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A Beautiful Tomorrow

It goes without saying that we live in desperate times. One need only indulge the tiniest glimpse at the headlines to see that we are truly inundated by the very list (of troubling things) that Jesus warned us about when prophesying the days in which we live. By extension (given the evil things that have recently unfolded in America by those who hold authority over us), we also know that judgments loom from the Throne of Almighty God because of our rampant wickedness. Do not let anyone deceive you - judgments are coming and on a horrific scale. The Fear and awe of The Lord God Jehovah and His Only Son Jesus will once again shake this Earth to its core.

But these are NOT YET the very last days - there IS redemption in these judgments. Like a great phoenix from the ashes, America will again rise with Love in her wings, a shining city burning bright on the mountain of The Lord for all the world to see. Once she has drunk from the cup of judgment, she will be restored - better than ever - her laws tightened and sharpened to become water-tight against wickedness; all loop-holes that allowed for our current state of rampant corruption forever sealed. She will be glorious and righteous - a nation devoted to our Lord and Savior Yeshua without compromise, never again to allow evil to seep in and render her spiritually inert.

While on a recent vacation, I enjoyed an exhibit with my family that was created (by Walt Disney) for the 1964 New York Worlds Fair - a ride/show called "The Carousel of Progress". If you've seen it, you know already how quaint it is, outdated in many ways though it may be. During this ride one is treated to several renditions of a catchy ditty that features this seminal line; "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow - shining at the end of every day." If you haven't heard it, it's a nice little tune and a quick You Tube search will satisfy your curiosity on the matter.

When I began to ingest the words of this positive song and their hopeful meaning, I admit being in a very jaded mindset as it pertains to our world. Only two days prior to that viewing, the supreme court of the United States had once again hijacked the constitution of our nation to declare same-sex marriage the law of the land. Much has happened since 1965, I thought as I watched the animatronics host sing his song, to dampen such an enthusiastic perspective - even among the most ardent "Pollyanna’s" in our midst. It was then The Lord went to work on me, and I began to feel His check in my spirit against the bitterness that would blind us to all that is about to break forth to radically transform the world as we currently know it.

The animatronics exhibit is essentially this - we see the same man seated in his home discussing all the modern conveniences that have made life in America so much better with the technical development of mankind. The first scene depicts life at the turn of the 20th century (1905 or so). After a brief tour of his favorite amenities (new ice box, etc.), he then serenades the viewers with his upbeat song as the stage shifts and we move on to a different decade - the 20's, then the 40's, and so on.

It was shortly after we began that I felt deeply moved about our nation and all that has conspired (in recent decades) through a concerted effort of the enemy to destroy her. My thoughts on the matter began with a simple question - what other nation in history could have made the claims that were being shown from the stage during that quaint little show? In the history of mankind, we have never before seen its like. Only with the creation of America - founded by our Holy Father under the Kingship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, has such a thing ever become possible. For the breath of freedom is what gave birth to the ingenuity being touted onstage - an open market system that encourages even the lowliest and meekest among us to reach within and contribute to the fabric of development and advancement by way of a divine inspiration that we call creativity. We have (by extension) inspired the entire world to follow our lead; insomuch that even rogue nations yet to wholeheartedly breathe deep this freedom have (in recent decades) begun to test the water to find that it is good.

All of this began with the birth of America - formed by European Christians who came for the very purpose of worshiping Abba freely, to spread His Kingdom here on Earth, and to seek His prosperity. Indeed, most of the framers of the Declaration of Independence were active believers deeply immersed in Biblical scripture - quite adept in Christian theology. It was one of the only things that our forefathers (almost empirically) agreed upon as they grappled with one another to form our laws - that the direction of this new nation would be founded under the uncompromising Kingship of Christ Jesus our Lord. This was the foundation - and though many wicked men/women have lived among us, and although we had yet to endure the horrible crucible of civil war (because of our stubborn refusal to evict the wickedness of slavery), that foundation has held fast the growth and prosperity which made us the most powerful nation to ever draw breath.

Now we are at a crossroads. Our freedoms are being stripped from us in broad daylight, one at a time. Wicked leaders in all three branches of government are lawlessly thumbing their noses at our constitution as they seek ways to compromise our stand with God and gradually break our will. On the surface it has begun to look hopeless, and many are the voices that are emerging to declare our eminent demise.

But this is NOT the end. God is NOT finished with America - and until this Earth is eventually destroyed by fire, He never will be. Things are about to strike our nation in ways that will shake us to the very core. A great wave is coming to the East that will (with one blow) remove millions from the Earth and devastate whole cities. When this happens, the west coast will then follow with a cataclysmic event that will come on a scale never before witnessed - earthquake, tsunami, with millions more removed. These disasters will be followed by an invasion of countries who hate us, meaning to take advantage of our nation in a time of perceived weakness in order to plunder our resources and take for themselves the spoils. And yet; when I asked Abba to list how many stars this inertia would eventually remove from our flag (by the time of its conclusion), His answer was an empahtic, "NOT ONE".

Judgments are coming - but so is redemption. King Yeshua is going to come to us and raise up a mighty host of manifested Sons and Daughters who are working in power and authority never before seen on this Earth. Americans will rise up against the invaders and drive them from our shores - and with total victory, our nation will once again be made whole. Our constitution will be restored and greatly amended in order to return the document to its stated purpose and seal it tight against moral decay. Wickedness has never been (nor henceforth shall it ever be) a right that is covered under the auspice of freedom. The day of the callous hearted libertine will have officially ended on US soil.

Justice, righteousness, holiness, and purity will again be hallmarks of our society - no longer will they be impugned as they have become in recent decades. Homosexuality, adultery, fornication, drunkenness, and all other forms of Godlessness will be eradicated - declared lawless in a way that cannot be argued in courts. We will again be a free nation under the OVERT Kingship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and this without exception. The false claim of "separation of church and state" will be forever eradicated; for though citizens will always be given the freedom to believe (or not believe) individually, never again will our society become one that embraces rebellion or wickedness against the laws of our God. All these things are coming and are even now at the door. In the end, God will have His way, of this make NO mistake.

So if you do not know The Lord, I strongly urge you to reconsider your ways and seek Him while He may be found. Times are coming that will be too horrible to consider for those who do not know Jesus. If you already love the Lord and your hopes are anchored securely in Him, rest assured - there most certainly IS a great big beautiful tomorrow - and it's only a dream away.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

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