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God's wonders never fail to amaze me.

Those of us who love Autumn have been awaiting this day, for it comes every year like clockwork. Not eagerly - because what we see happening isn't entirely a positive thing for those of us who love fall foliage and wish that it could remain. No, we look for this day resolutely as a foregone conclusion - something that must (and will) come to pass.

The National Weather Service issued a wind advisory for Ohio today - gusts up to 50mph and sustained winds of 20-25 mph. When I saw this I just chuckled and praised our Lord. Right on schedule, The Lord has sent a day of wind to remove the old dead leaves from the trees. This morning the trees in the wood (that runs behind our office) were filled with dead brown leaves. Even now, they are suddenly as barren as they will be in February.

The up-side to this little anecdote is a VERY GOOD one. For I am all but certain that Abba does this every year to prepare the way for the most blessed Season of all. When this happens I feel a twinge of sadness that the pretty leaves are all gone - but also ebullient that it foreshadows the coming of Christmas. He is clearing the leaves to make way for snow.

Thanksgiving is around the corner - the Christmas Season begins on that day. Today's wind is the harbinger of its coming - and all the world will feel His presence in the praise of His children as we bless His glorious birth.

Come - even so.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord, Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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