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Our Walk with God

Our walk with Almighty God should be naturally supernatural. The fact that few of us can say we’ve enjoyed such a walk (and that fewer of us even believe in such a walk) is a testimonial to the current condition of the Body of Christ. Paul prophesied this condition in 2nd Timothy 3 - and we certainly do (corporately) “have a form of Godliness” while many deny its power.

I will never again accept that paradigm. I started a journey with Abba (long ago) from which i will never be moved (even if it should cost me every friend I have). I know that our faith is more than just a conglomeration of rules and regulations - of formulaic worship practices. It is intimacy at its deepest, richest source - and in it’s purest, most lovely form.

Walking with Almighty God (in Spirit and in Truth) is a transforming experience that should (and will) forever change us in deep and meaningful ways - IF we give ourselves over to Him with all our mind, heart, body, and soul.

It is more far more than just a magical life - it is a daily exhibition of miracle and wonder, even when seasons come during which nothing seems to happen. To know and love (in every intimate way) the very Creator - THE source of life HIMself. We were born for nothing less; and yet so few are actually experiencing this power that those who make such claims are considered unbalanced.

Even by fellow Christians.

How did we get here? Where is our faith?

I once had a very personal thing about my heritage (and lineage) sent to me through a prophetic individual - and having received it, I shared it with some covenant friends. A few weeks later, a dear sister in Christ (whom I’d never met before, and have never seen since) announced during a meeting that The Lord had just told her the very thing that He had sent through the other individual, weeks before. The sister was completely unaware of the impact of those words - but they were an instant confirmation for all parties - something that I could not have made up if I tried.

That is a tiny example of hundreds of things that have happened to me since going ALL IN to know The Lord better - not just in principle, but with all my heart in full unending pursuit. I want to know HIM - not just about Him but HIM personally. I don’t just want to please Him with my walk, but to do all that a person can do to bring joy to His heart.

To bring joy to His heart is our highest calling. We can hardly wish to accomplish more.

Did you know that worship at its very origins suggests lifting a kiss to Father God? Read Psalm 2 and see for yourself. It’s not just doing as He says and following His laws - He actually longs for your reciprocal love.

I make no claims in life except those of a wretched sinner who has been saved by His Grace. I could easily have settled for less - for a more comfortable route of conventional practices (for which I have no condemnation). But I am determined to walk with Abba with every breath I’m given and to enjoy to the full the wonders that naturally ensue.

I wish the same for all of you today - whether you wish it for yourselves or not. 🙂

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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