousands). Were these things for God only? Did He not empower His Apostles to do the same? Did Philip not translate (as recorded in Acts 8:26)? Did Peter not walk on the water?

A new breed of believer is being brought forth even now, all over the world. They have tired of "playing church" and are committing themselves wholeheartedly to their God in a desperate cry to be returned to what we were always meant to become. As such, you are about to see (for those who entrust themselves to Jesus with all their hearts) the emergence of great champions in Christ who work in miracles, signs, and wonders like this world has never seen. In the Gospel of John (14:12) Jesus prophesied that they would do even greater things than He did in the days of His flesh.

And here is the beautiful thing - this anointing was meant for ALL God's children. He is no respecter of persons and will reveal Himself to you if you seek His Face with all your heart. Want to be a part of this mighty Army of The Living God (for whom miracles will be a daily occurrence)? You can be if you go to Jesus and commit yourself to His service wholeheartedly. Determine to walk straight paths before your God and extract yourself (with His help) from this world and all its corruption. I assure you (if you do this with all your heart) you will become a mighty son or daughter of God Almighty and work mighty exploits in His holy name when the great outpouring begins in earnest. Billions are about to be won for our Holy Father by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, and through the obedience of His manifested sons and daughters.

The enemy knows his time is short and is pulling out all the stops. The tiers are indeed growing up alongside the wheat, just as Yeshua said (great darkness and great light). Now get ready for God to move.

Come, Child of God - become what you were meant to be from the beginning of time. Let Jesus show you who you really are.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

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