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We all know that one of the devil's favorite tricks is to lure one into extremes. But here's the rub: he really doesn't care what you believe - so long as it's wrong. He doesn't care how you feel about something - provided your choice has robbed you of either peace or joy (or both). As the father of all liars (Yeshua's words) the devil loathes the truth - and so has become a master at leading people away from it, in whatever direction is necessary.

A couple quick examples:

He will gladly assist those who are desperately seeking to avoid pride in their lives by helping them become falsely humble. He laughs as they beat themselves up with lies about how worthless and shameful they are ("my deeds are filthy rags...") - all the while knowing how priceless they are to their King and God. If one sees this danger and runs from false humility, he will gladly facilitate their puffing up - until they finally become a stench to God and to everyone around them.

If one fears being deceived or misled, the enemy of your soul will gladly engorge this tendency until one is so cynical that he/she becomes a Christian who believes in nothing beyond the narrow scope of his/her own understanding. Or - if you're the adventurous type who takes his/her walk with God as a journey of endless mystery and discovery (I am in the cross-hairs here), he will gladly feed you every fringe data-set until he finally lures you into sinking your hooks into the one that will steer you away from truth. What you ultimately believe is immaterial to him - provided it isn't the truth.

This is one of his oldest and most enduring ploys - and he uses it to one's great destruction. Nothing is out of bounds.

Prudery is one of his favorite ploys. In fact, he doesn't even mind one becoming totally celibate to avoid sexual immorality - provided he can counter that with toxic levels of bitterness, grief, or judgment in one's heart. Celibacy is a wonderful thing in the hands of God (by HIS direction) - but the devil can have one believing that sexuality is itself a sinful thing if you let him take your thoughts to extremes. Conversely, we all know the perils of allowing that snake to take one in the opposite direction - into the deviant and ungodly pleasures of the flesh. Marital bliss within Holy Matrimony is a horror to satan because it promotes good health and (in most cases) Godly offspring. This is a beautiful truth - but there is very little margin for error, and the enemy knows it.

Finding truth is a balancing act. It is the bubble in the level - the bullseye on the wall - finding It is NOT a Buddhist idea.

And what is balance?

What follows is your balancing mechanism, and it will never fail you:

Filter all things though God's Holy Word and seek His Face for confirmation on every matter, great and small. Until you are certain that you have obtained the truth, keep seeking Him relentlessly. Once you find the truth and you feel the peace of His confirmation - cling to that truth no matter how fantastical or unfathomable it may seem to you (or to others).

But know this - and it is KEY...

God may lead you into mysteries that go beyond the text of His Holy word, but He will NEVER lead you into anything that is in any way CONTRARY to His Holy Word. The terms "Extra-Biblical" and "Anti-Biblical (or non-Biblical)" are very different things. The first can be the onset of great revelation (provided it comes into agreement with His Holy Word) - while the second is always a precipice that dangles precariously over the pits of deception and ruin.

Jesus is always faithful to provide whenever you seek His council. The Lord God knows the enemy's schemes all too well; desiring to help you avoid the pitfalls and snares that are set like traps around you each day.

We must therefore be brave - but wise. And the fear of The Lord is always the beginning of wisdom.

Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Mark Scott Grimmett GoldenLight Ministries

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