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Boundless Depravity - The Same Sex Marriage Ruling

Today we were treated to yet another ungodly and abominable court decision that (with one felled swoop) hijacked US law and sequestered the rights of millions of Americans. Ohio is one of the states that had been holding the line against same-sex marriage, and because of this verdict has been forced to acquiesce to this wickedness. "The will of the people" has become a meaningless phrase.

So just to be clear - same sex marriage is a disgusting outrage. It is an abomination. I will never be bullied into accepting it, nor will I ever acknowledge anyone's right to commit overt sin against our God. I will never come into agreement with this wicked government as it is currently constituted - nor with the reckless manner in which it continually thumbs its nose at our Holy Father. From LGBT pride parties that are thrown in the White House (which happened a couple days ago) to writing wholesale law from the bench essentially force-feeding gay marriage to the American people; the depravity of this rancid government knows no bounds.

Lawless - wicked - depraved - corrupt. This is Washington DC as we know it today.

This decision is no small matter. Those who hold authority over our nation have now declared that acceptance of this abomination is the law of the land - all but daring King Jesus to act against us in judgment.

Worry not, Yeshua will soon oblige.

Resist we will. Those who truly love The Lord (and obey His Holy Word) will never acquiesce to this evil. The wicked leaders in our government have officially drawn a line in the sand - and woe to the Christian who fails to cross it.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

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