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Picking up where we left off in our running discussion, tonight I want to mention a few things about Free Will's closest sibling, Authority. And to stifle the knee-jerk yawns that are doubtless manifesting among us, let me state this absolute as we set the proverbial table: So much of our sad, sordid existence on this planet can be set at the feet of this great and terrible gift that we call authority. As such, authority in its undiluted form has been entrusted to very few. Heaven and hell are carried in its arms, and its gait will leave either misery or prosperity (joy or sorrow) in its wake.

We begin with truth #1, and a healthy understanding of this fact will build the plinth upon which all else is to be set. God our Creator is a King. THE King. And contrary to the popular norms that one might find in many churches today, The Kingdom of Heaven is nothing short of (or other than) an absolute monarchy. It is neither a commune nor a democracy. It is neither socialistic nor capitalistic. The Lord God Jehovah reigns over every universe and over ever planet. His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ (The King of Glory) was with The Father before creation began and has been given all dominion, power, and authority. His Kingdom shall never end.

Why do we begin with this? Because this fact is vital for understanding who we really are - and how it all went so terribly wrong.

Somewhere and sometime, before Adam was created and before the devil and his minions rose up in overt rebellion, Almighty God birthed within His massive (universe-sized) heart, children of His own. He called them His little ones, and they lived within him for billions of years as He fashioned a plan for their birthing, training, and ultimate reclamation. Precautions were necessary; for it would not due to simply release these little bits of Himself into creation unchecked. They would be powerful beyond measure and saddled with the great gift of free will. Any who went wrong would be able to wreak devastation far beyond the most dizzying efforts of the most powerful angels ever created. You and I were among them.

Therefore, and with this firmly in mind, a fail-safe system would need to be devised in order to prevent a repeat of the calamitous malaise that resulted when His highest ranking arch angel and a third of His holy ones rebelled against The Lord and lost their place in Heaven.

So The Lord God (Elohim) created a realm comprised of matter - an ingenious substance that is multifaceted yet purposefully weak and prone to destruction. He first tested this matter over the discourse of millions of years through several periods; among which is one that we know as the Jurassic. The first creatures to navigate this gorgeous and volatile realm of flesh and blood were dinosaurs - created in peace but ultimately corrupted by the touch of evil. The devil had be been thrown down among them, you see; and it was he who relished ruining that first harmonious world by giving T-Rex his teeth and a thirst for blood. Witless and unguarded against the wiles of an enemy that it could neither see nor understand, the Jurassic world devolved into chaos and madness - until a blow from The Father's Mighty right hand brought the skies down upon them in the first great deluge. A blast from His lips froze the water over the deep, and thus it remained for the better part of 65 million years - a planet frozen over. That was your ice age.

When Genesis 1:2 describes the world being covered by water, this is what it means. Ice is water, yes?

The Lord God withdrew from this Earth and continued preparing the creation into which His little ones would be inserted. They would be tested in the crucible of free will and hard choices. Their spirits (the little bits of Himself) would be encased in flesh and infused with a soul - stripped of all memory of their billions of joyful years spent bouncing and playing over gorgeous vistas and under pink skies that fan out forever within His heart. In this way, His littles ones could (of their own free will) develop into loving and obedient sons and daughters - and then return to Him victorious and prepared to rule the many universes that would thereafter be created. But this also meant risking the other possible choice that His little ones must be free to make. There could be no other way if free will is true. They could destroy themselves by choosing the trail that was first blazed by a devil who was then living among them.

And now the genius of the plan. Unlike the rebellious angels who "fell" into sin and utter darkness (wide-eyed and without excuse), these far more powerful beings would be safely contained - housed in flesh until each concluded the crucible and decided his or her own fate of their own free will. Their rewards would then be carried out either against them or for them when the flesh was finally stripped away. Whether ending in the desired joyous reunion or with a heartbreaking damnation, the fate of each would be just.

Enter Adam - The Lord God's first-born son of man. Yeshua formed his body out of clay, and The Lord God Jehovah blew into him the breath of life. Man became a living soul. And if you are doubting the raw power that this little one of God exuded, consider carefully what The Lord God did next. Fresh from creation and without so much as a semester studying "How to rule the world", Father God blessed Adam and gave him authority over all the Earth - complete dominion.

God knew what He was doing. Adam was no cave man. He was a powerful manifested son of God Most High who saw Yeshua face-to-face and walked Him in the cool of the evening. Through Adam The Mighty Holy Spirit named every animal that God created - and from Adam's own body God produced a wife for His son. Adam's authority was no rhetorical exercise - but was weighted with staggering (almost unimaginable) power. Every human born thereafter would come under that single banner of authority and dominion. Untold billions of souls.

And this was the authority that was won by the snake; a dreadful blunder that we live with to this day.

The table is thus set - and here is where we will resume when next we meet.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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