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It is quite simply defined as "the relation of cause and effect". It is, however, the central kernel to the argument that rages between creationists and evolutionists. It cannot be escaped or explained away, and it involves you DEEPLY.

Every last one of you - whether saint or sinner.

Our children are taught in schools today that a "big bang" occurred sometime in antiquity - and that this "big bang" caused a chain of events that magically created the universe and every solar system within it.

Causality demands to know how and why. What was before the "big bang" that might cause such an explosion? In a strange twist of irony (almost too rich to digest), scientists will fill text books leading to "take our word for it" - but can never produce a centile of PROOF of said event, or what could have caused it. In this they beg your reliance on something that they would otherwise scorn as mere fantasy.


Suddenly, the law of causality is meaningless to them.

But you are no fool, dear one - whether you believe in Jesus or not. You KNOW that nothing comes from nothing. So you are left with the same perplexing dilemma that faces every human who is confronted by this argument.

You must know in your heart that nothing "just happens" - but always has a cause and effect - which in every other aspect of life is an accept axiom, even among scientists. If you know this, then you must also conclude that the wishful thinking of evolutionists is utter nonsense. To somehow believe that nothingness exploded into something and eventually became untold trillions of stars (and billions of planets with and without life) is requiring from their followers a level of blind faith that would bring a blush of shame to the cheek of the boldest preacher on earth.

Add to this ridiculous mixture a notion that this one random planet called Earth could somehow sustain life-forms (positioned in an orbit just far enough from a nearby star to be of the proper temperature) - and thus produce from amoeba parasites critters who could swim - then walk - then through a stupid process of blind chance evolve through monkeys to become the critter called man.

This stupidity is actually taught to our little ones - and they are not encouraged to question it. Whole generations have thus bought into that stupidity with absolute certainty.

Your argument against anyone so inflicted is causality. They cannot get around the essential nugget at the heart of the matter - a great and terrible nucleus of truth.

Nothing comes from nothing - nor did you.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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