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Good morning, Beloved. A simple question for you today.

When studying the American Revolution that gave birth to this wonderful nation, who among (well-studied, patriotic) Americans admires the many British Crown loyalists who rose up in opposition to George Washington and the rest of our founding fathers?

These misguided individuals would have told you (as they did George Washington) that it was madness to lift one's head in rebellion to King George - even if his laws were egregious and unjust. They thought it perfectly acceptable to take whatever the government felt was reasonable treatment for the colonies - in most cases because these loyalists personally benefited (either financially or socially) with the proliferation of that empire.

In retrospect, have we not always counted such individuals among the great cowards of history? A moment of time had finally dawned upon the colonies in which certain lines were crossed and empty words had to be translated into action. Individuals who acted with boldness and decisiveness are considered to be great American heroes to this day. The other (more "reasonable") individuals are forever counted with traitors, cowards, and fools.

Thus, my question...

How will history recount your story, fellow American?

If your eyes are (even in the slightest bit) open, you are seeing lawlessness being predicated upon the American people from the very pinnacle of our government (all three branches). Our constitution is being shredded on a daily basis by a wicked administration and a wicked president who has made it clear that he disdains American values and all the freedoms that were purchased at the cost of our dearest blood. The battlefields of this earth are slathered with the blood of our faithful, and their sacrifice for justice and freedom is even now in the process of being permanently undermined by the most lawless leader we have ever known.

Israel has been (almost) completely abandoned by those in power.

Now they have made it clear - just this week - that the 2nd amendment is about to be usurped via presidential edict (going around congress). Even now they are drafting executive orders that will remove guns from our homes - leaving good people without a means of protecting their families from the evil and wicked who stalk among us. No matter what you think of guns, it should greatly alarm one (and all) to see that even this sacred constitutional freedom is now in the cross-hairs of the evil brood currently running us into the ground.

So it's time for serious questions and heartfelt answers.

What will you do if/ when they come? Hand them over? Rat on those who might refuse? Give into fear and allow wicked lawlessness to prevail?

I'm not calling for any particular action - only begging you to open your eyes and understand the gravity of an incredibly salient historical moment that is even now unfolding around us. At the very least - this would be an excellent moment to reach out to your congressional representatives and voice your grave concerns.

Doubt not - America is in mortal danger from enemies foreign and domestic. Is the American spirit still alive, or will we let her fall?

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett

GoldenLight Ministries

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